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Author's Note: Okay… I wonder when I am ever going to finish any of my stories. Oh well, this story is going to be in two point of view, Wallabee's and Kuki's. I would write a story for the other couples, but I wouldn't know how to write it, so 3/4 it is.

Summary: Love is painful and a blessing.

His View, Her View

Written By Cyrix

My name is Wallabee Beatles and… I am in love with Kuki Sanban.

Chapter One

Decommissioned or Not

It was quiet at Sector V's Tree house as we all listened to Numbuh 362 speaking on the screen. Kuki and I sat on one couch together while the others sat at the other one.

I turn and look at Kuki as she watches the screen. I had always wonder why I had a crush on her every since I first saw her.

"As I said before, watch the screen later as everybody's names that are going to turn 13 soon will appear in red. The names that turn green are not going to be decommissioned.This means you are free when you turn 13" Numbuh 362 smiles and said to them.

Was it her black long silky hair that I wanted so badly to run my hand through? Was it the way she giggles that makes me blush? Was it her smile that makes me wants to smile back? Was it her hugging me that gives me a funny feeling inside? Or was it the way she said my name every time? Or had I fallen in love?

"The names that turn yellow are still in decision.This doesn't mean you are free; you are just safe for now. Be warn though it will turn red or green after a while" she said with a serious face.

I always thought I would never think of a girl that way especially a girly girl like Kuki. Wallabee a tough guy in love with a girl, that's just… wrong and weird

"Finally the names that stay red are going to be decommissioned immediately with no question and please don't try to escape either. The KND decommissioning squad will get you. The process will take about 30 minutes.So watch the screen carefully operatives. Your future depends on it" Numbuh 362 said with a sad face

Well, I may not know why I like her, but I do know one thing though, if one of us is going to get decommissioned, I am telling her my true feelings even if I have to tell her in front of everybody

"This new style of telling operatives turning 13 was presented to us by New Style Corps. Now back to you, Numbuh 10 and 56" she said as the screen shows the news room.

"Thank you Numbuh 362" Numbuh 10 said and looks at the camera.

"Well, you heard from supreme leader herself folks! Watch the screen at 6 pm Central Standard Time to see your fate!" Numbuh 56 said and grins like it was a joke.

Numbuh 10 sighs and said "Yeah, here is a word from our sponsor"

Everybody turns away from the screen and talks about what Numbuh 362 just told them.

I thought it was a stupid way to tell us if we are going to get decommissioned or not. It's like looking at a screen to see if you won the cruddy lottery or something.

"So what do you think of this whole new style everyone?" Numbuh One asks us.

"Numbuh Five thinks whoever made this style is really strange" Numbuh Five said to us.

Yeah, almost like it is some kind of lottery or something" Numbuh Three said to us.

I stared at her when I heard what she said before. Oh yeah… did I also mention Kuki and I almost think alike?

"Guys! It's starting!" Numbuh Two shouted for our attention.

We all looked at the screen where it showed a lot of names all in red.

Kuki and I looked at each other with unease as we looked back at the screen. The names were grouped by Sectors. We all looked over at Sector V at our names. On top of the screen is a clock After staring at the screen for 5 minutes, I see some of the names on the screen turning green and yellow. Our names were all still red though. We all looked at each other with a worried look. Suddenly, Numbuh One's name turns green. Numbuh One sigh in relief as we all pat his back.

After some minutes, Numbuh Two and Five's name turns green. They both hug each other while relief that they aren't getting decommissioned. After 10 minutes, Kuki's name turns green as she hugs Numbuh Five. Now everybody is waiting for me. I looked at the screen watching my name waiting for it to turn green. After 20 minutes, it still was red. I started to panic, but didn't show it. Kuki probably sense I was panicking so she goes near me and puts her hand on my shoulder. I looked up at her and see her smiling a little. I smiled back and turn back to the screen.

When it was near 30 minutes, my name was still not green. I tried not to cry knowing I didn't make it. Finally it was 6:30 pm as the screen goes back to the newsroom.

"Well… that's it… If your name didn't turn green… umm… expect the decommissioning squad at your door any minute now… And yeah… that's the news for today" Numbuh 10 said sadly.

I stared at the screen with disappointment and sadness. I looked back at the others. They had tears in their eyes especially Kuki. Kuki comes up to me and hugs me as I start to cry softly in her arms.

All I could think of at that moment is… Why didn't I make it?

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