"Why won' et stop cryin'?!"

"Et's a boy, Pint."

"Well why won' 'e stop cryin'?"

"I don' know! I fed 'im loik four 'ours ago loik she said! 'e should be foine!"

"Oh mah God…'e sounds loik a bloody feckin' siren!"

"I don' fink Poppet's loiks yer cussin' so much in fron' o' 'er baby…"

"Don' ye star' wi' tha' agin!"

"I'm jus' sayin…"

Baby James' screaming soon grew louder and the two pirates winced as Ragetti wrung his hands helplessly.

"Wot do we do naow?" he whimpered.

"'ow should I know?!"

"Yer the 'un wot said ye were good wi' babies!"

"Babes is differen' from babies!"

"Well 'ow so?" Ragetti demanded.

"A babe is jus' a wench an'…Neva mind! Jus' figger somefing ou'! Does 'e need changin'?"

A quick check soon ruled this out as a need.

"Feck…wot could et be then?" When Ragetti shrugged again, Pintel growled in annoyance and promptly smacked him upside the head.

"Et were yer idear ta play nurse!" he snarled.

He raised his hand to slap him again, but stopped when instead of crying, there was laughter.

"Cor! 'e's smilin' naow, Pint!"

"Wot do yer fink et was?"

"I dunno…"

"Dumb blighter!"

Another smack upside the head was dealt and this caused James to laugh harder.

"I fink I go' et!" Pintel said, giving Ragetti a wicked smile.

Gulping, Ragetti took a small step back.


When she returned hours later, Elizabeth would find a very happy baby and a very bruised up Ragetti sulking in the corner.

"Bloody babies...Pain in me 'ead they ar'!"