Chapter 9: The Family Finale

She could hear someone talking down the hall, she pulled herself out of sleep just enough to stumble out of bed and walk down the hall. She had to figure out who was in Michael's house. Her eyesight was fuzzy, and she gripped the handrail on the stairs to hold her up.

This was all a chore, seeing as Kathryn had been yanked out of her deep sleep and out of her dreams of the white masked man she had come to love. The masked man that had been gone for way too long. She staggered down the first couple of steps, trying to keep her balance.

The voice was homey, something familiar, something she just couldn't put her finger on, but only because she was still half asleep. She tripped and had to catch herself on the handrail, jarring herself out of her hazy state of mind. It was then she placed the voice as one of her slasher friends. Freddy was back, so Michael might be back too!

That woke her out of any amount of sleep she might have been in; it had been far too long since she had last seen her Michael, the love of her life. She slid into the living room on her socked feet, letting out a happy squeal when she saw her masked killer in the room. She watched him for a minute, making sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her before she did anything rash.

She launched herself at him, not caring if she was acting like a child. He caught her in his arms, pulling her legs around his waist. She pressed her lips against his plastic ones, pulling herself as close to him as she could.

"Looks like someone missed you Michael," Freddy said with a laugh. Michael just looked over at him and rested his hand on Kat's back, holding her in place so she wouldn't fall. His other hand came up and ran through her hair; gently petting her as she rested her head on his shoulder and breathed in his scent, feeling truly safe for the first time in weeks.

"Michael Myers, if you leave me like that again I'll kill you myself!" Kat threatened as she nuzzled the skin just below his mask. She ran her fingers up under the plastic and tangled them in his hair, twisting his head so she could get better access to his neck. "And then I would die," she whispered against his skin.

Once she had thoroughly checked over Michael, and paid attention to kissing and touching Michael, she jumped off of him and took a step back. She looked up into his face and smiled, ecstatic that she had him back again.

She turned to the other men in the room and smiled at them, checking them over at a distance, making sure they were all there. Satisfied with her once over, she laced her fingers in Michael's and pulled him down on the couch with her, "Come sit with me for awhile."

They sat in silence, her head resting on his shoulder, listening to Freddy's account of what had gone one in the weeks since they had left. It was good to have them back; they were a family once again.

AN: Now it's doneā€¦ no more for this story. But I will be writing another Michael story. Actually, it's in the works right now. I promise the next one will be better. I love you all, and I hope you'll read the next one too.