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Kat was only half aware of her surroundings when he clamped the cold metal around her wrists and ankles. Only half aware of her state of undress, but she was aware of the fact that this man was not her Michael.

Rough hands pushed her thighs apart, rough fingers pushed apart the lips blocking her core. "Tell me Kathryn," a very male voice flooded her ears, "does your psychotic boyfriend eat you out?" The heat of a tongue ran over her sex slowly. Kat struggled to break free, struggled against the hands that were touching her naked flesh.

His tongue ran over her again, Kathryn could feel tears running down her face. "Who are you?" she managed to get out through her sobs.

"Little Kathryn doesn't recognize me?" the man laughed, "I didn't think you would, your murdering boyfriend made you forget everyone that ever cared about you."

That's when Kat got a good look at his face, "My god, Nicholas! How did you get out of the Asylum? You were suppose to be there for life!"

The man laughed again, "I got out the same way your boyfriend did, Kitten." He ran his tongue across her clit once more, "You didn't answer my question, Kathryn"

"No, Nicholas," Kat said, now that she knew who she was dealing with she had stopped crying, "Michael doesn't eat me out, and I would prefer you didn't either."

"But Kathryn, I can make you purr like the kitten you are," Nicholas' mouth was between her legs once more. His sucked her clit into his mouth and rammed his fingers up inside of her.

Against her will, her body betrayed her, she could feel herself getting wet. "See Kitten, you want me, I knew you've always wanted me!"

As his pace quickened Kathryn looked around the room, realizing she was in her own home. Michael and the others would be around here somewhere.

Nicholas pinched her clit between his fingers and moved up her body to suck one of her breasts into his mouth. He grazed it gently with his teeth, working it into a hard point. He moved his mouth over to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

"Nicholas," Kathryn said seeing a movement in the shadows, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." She smirked when she saw a flash of white, "My psychotic murdering boyfriend doesn't like to share."

"But he isn't here," Nicholas said rubbing her clit with his finger, "is he?"

"Actually he is," Kat said loving the look of surprise that crossed Nicholas' face, "and he's standing right behind you."

Nicholas screamed and turned around, looking Michael in the eye. Within seconds the man was lying in the corner, a blood heap of muscle and bones.

"Michael," Kat said looking up at the man in front of her, "Michael get him off of me, it feels like he's still touching me."

Michael traced a hand down her side, and up to her stomach. He cupped one of her breasts in his hand and rubbed the nipple slowly with his thumb. The nipple hardened instantly and he reached over to slowly caress the other one.

He ran his other hand down her body and rubbed the skin between her legs, tracing his finger over her silky heat. Nicholas couldn't make Kat purr, but Michael sure could. Kathryn was responding to his every touch mewling and shaking as he pressed his finger into her slit. He set a slow pace, thrusting his finger in and gently pulling it out. When Kat was almost ready to cum he slid another finger into her, making the sensation almost unbearable.

"Michael, fuck me," Kat breathed, "fuck me now." She rocked her hip up to meet his fingers with each thrust, each time pushing her a little closer to release. When her climax he she was seeing stars, she felt like she was flying.

She was brought back to earth by Michael sliding into her. Kat gasped and strained against the chains, she wanted to wrap her arms around him.

Michael's pace was hard and fast, slamming into her. She could feel herself being pushed toward the edge and hoped that her masked lover was nearing it also. Kat was panting, screaming so loud everyone in the house would be awake. She endured thrust after thrust, until she could bear it no longer.

Michael embedded himself into her and they both reached their peak, several small thrusts later they collapsed.

When Kathryn could breath properly, and she felt that she could actually form a coherent word, she said, "Michael, do you think you could get these chains off of me?"

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