Title: Use My Shoulder

Story: Gabriella learns something life changing just minutes before she has to walk down the graduation aisle. An unlikely friend ends up taking care of her and even running off with her. The two move to New York to start their new lives. Another life changing moment occurs and all she has are the two most important people in her life to fall back on...until she runs into the man she ran away from four years ago... Will she have that happy ending or will her world continue to crash?

Pairing: Troyella/Chaylor I basically gave it away but if you know me...don't ALL my stories end with them together:D

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Anything.

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" Gabriella gripped at her pillow, the tears trailing down her cheeks. Her large off white, princess wedding grown was now tossed to the side. Her makeup was faded and gone. Her hair was cascading down her back in mid length curls.

Her maid of honor and closest girlfriend Christina rubbed her back trying all her might to make her feel better "Gabi…please get up, he's not worth your tears." Gabriella burrowed her face further into the pillow. "He always told me karma comes back around." Gabriella murmured through tears.

"Who? What? Wait Gabi…what are you talking…?" The door to the room interrupted them. Christina looked over her shoulder and found a much better solution to the problem at hand.

"I'm going to find Tory." Christina rubbed her friend's back once more and walked passed the person standing in the door frame.

Gabriella let out quiet whimpers, now crying into her knees. Her green tank and matching sweatpants were slightly damped; her eyes were a light shade of red. The makeup had irritated them a bit but she didn't care her heart was in too much pain to notice.

The person neared closer to her, "That was the fastest ceremony I've ever been to." Gabriella knew the voice too well, "The fact that when I reached the altar the man I was supposed to marry wasn't even there probably had something to do with it!" She got up from her spot and walked over to the closet and shut it once she got inside.

"Was that what happened? Oh man…I was too busy staring at Tory! She was gorgeous!"

Gabriella sat in the dark space under the hanging jackets and dresses "She's always gorgeous." Gabriella smiled a bit. The other person in the room knew she was smiling; she always smiled talking about her.

The person just laughed and sat in front of the closet door, the way they did every time Gabriella had one of her "moments."

"Let's not forget how amazing she looked walking down the aisle."

Gabriella giggled "I know…she was the best part of the entire wedding…that lasted for two minutes!"

The place was silent for a minute until the other person cracked open the door. Gabriella could see the light coming in, "You know…the worlds still rotating?" She hugged her knees, she had stopped crying but the memory was burned into her brain.

"What was I thinking? I'm twenty-two! I experienced the worst…okay second worst break up only four years ago!"

The other person just shook their head "Actually…we kind of just ran out, not leaving a note or anything." It was true, she just ran and left him, the way her fiancé Max ran and left her. Karma, it goes around and then comes back around!

Gabriella helped the door move along now seeing her best friend sitting there smiling at her, "You know…you didn't have to leave with me. Imagine how much better your life would be if you just stayed in Albuquerque!"

The person placed their hand to their chin, and then shook their head "No way…I'd miss you, Tory, and Christina way too much." It was true, her friend had been a huge help when they moved out to New York.

"I just can't believe out of all my friends…you were the one who stuck with me!" Her best friend laughed "Well…I was the only one who knew about…"

"CHADDY!" The little dark blond haired girl ran in and jumped onto his lap. "How's my favorite four year old?" The small girl wearing the lavender dress hugged him tightly. "I'm great uncle Chaddy! Where's…MOMMY!" She squealed when she saw her mother sitting there in the closet.

"Mommy…are we playing hide and go seek again?" Tory asked with a bright pearly smile, her bright blue eyes scintillating with joy. Gabriella pat her hands together signaling her daughter to come over to her.

Tory ran over to her mother and sat down happily in her lap. "Mommy can I remove this dress? It's itchy." The tiny tot scratched her thigh, Gabriella placed her hand on top of the little girls, "Why don't you go and find Auntie Christina to help you take it off! You can put your regular clothes back on now."

The little girl smiled widely "Thanks Mommy! I'm going to find Auntie Chris right now!" The little girl skipped out of the room "Bye Uncle Chaddy!" She yelled over her shoulder in giggles.

"Bye Princess." He said with a smile. The boy stood up and smiled down at the tattered woman, "Ice cream, on me?" He let out a hand to help her stand up from her original space. The world continued to move, the day continued on, her life continued to suck.

She used her best friend as a crutch and the two walked down the stairs, physically and emotionally she was drained. They planned the wedding over a long sixth month period. She finished school raising a daughter, planning a wedding, and working at a coffee shop five minutes away from home.

She didn't the need money, but something in the back of her mind always told her to save just in case…just in case something like this happened where Max were to leave her and her daughter.

The two didn't even move in together, she lived in a three bedroom apartment with Chad and Tory. It was quite large, maybe it helped that Max was a partner at a law firm. He didn't want her to move in with him until they got married so he paid for her expenses and even supported her daughter.

They met at the coffee shop, he was looking over briefs and she was working that day. After a spilled coffee and two refills he got her number. That was two years ago, he asked her to marry him not too long ago, she knew she shouldn't have rushed it but…she needed him.

She knew it was wrong to marry a bit for money but she really did love him, and it still hurt hard as hell when she didn't see him at the alter halfway into the immaculate wedding march. She'd never forget it.

"More chocolate sauce?" Gabriella fiddled with her silver spoon while Chad held up the bottle. "Two large squirts please." Her voice hoarse and fatigued, he did just as she wanted.

