Sakura hurried through Konoha. Naruto had just came to her house and told her that Tsunade had in important mission for her to go on. She quickly went through the Hokage tower and made it Tsunade's room. Sakura heard a 'come in' and barged into the room.

"Ah, Sakura. Glad you could make it. Hopefully Naruto told you why I needed you right away?"

"Yes, he did. He had mentioned that you had a very important mission for me." she told.

"Correct. For your mission you will head to Suna. The Kazekage has recently returned from a mission and isn't in the very best shape. His siblings didn't give me much information, so make sure you bring all the supplies you need. Now that you know the mission, do you accept?" Tsunade informed.

Sakura nodded. "I accept. But may I ask you something Tsunade-sama?"

"What is it, Sakura?"

"Well, do you know how long I will exactly be in Suna? Like is going to be a few days, weeks, months?" she questioned.

"I do not know. So make sure you pack accordingly. You will leave tomorrow at 7 a.m. Dismissed."

Sakura bowed and left the Hokage's room. She went back to her house and started to pack. "It would have been nice if I would've known how long I'm gonna be there." Sakura mumbled to herself as she packed her clothes.

"And don't forget you get to have an old guy hit on for the whole time you're there." Inner Sakura complained.

Great. She thought. I'll just heal him and leave. No problem.

The next morning Sakura got up bright and early. She took a shower, quickly ate her breakfast and headed to the Konoha entrance. "Sakura, right on time. Now, here are your papers to get into Suna. One of his siblings will be waiting there for you. While you are there, you'll be staying with the Kazekage's family at his house." Tsunade told.

Sakura nodded and took the papers from Tsunade. "Okay, see you when I return, Tsunade-sama!" She waved and left Konoha.

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