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Sunday Afternoon's


It was a Sunday afternoon.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Cloud was grumpy.

His mom had gotten a new job which required her to move from the comfortable suburban Twilight Town, to the larger and busier Radiant Garden. Her moving also meant that Cloud would be moving too.

He didn't think it would have been as bad to move when he was younger, when he didn't really have any friends and had no attachments, but his mother got the job a few weeks before his last year of school started. He had promised himself that this year would be different. He would actually HAVE friends to see every day, and have a few classes he didn't mind going to.

But now that he was moving, it meant making new friends, which he wasn't very good at. Vincent was his only constant friend, and they tended to shy away from any other human contact. But when they had both decided to change High School, it was difficult to stay the 'loners'.

The new high school meant new people who didn't understand the concept that Cloud and Vincent, for the most part, liked to be alone. Cloud ended up making new friends, and these new friends caused him to get attached.

But now Cloud had to move. And he was not happy.

" It will be fine, your going to like the new place! It's much bigger then our old house, and we actually have a backyard!" Cloud's mother smiled and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. " And I'm sure you will make new friends." she added hastily.

" Yeah Cloud, cheer up!" Roxas added in from behind Cloud.

Cloud's younger brother, Roxas. How could he forget.

Roxas was actually excited about the move. He was moving away from some of his best friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette, but he didn't seem to mind. He was sure they would still keep in contact and was actually excited to get away from Twilight Town.

Roxas wanted to become a singer, and thought moving out of Twilight Town into a bigger city would give him a better chance. Cloud thought Roxas had an amazing voice, if only the kid could get over his fear of people. Roxas was just as shy as Cloud, but seemed to be a little more optimistic. Cloud was convinced Roxas was adopted.

The car turned around a corner and entered a quite, sunny neighborhood.

" Holy...shit" Cloud whispered looking at all the homes.

" Isn't it perfect?" His mother asked.

Perfect was an understatement. The houses were freshly painted, the lawns all mowed, and the gardens in full bloom, and everything looked...the same.

Cloud was used to the kind of neighborhood with old houses, ones with character, and you would always tell what kind of person lived in those houses. Here it all looked the same and somewhat boring. It reminded him of the movie The Stepford Wives.

He shivered a bit.

They rounded another corner and drove into the driveway of a large house. " Beautiful isn't it?" His mother put the car into park and took the keys out of the car. She just sat there a moment admiring the house. It was larger then what the family was used to. The house was green with white trim and had a study oak door. It looked like something out of a catalogue.

" What do you think?" Cloud tore his eyes away from the house and looked at his mom. She was brimming with pride and had a childlike glow in her eyes. He didn't want to tell her that he hated it, and didn't want to ruin the move more then he already had. So he opted to just there and smiled.

Roxas jumped out of the car and wandered to the back of the car to open the hatch, while their mother stepped out and headed towards the house. Cloud sighed heavily and opened the door. Even the sun seemed brighter and cheerier here. He looked over at his neighbor's house and saw two kids sitting on the porch. One had fiery red hair that stuck up all over the place. He was lying down on the wooden floor, his feet stretched out on the steps. The other one was playing cats cradle with a piece of string, his dirty blond hair catching the sunlight making it appear brighter then it actually was.

Cloud could already feel the excitement this place had to offer.