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A year later...

"Are you sure you have everything?"

"Yes, I am sure."

"Because I don't want you going all that way to find out you don't have any underwear."

"I am fine mom."

"Okay, no need to get all testy with me. I am just concerned..."

Cloud rolled his eyes but smiled, dragging his mother into a hug. "I'll be back in a week, so don't fret. I will call as soon as I get there and email every day. Besides, I have been gone way longer then this."

"Good, good, and I know but I still worry... you're sure you will remember to call, and email?" Mrs. Strife asked, pulling away from her son.

"Don't worry I will."

"Now boarding flight 120 to Olympia, seats 90-150."

Cloud hugged his mom one last time and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before picking up his bag. "That's me!"

He walked towards the boarding gate, and looked behind him to see his mother standing there, a large smile on her face, but tears in her eyes. Sometimes mother's got so worried.

Cloud walked up the sandy beach, watching the ocean lap at the shore. It was much warmer here in Olympia then it was in Hallow Bastion, and Cloud was enjoying it. He stopped close to the ocean and let the water hit his bare feet, as he closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the ocean air comb through his hair.

"I can see why you liked it here so much..." he whispered, and he could swear he felt a pair of strong arms reach around and cradle Cloud.

"Sorry I couldn't visit sooner... you know how things are." Cloud kicked around at a seashell for a moment before continuing. "Aerith graduated and moved back to the big city and is going to school. A business school actually. She is trying to open up that flower shop. She's doing really well... as bright and cheerful as ever. She's been really helpful to me... and... and I am really grateful to her for that."

He sighed, and decided to sit on the beach, not caring that his shorts got wet. "Reno...oh god Reno. He's currently working with his Dad fixing cars and loving every minute of it. He and Rude got back together, just like you wanted, but I have to say I really do feel sorry for Rude. They moved in together, and I have no idea why Rude hasn't gone crazy. I only hang out with Reno and I feel crazy, imagine living with the guy!"

Cloud laughed, and picked up some sand, letting it fall in between his fingers. He repeated the process a few more times and started to talk again. "Sephiroth is in school. One of the best universities you can get into. He is really enjoying it, and seems to excel at everything he does, no surprises there. He went into engineering. Everyone said he should have gone into a science course and become a scientist, but he seemed really opposed to the idea... I don't know why."

"As for myself..." Cloud stopped, and curled his legs up into himself, resting his chin on his knees. "I have been traveling actually. I went to a lot of different places. I backpacked my way around mostly... that's all I could really do what with little money. But it's been a great experience. I did a few of the things you wanted to do... I went and talked to an old woman who sat in front of a coffee shop every day in Port Royal. I watched her a few times, and she always looked so sad. So I went and talked to her one day and apparently her husband used to own a fishing boat, and go out every day to fish. She would wait for him at the coffee shop every evening and he would come back with a bright smile on his face, and a grand tale to tell her. But he soon got to old, and passed away a little while ago, and left her all alone. But she doesn't dare break her routine, and still waits for him."

Cloud wiped away at a tear that rolled down his cheek without him noticing. When had he started to cry? "I told her about you... she seemed very interested, and would have liked to meet you. I am sure you two would have had a lot of fun talking to each other." Cloud smiled, realizing the tears coming down his face were that of happy tears. "I am planning on going to go see her again sometime... just to bring a little bit of happiness back to her life... I think you would have done the same."

"You...told me to live out my life... and I promised I would live out both our lives... I hope I am doing okay... And... and I hope you're happy where you are...wherever you are. It's been really hard without you, I mean really hard. There isn't a moment where I don't think about you. But it's never sad... I never think about your time in the hospital... I think of the times when you and I would go on walks and hold hands...and you would go and chase the ducks at the pond..." Cloud laughed, brushing away some hair from his face, tears still falling. He sat there for a little while longer, just staring out at the ocean and watching the light play across the water, making it all appear like diamonds were floating across the top.

After a while he stood up and dusted off his pants, trying to get rid of as much sand as possible. Again the feeling of strong arms surrounding Cloud was felt, and he wanted to desperately to lean back into that embrace.

"Stop teasing." Cloud joked, closing his eyes again, and listened to the sound the surf hitting the beach and the occasional screech from a seagull. His hand came up and clasped the ankh necklace hanging on his neck.

Love is stronger then death.

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