Title: Interlude - Drowning

Author: BluesyEyes

Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII, only the idea for this story.

Sitting on the edge of the pool, she looked over to the deep end where he stood, whistle in his mouth and chest on display. He was training the military swimmers while she was teaching the little children to learn how.

His bright Emerald eyes met hers and she quickly looked away. She hopped back into the water, feeling it tinge her bones in a soothing way. Aerith bent down and lifted a little girl up on her hip, and spun her around playfully and then put her back in the water, "Remember to breath and take a deep breath before you enter the water. Feel the coldness under your arms and through your toes. Doesn't that feel funny?"

"Ms. Aerith, I'm cold." A little boy said and she knelt down and took his hands.

"Know why?"

"No." He whined.

"Because you aren't moving. Everyone, let's get in a circle." Eventually, they were playing a game of getting to know each other's names and making funny noises. Aerith laughed, and joined in the fun. But she couldn't shake the feeling that Emerald eyes were watching her.

Clad in shorts and a tank, she tossed her freshly washed hair atop her head to dry. She slung the bag over her shoulder and moved out of the employee's only section. She walked around the pool to the lifeguard, "Good night, Josh. See you tomorrow."

"Bright and early. I need to train for the races on Saturday."

"I'll be there, bud." Aerith said, squeezing her friend's foot before continuing on her way out of the pool hall. When she got into the hallways, she saw a few of her little swimmers and their parents.

"Aerith!" The same little boy that had complained about being cold before said as he ran toward her and launched himself into her arms. She picked him up and gave him a hug.

"Aerith, it's nice to see you again."

"You look well, Mrs. Derrin." Aerith noted on the pregnant belly. The redhead had to be about 7 or 8 months pregnant now. She grinned, "A little bit longer."

"And then I'll be a mom. Twice." She flashed a peace sign and then leaned in to give Aerith a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks once again. See you on Thursday."

"Yep. Thursday." Aerith said before moving down a different hallway to the back of the swimming hall to get to her car.

When she got to her car, she unlocked the door and started to open the door. A man stood beside her and grabbed the handle before she did, "Allow me."

"Thank you." She found her cheeks getting warm. She recognized him, but from where she wasn't quite sure. And she wasn't scared of him, no matter how tall and big he was. Big in the sense of muscles, not fat.

She found her thoughts wander while she found his eyes. It was almost like she was staring into brick. Intense, burning but altogether cold and fearless. He was unrelenting as she rested her hands on his chest. Yes, she had met him before.

Wherever it was, it felt just like this. This heat in the pit of her stomach, the explosion in her heart. She witnessed too many things, and in her dreams, she watched as his eyes exploded into a thousand butterfly kisses, his hair brushing against her cheeks as he slowly kissed her cheek.

Goosebumps filled her arms as his own wrapped around her tiny frame, bring her closer. His lips touched hers in the gentlest symphony, as the water enveloped her. She welcomed the warmth he embodied, as his soul opened to her.

She sighed against him, and whispered for him to save her because her soul was slowly drowning.