Dream Chaser


It started out as some teasing from the older kids.

Then it became shoves and pushes.

Then those shoves and pushes started to become punches and kicking.

And then it was cold.

Water, poured all over the girl, drenching her soaking wet. Shivering in the dark cold alley of the city, she could feel her eyes sting. Soon enough, she could taste the saltiness from her tears.

Humiliated, hurt, and in pain, the girl slowly rose, her knees trembling uncontrollably.

Her body was sore, her heart was numb.

She limped along the cold side walk, one of her eyes swollen and blocking out half of her vision. That's when she heard the snickering; Had they come back to do more harm?

No, the girl felt something worse. It may have just been a feeling or instinct, but it felt so real.

In fear, she turned around.

And saw a smile.

So sadistic, so dangerous, so cruel.

After that, all was dark, her body lifeless and floating with no feelings, no thoughts, nothing.

She was nothing now.

--. -- . -- . -- . -- . -- . -- . -- . -- .

The 15-year-old jolted awake, her heart pumping her blood, sweat dripping down her face. Another oneā€¦ The girl was recognizable, she had seen her eating in a restaurant with an older man.

Wiping furiously at the sweat at her brow, the girl looked around in the darkness of the small space. Her hand banged on the wall, creating an explosion of pain erupting along the nerves of her hand.

Quickly, she muffled her mouth to silence the yelp, but she failed.

Counting the seconds she had before the door would open, she braced herself, bit her lip to concentrate any blow given to her to be ignored, and shut her eyes closed.

Oh, how much she hated it. How much she hated that all she could do was accept the pain. And how much she hated while she awaited a strike.

Maybe that was the scariest part of abuse, waiting for the next blow. It hurts more, it bruises more, and its scarier to not know how long it would keep going. Maybe she would be lucky this time, maybe it wouldn't happen now.

But out of all the times such things had happened, it was impossible for her to be lucky.

Shutting her eyes, she awaited the blow to arrive when the sounding of a door opened.

When skin made contact, her vision blurred, sending her into her 'second mind'.

--.--. --. --. ..




Youuuu don't know who dat wass!!