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Setting: This is set on Gabriella's very first day at East High. She has not yet met Ryan and has only really interacted with Sharpay and Troy.

Gabriella Montez had never before been kissed.

If one were to look at her for the first time without knowing a thing about her, one would assume she had already had her fair amount of boyfriends and kisses in her life. She had a lovely complexion that reminded many of coffee, smiles that could melt even the coldest heart, dark eyes hooded by even darker eyelashes that sparkled with her emotiones and long locks of silky, raven hair that cascaded past her slight shoulders. She was exotically beautiful and that was only one's first impression. When one would come to get to know her, she was beautiful inside and out. She was highly intelligent, talented, sweet and giving almost to a fault. And yet, even at seventeen years old, the lovely girl had not yet received her first kiss. Yes, of course, like any other teenage girl, she had fantasized about those romantic moments where she would be swept off of her feet by some tall, dark and handsome fellow who simply oozed masculinity. Those clich├ęd moments where her lips would finally be captured in a breathtaking kiss and they would live happily ever after had, of course, slipped into her dreams on more than one occasion, it's true.

But then again, unlike many other teenage girls, Gabriella Montez knew that this was not what happened all of the time. Sure, it was nice to think about those too-good-to-be-true moments, but she was a smart girl and she knew that most men did not always come through on the romantic aspect and so, she limited herself to very few romantic thoughts and dreams. What was the use of being disappointed? Therefore, all through her teenage years, she chose not to invent and fantasize too much and, in so doing, did not build herself up for anything. When she would come across the boy for her, she would have no ridiculous expectations and she would be able to be happy and appreciate what she would have. Up until she was transferred to East High School and watched Ryan Evans perform on-stage, did she ever let her mind wander into romantic fantasies...

Rather embarrassing romantic fantasies...

When she though about it, she remembered seeing him earlier that day. Yes... He had been in her homeroom that morning! That blond hair and light body... He had been wearing a white sweater, that's why she hadn't made the immediate connection; he was now wearing a blue shirt. Then again, he had been the only boy wearing a hat in the classroom, perhaps the school... Oh, well, it seemed to peculiarly suit him.

She'd never thought twice about him. Maybe it was because he had only been sitting and wasn't moving like he was now. Now, he was dancing and moving like no-one she had ever seen... Blushing at the fascinated way she was observing his body, she glanced over nervously to Troy who seemed to be watching their dance with a skeptical eye. She hoped he hadn't noticed her staring... She rather liked him, but why wasn't he making her blush like the boy on stage?

Sitting in the back of the East High theatre, her back sinking into the plush red back of a comfortable seat, she found her gaze to be inextricably fixated on the stage and she was beginning to find her cheeks to be entirely too warm for a winter day.

Unfortunately, she highly doubted that her current body temperature had anything to do with the boy sitting next to her.

When she'd talked to her previous friends in different towns and cities about boys, they'd all seemed to talk about the same things; eyes, lips, physique, hands, hair, etc. They all seemed to notice features; like the color of the boy's eyes, the style of his hair, the shape of his lips, the muscles of his chest and the strength of his hands. Before, she'd thought that she paid attention to those things, too. They had seemed to make boys attractive to her before... After all, she really liked the smoky blue color of Troy's eyes and the hint of muscular arms beneath his shirt, but those factors had not yet triggered such an attraction as the one she was experiencing now while watching the boy on-stage's hips.

His hips.

Out of all of the things that she could notice on a boy, she had to notice hips? Why was she - Gabriella Montez; good girl, smart girl, sensible girl! - attracted to one of the most... sensual features that a man could possess? On top of it all, she didn't even know his name!

With a sinking feeling, she continued to watch the performance, unable to tear her eyes away from the sway of those hips and the rhythmic lines of his legs... Against her will, her eyes commenced a trail from the top of his head to the bottom of his legs, raking down his body. She felt like she ought to be disgusted with herself - she'd never so blatantly engaged in such a display of... primal interest! - but she found that she couldn't. He didn't make her feel wrong at all. In fact, the more she looked on, the more she began to notice; his radiant smile, the gracefulness of his form, the slightness and almost fragility of his body... It was mesmerizing. He was so fluid and he possessed an odd sort of aura. The golden hair that crowned his head, along with his light skin that was even paler in the spotlights, made him seem almost angelic...

How corny did that make her sound, though she.

Nonetheless, could she help it? It was true!

Her eyes riveted upon his waist, she watched him move with the upbeat music and wondered how those hips would look while swaying to a slower, more... No! No, she couldn't do this! She couldn't fantasize about him! She had a perfectly handsome boy sitting right next to her! Why couldn't she just let her mind wander away with thoughts of him! He seemed to like her and smile an awful lot whilst in her presence... She should at least try to be reasonable. She'd never even spoken to the boy upon the stage...

Frustrated, yet her curiosity getting the best of her, she leaned over to Troy and whispered - to her horror, in somewhat of a strangled voice - in his ear, "Who is- erm, are they?"

Turning quickly, he faced her and answered with a momentary glance in their direction, "That's Sharpay and Ryan Evans." When he named them, he gestured briefly to each, "They're co-presidents of the Drama Club, have been in seventeen school productions, if I remember rightly, and are insanely rich," he finished with a little, playful snort.

Gabriella's heart was aching to correct him after using the word 'rightly' - which was, in fact, not a word at all - but refrained from doing so, still curious for more information, "Didn't I meet Sharpay today?"

Of course, she knew perfectly well that she'd met Sharpay that day - their meeting had been, after all, quite memorable - but she didn't want to seem too obvious by immediately asking about Ryan... Would that have made her obvious? Not that Troy - nor she, for that matter - would care... This didn't mean anything...

His eyes returned to the stage as he answered her, "Yeah, you did. What a name, huh?" he added after a pause, "Sharpay..." he chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

"It seems to suit her..." said Gabriella softly, wanting to make conversation and not wanting to say anything bad about the obviously popular girl. The last thing she needed on her first day was for that Sharpay to find out that new girl had insulted her name... "And, um, what about her- her brother?" she asked in what she hoped was a light tone that seemed indifferent. She also noted that her voice had become almost -dared she say it- husky when she said the word 'brother'.

"Who?" inquired Troy, looking confused for some strange reason that Gabriella couldn't understand, "Ryan?" he asked a little too incredulously for the girl's taste. "Well," he began, looking hesitant, "he doesn't really, well, do much," finished the basketball star rather lamely.

Her eyebrows furrowed due to his pathetic answer. "Do much?" she responded, drawing back a little as if he'd insulted her personally, "What do you mean?"

"He-well," continued a struggling Troy, "just follows his sister around and is in lots plays and stuff. He doesn't talk to people much... He just seems to smile a lot... Ya know?" he asked, his pale eyes looking expectantly into Gabriella's.

She forced a smile. Well, isn't that enlightening, she thought rather sarcastically. She couldn't help it, what sort of answer had that been? Honestly... He could have given her a bit more information than that! Lord... She nodded her head as if that's all she really wanted to know and turned back to the stage. To her dismay, the song was over and he was no longer dancing. Her shoulders slackening while she released the breath she never remembered holding, she picked out his form and simply watched him walk.

How could he even make walking look so... nice?

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