Uhn Tiss, Baby.

"I've got…" Finn groaned, thrusting his hips again, trying to think of the next few lines, "something…and it goes thumpin'…like this."

"What are you-" Aerrow momentarily ceased his steady, yet vigorous pace with his hips, blinking his vision back and looking up at the blond boy. Finn only glanced down for a moment before continuing, thrusting forward even harder then before, hoping that he really didn't just say that out loud.

"All you need…is," He whispered, fisting the blankets tightly in his fingers, screwing his eyes shut, trying to put a finger on the next line.

"Is my uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tiss?" Aerrow strangled, wrapping an arm around the blond boy's neck to hold himself up, arching his back against the mattress and throwing his head back, hearing a breath hitch in Finn's throat and tightening his legs around the boy's waist.

"Uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tiss, baby." Finn breathed, flopping to the side of the bed, catching his needed breath, still trying to pinpoint how the next few lines went…

Aerrow turned over, resting his head on his propped elbow, grinning down at the shorter boy.

"Is it a different song every time?"

Finn opened his eyes, "Pretty much… Edible strange. How do I get in your pants when you're tick tockin' them…?"

Aerrow chuckled.

A/N: Song: "Uhn Tiss, Uhn Tiss, Uhn Tiss" – The Bloodhound Gang

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