To all my readers,

Okay, so all of you are probably thinking "oh it's been THREE years, she FINALLY updated!"... I'm sorry to say that this is not an update but a dreaded Author's note. I have no excuse for being MIA for so long without leaving any notification of whether my stories will progress or not. To continue on this note, no new chapters of Of Wind and Fire will be posted. The plot was non-existant and I have no idea how to continue the story. Truthfully, I lost interest in this fandom. But I'm looking back at my stories and I'm wondering why I even uploaded them. For OWaF, I enjoyed the humor but the plot itself was heading nowhere. It was simply taking the original Naruto plot line and inserting a sarcastic protagonist (or should it be antagonist? haha) in place. However, the seven chapters will remain posted.

Now onto the semi-good news. I am taking the main idea of OWaF and reworking it. The prologue of the rewrite, Home, should be posted shortly after this. Certain things will be kept, others will be left out to match the new story. I must say that while I love the psychotic trio, I couldn't keep their personality. I need them to be a little more serious, Naruto a little more angsty (not the Sasuke brand), and maybe include a little more non-verbal action. I can say for sure that the main pairing will be ItaNaru (my OTP for this fandom).

Once again, a reminder: I am a terrible updater. This is because I tend to lose focus really quick. I have tried writing a complete outline for a short chaptered fic before. I never got to writing it... at all. Which is why I just write as the ideas flow. There is also the fact that Naruto no longer holds my interest. What I do have, however, is time. So hopefully my imagination will be enough to continue the story. I really don't want to leave OWaF the way it is. That's my main motivation for not abandoning the story. Wish me luck!

Anyway, sorry again for this very late notice regarding the discontinuation of OWaF. But I do hope you guys will enjoy the rewrite. My other stories will be on hold for now... they might be pending revision as well. But as of now, only OWaF is being rewritten and worked on.

Thanks to all my readers, reviewers, followers and favorite-ers (lol!). For all those who reviewed this story. I have read (and reread) your comments. While I have not replied to any, I appreciated the feedback. Hope I won't disappoint with the new fic!

With lots of love,


P.S. If you have any concerns with this fic, please don't review this story. PM me instead.

P.P.S. Due to this website's policy on having chapters that are non-story content, I will probably be removing this in a few weeks... (Policy implemented in 2008... Does anyone know how long I can keep this note up?)