Dream Chaser

Chapter Three


"Chief, I know she didn't do it!!"

"Fujino-san, I know what you mean. But it is possible she committed the murder. You gave her the idea, and an hour later, she commits it. It is truly believable."

Shizuru bit her lip in frustration; she knew without a doubt, that girl, Kuga Natsuki, didn't commit the murder.

"You gave me a year to find out the information! Yet you take her away from me the first day. Chief, I know now my true mission, I'm not proving her guilty, I'm now trying to prove her innocence."

The Chief raised his eyebrows. "Playing Lawyer now, eh? Fujino, I'm giving you a chance then, I'll give her to your care, but under house-arrest. Prove she's innocent. But if you fail, this business of yours goes down."

Shizuru glared at the old man. "This isn't about money."

The Chief sighed, and put his arms on the table in front of the pajama-clad woman. Folding his hands in front of his mouth, he let a silence that lasted for what seemed like an eternity go on before speaking.

"I'm glad you understand that, Fujino-san, so I will let you in on some information."

"And that is?"

"The reason we are asking you to investigate this girl."

Silence swept through the room, paralyzing Shizuru into her spot. Her eyes beckoned the Chief to go on, but her heart was full of doubt. What would happen if it was something wrong?

The Chief, never in Shizuru's whole job, told or gave her information. This was the first time such a thing had happened.

She watched, slowly, as his eyes darkened and an evil smirk appeared on his face, and soon enough, his eyes closed into slumber.

Shizuru's eyes widened as the phonemonal site before her unfolded.

A shining light, exploded into her vision, and a shining figure appeared, emerging from her Chief's body. It opened its mouth, and spoke slowly, the voice a much lighter and peaceful tone.

"I am a Dreamer."

-- -- -- --.

The Private Investigator gripped her steering wheel, while she drove over to the Jail that Natsuki was in captive of.

I am a Dreamer.

"W..what the hell was that…"

Her chief…he had explained that when he slept, his spirit gained a power to become its own being, and he could experience the real world as his dreams. Which is why he set me up to this case. Because Natsuki was like him. Except the her…her journal entries show that she murders…if they are the same…then why is Natsuki evil?

Shizuru drove, in silence, thinking to herself, barely keeping her eye on the road. Luckily, at this time in the morning no one else was driving. Slowly, she drove up to the Jail, went in, handed the Guard the papers, and went to Natsuki's cell.

The girl looked up, eyes lost in confusion. "I'm sorry…I didn't do it."

Shizuru smiled at her innocent voice; why was she put into such a state? "Don't worry sweetie, I believe you. I've talked with the cops, and from now on, you'll be under my care."

"What happened to father…did…did I kill him too?"

Shizuru sighed. "No, your father isn't dead. He is badly hurt, and is unconscious. As me being the last person with you before the incident…the cops have put you under my care."

"What if I hurt you?"

"Sweetie, I don't think that'll happen. Plus, my apartment," has secret alarms around the house, guns placed in places you won't ever look in, and about the highest security ever… , "is my territory. I think I can be safe, no, I think we both will be safe."

"Y-you…you don't think I murdered him?"

"No. I know you didn't do it, I believe that you didn't."

Natsuki lowered her eyes. "Thank you…"


Shizuru was sure, that sooner or later, Natsuki would suspect that she wasn't just a teacher. But luckily, Natsuki didn't bring anything about it up on the way to her apartment.

"You live close to me…"

Shizuru jumped at Natsuki's sudden comment, and smiled. "Ah..uh…yes, I found that out…last … night…"

Natsuki lowered her eyes again and looked sad. "I'm sorry."

"No, no, its okay! The cops believe you also, you know, that you are innocent….but…do you remember what happened?"

Natsuki closed her eyes, and opened them, staring at the car roof. "No. I fell asleep."

Perhaps…she is…like Chief…

"But I dreamt that I killed him."

Natsuki almost yelped when she was pulled into a tight hug, shaking from it. "It…Ittai.."

Shizuru let go of Natsuki, but held her close. "Listen, I am going to be your guardian for the next few months. And I forbid you to think that you murder people. You can talk about it, but you mustn't let yourself down like that!!!"


"And since I'll be seeing you everyday, I want you to call me Shizuru."

"Yes, Shizuru-san."


"Okay, Shizuru-san."

"Fine, then your Natsu-chan."

Natsuki blushed at the name, and looked away.

--------. -------------.--------------------.---------------------------------.


Kill me, I deeply messed up this chapter. If you don't get what happened, Shizuru is still on Natsuki's case, and is still proving her innocent. Yet she knows a bit about Natsuki's virus, because her Chief has it too. Because her chief has it, he has convinced that government and police that she will be under 'house-care' by Shizuru, although, really, its more like house-arrest.

Ugh, my mouth is NUMB.