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Author's Note: Well… last time, we saw all four of Sector V members made it and one didn't. Wally didn't. So what happens now? Well, if you had read Chapter One, you would know Wally confesses now to Kuki. Oh yeah there is a surprising ending, not telling you what though. Read to find out yourself!

Summary: Love is painful and a blessing.

His View, Her View

Written By Cyrix

My name is Kuki Sanban and… I am in love with Wallabee Beatles.

Chapter Two

Confession Time

I was so so so happy that I won't get decommissioned. I was also extremely happy the others made it. But I want to cry because Wally didn't make it. It almost makes me feel guilty for making it.

Okay yeah I admit it, I fallen in love with him. But which girl wouldn't? His emerald green eyes make me want to stare at them forever. He acting stupid is really funny. He makes me feel protected. I mean I only hug him because he is so cute!

Yeah sometimes he is a real jerk to me, but that's because he doesn't like girls like me or as he puts it "girly girls." You can't blame him for that right?

My best friend, Abby, tells me that he acts like a jerk to me because he really likes me. She says the only reason he first rejects my offer to have a tea party with my dolls and then later agrees is because he is in love with me. Yeah right… Wally in love with me? That's just weird and wrong! Although sometimes I do wish he was in love with me I will be the happiest girl in the world if he tells me he loves me. But quit dreaming Kuki, like that will ever happen.

Anyways, when I saw that he was getting decommissioned, I knew I had to hug him because it might be the last time I could do that. Right after I hugged him, he did something I thought he would never do especially not in front of me. He cried… which made me cried also. So there we were crying in front of the others. Abby and Numbuh Two came over with Numbuh One who also hugged Wally. They all had tears in their eyes especially Numbuh Two. That's because Numbuh Two is Wally's best friend.

Finally we all separated as Wally looked at me with tears in his eyes. I looked away because I couldn't bear to see him like that.

"Kuki…" he said to me.

I stared at the floor not responding.

"Kuki… I need to tell you something" he tells me as I continue to stare at the floor.

"Something… important" he said to me. That got through to me as I looked at him.

"Something I should had say, done, tell…" he was saying when I interrupted him.

"Wally, just tell me what you want to tell me" I tell him sweetly because I can tell he is nervous.

"Okay, I will. Umm… Umm…" he said to me.

While he was trying to tell me whatever he wants to tell me, I took a quick peek at the others. From their expressions I could tell whatever he wants to tell me is very big.

"Umm… Umm…" he was still saying when I looked back at him.

What could he be trying to tell me?

I take his hands and tells him "Wally, just tell me"

He blushes which made me blush also as he said "Okay, sorry it's just hard for me to say it"

I smiles at him and said "then find another way to tell me"

He looks down and then leans up and kisses me on the lips.

I was so shocked and surprised on the outside while inside I was exploding with happiness and joy.

"I love you" he tells me while blushing from the kiss.

Everybody looks at me waiting for my answer. I was just staring at him with that shock look.

"I knew it…" he said sadly and starts to walk away.

I finally snap out of it and grab his arm.

"No wait…" I said to him.

He turns and looks at me.

"I love you too" I tell him and runs up to him and kisses him.

Numbuh One, Two and Five starts clapping as we kissed. When we were kissing, I felt the whole world spinning round and round.

We both separated and look at each other.

"So what took so long?" I ask him while grinning at him.

"Eh… couldn't find the words" he replies back and grins also.

Then we both remembered that he was going to get decommissioned today.

I hug him and tell him "remember me…"

"I will remember…" he tells me. Then we hug for quite a while, hoping we will never have to let go.

Suddenly we hear a knock on the door as we both separated.

"Well… I guess this is it Kuki" he said to me.

"Yeah…" I said to him.

We did a quick kiss then he let go off my hands and takes a step out. He looks back at us sadly and leaves the tree house. It was quiet after he left as all of us were lost in our thoughts.

"Oh wait! This just in! There was an error with the system!" someone shouted from the screen.

All of us turn toward the screen when we heard that.

Numbuh 10 was at the newsroom again.

She takes a slip of paper from her left and said "Umm… one of the operatives isn't going to get decommissioned!"

I ran up to the screen and put my hands on the TV with hopefulness

Numbuh 10 is reading the slip of paper and looks up and said "the operative name is…"

I clutch the TV tightly as Numbuh One leans in, Numbuh Two is biting his nails and Numbuh Five has both hands on her mouth.

"Wallabee Beatles! You can relax now! You aren't getting decommissioned!" Numbuh 10 shouted out with a smile.

I literally jumped three feet in the air when I heard his name. I was sooo happy.

I ran out of the tree house screaming "Wally! Wally! Great news!"

"No Kuki! Don't come out! It's a trap!" Wally shouted at me when I got outside.

"Huh? What?" I said as that's the only I could say when everything blacked out.

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