We all fall down

"Call the meds, call the meds." Someone was yelling, there voice almost lost with the persistent thuds and booms of the war that surrounded him. The young solider looked to his left as a medic approached, having heard his desperate cry as he cradled his fallen comrade.

"How is he?" He asked as the medic quickly examined the man at his feet, before pulling out a yellow dirtied piece of paper, scribbling on notes and attaching it to the mans dog tags.

"We have to get him to a MASH unit." The medic screamed back and motioned for men standing by to grab a stretcher. The solider nodded, wished them both the best of luck and clicked his gun back into action. Not more then a few miles away sat their quarry, hidden in ditches, their own rifles aiming and shooting. It wasn't until he needed to refill his weapon that a shimmer of unnatural colour caught his eye. In the thicket behind their platoon he saw the flutter of white which was unmistakable to his rough eyes. Grabbing the arm of the man beside him he shook it to get his attention.

"What the hell?" He grumbled. Getting silence from the solider who had interrupted his shooting he turned his gaze into the trees where the other man was staring and saw what had caught his eye. A small framed, pale girl stood bent over examining something on the dirt ground, her long black hair billowing slightly in the wind. Her dress, pale blue and white contrasted sharply with the black combat boots she wore making her look even more out of place.

The men looked at each other, seemingly lost for words at the sight before them. Both the Captain and Corporal placed their guns on the ground and making sure their heads stayed ducked, quickly scrambled her way.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing out here?!" The Captain screamed at her and she turned her face as if just noticing the commotion in the background. Her eyes seemed oddly blank as she gazed at them, ignoring the question she seemed not to have heard.

Snapping up straight she swirled around a nearby, smiling as if she were playing. "Black berries in the bush, call but they don't come running. You can't play with your food." She shook her head and the soldiers stared, not understanding what she meant, she wasn't making sense. Shell fire continued behind them and the screaming of another solider brought them back into the war they where currently in the middle of. Rushing back to their padded ditch they caught sight of the wounded man huddled to the wall.

"They're closing in, they're getting closer!" He cried hysterically, blood seeping from the bullet hole in his side.

"Calm down man, calm down." The Captain shook him before risking a glance in their enemy's direction.

"What should we do?" The others asked, shaking as they held their guns.

"We need to fall back." Another said.

"Fireworks, it's not yet July." The girl had appeared behind them, making no attempt to hide herself as the shots continued to hold steady.

"Who are you?" One of the men she stood beside asked.

She tilted her head, her gaze once again averted, saying nothing. The man seemed to shiver, though there was gun fire all around him, death lurking in every nock and cranny, being in the mere presence of this frail looking girl seemed to frighten him more.

Suddenly there was an ear splitting boom which had everyone ducking as debris scattered over the field; the enemy was moving. They could hear the sound of the shots closing in, their death a mere few minutes away. They were greatly outnumbered; the Captain knew that, so did his men. They had been squandered down to the measly number of seven and there was at least twenty nine coming there way.

"Retreat men, FALL BACK!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as gun fire rained down at them. The Captain dived at the girl, pushing her out of the way. They both thudded into the dirt, the Captain scurrying up again grabbing a hold of the girls arm so she would follow, but he was yanked back as she stayed motionless. She seemed to have just grasped the fact that they were in a life threatening situation.

"We need to get out of here!" He yelled at her. She made no move. "Hey, can you hear me?"

At that moment he took a quick look to his right where an enemy solider had found his way into their ditch. He was followed by another and another, each one raising their weapons to shoot all who moved. His body had frozen, his eyes so fixed on their guns that he had not seen or felt the girl slip from his hand. He saw what she did though. He watched as if in a trance as she ducked and dived, twirled and flipped her movement as graceful as a dancer. He sucked in air each time someone fired at her, yet she seemed to know when and where to move, as if she knew it was going to happen before it happened. The bodies lay, some still breathing, others lifeless as the girl stood once again to her full height and turned his way.

"No one wants to play anymore." She was smiling again, her face the look of pure innocence and blood dripped from her fingers, her hands bruised and bloody.