The day they left home was even clearer than today, it was the day of graduation and Gabriella was feeling nauseous. She was putting on her dark red gown when she felt a harsh pinch in her stomach.

She ran to the bathroom and let it all come out. Afterward she felt better but the pain was still inside of her. She decided to just fight the pain and told her mom that she would drive herself to graduation.

She got there feeling much better, she must have had cramps, or so she thought at the time. Her stomach did feel upset for the past two months but she just sucked it up and fought through it all.

Gabriella found her friends lined up; she remembered she was in between Martha Cox and Chad Danforth. She walked over to her immediate spot and waved at Taylor, her best friend at the time who was upfront because she had the honor of being named valedictorian. Gabriella was truly proud of her.

Once she reached her spot she greeted Martha but then the pain came back even harsher, she rubbed her belly hoping it would just go away. Chad had been talking to a guy behind him and turned when he saw his girl friend's best friend in front of him, "Hey there Gab."

"Hi." She muttered quietly.

He saw her wince in pain "Is something the matter?" He asked looking at her; he bent down to see her biting on her bottom lip.

"No…I'm…I'm fine." He knew she was just trying to convince herself of that. He grabbed her shoulder and stared into her eyes, something wasn't right "Do you want me to call Troy over here?" Her boyfriend, Troy Bolton, and then it came to her…two month of stomach cramps, nausea, food cravings…oh goodness!

"Don't! I mean…" The graduation march started. The two friends were dead center in the middle of the line. "Chad…I need to get out of here." He saw the tears well up in her eyes and knew she really was in deep pain.

He didn't take another second to think, "Come on! Let's get out of here."

Gabriella could see Taylor and the people at the front of the line starting to enter the door that would walk them down to their seats "No…I mean you stay! I'll…" But before she could protest he picked her up off the ground into his arms like a cradle and quickly ran out of the room.

Troy who was in the very back of the line with Zeke saw his best friend running off with his girlfriend, "Gabi? Chad!" He ran after them but that only made Chad run faster. Troy stopped when he saw Gabriella's cap on the ground. He picked it up and realized that they were gone…and never coming back.

"Mommy!" Gabriella jumped off the wooden island stool and picked up the girl in the Knick's jersey and matching shorts. Her hair done up in small curly pigtails.

Gabriella couldn't help but smile, "Honey what did I tell you?"

"Knick's rule and Laker's suck?" Gabriella's mouth turned into a big 'o' and turned to find Chad tiptoeing out of the room. "Not what uncle big mouth said, what mommy said about sporting basketball uniforms in the house?"

Tory let out an exasperated sigh, "Only on game days! I know mommy but I want to get ready for tomorrow! Max promised he'd take me to the game tomorrow." Gabriella's heart officially tore in half. Max was a semi-father figure in her daughter's life although she absolutely regretted it.

Max had very few flaws, but the biggest one being a work-a-holic who couldn't keep his promises in order, this time he even showed Gabriella the tickets and gave them to Tory to hold in her possession. One was for his little girl, him, and his wife to be. They promised Tory no honey moon, just the three of them…boy that was a mistake.

"See mommy! I still have the tickets in the pretty white envelope." Tory handed her mother the tickets and Chad knew it was time for Wildcat games.

"Tore! Come here baby." Gabriella let the girl down and she ran to her uncle, "Who wants to watch Uncle Chaddy in the championship game?" Tory's eyes filled with excitement "ME!!!" Chad grabbed her hand and she waved goodbye to her favorite mommy with the other.

Gabriella dropped to the floor when she saw her daughter out of sight and started to cry. She cursed her ex-fiance's name under her breath. "Should I make that three squirts?" She looked up at her curly haired best friend. He wore a plain white tee and black slacks from this morning's ceremony that were being held up with a black belt. His hair now tied back and his hands were in his pockets.

If she owed anyone her life, besides Tory it was him. The man that picked up everything and left, that late afternoon had to be one of the worst and best days of her life.

Chad carried her into the back seat of her car, he had taken her keys. He threw his cap off his tied back hair and started the ignition speeding out of the parking lot of East High. She heard her phone ringing but simply ignored it, "Where are we going?" She squealed through pain.

He took a deep sigh out "The hospital, I'm calling my mom to meet us there." His mother was the most well known doctor in the state, if anything was wrong with Gabriella she would know.

"Chad I'm pregnant!" Chad stepped on the brake at the red light, "I know."

Gabriella gasped softly still holding her belly "You know?"

Chad turned around "It's not too hard to tell." The light turned green and they were off again. Chad heard his phone ring and glanced at it "Don't tell Troy! I don't want him to know."

Chad knew Troy was the father, but he wanted Gabriella to tell him. "Don't worry Gab, everything's going to be fine."

Gabriella winced in pain again and Chad finally reached the hospital.

Chad and Gabriella were now sitting on the couch watching television. She cuddled up against his body and he ran his hand through her hair. "What if I…"

"No regrets Gab, no regrets." Chad whispered in her ear knowing what was bothering her.

She turned back to the screen,

"Mom! How's Gab?" Chad ran over to his mother who rushed over from the ceremony to check on his friend.

Mrs. Danforth laid a hand on her worried son's shoulder, "She's fine, normal two month pregnancy activity."

Chad's mouth gaped "Two months? That's awesome!" Mrs. Danforth smiled, "Does Gab know?" Mrs. Danforth escorted him to the door, "Would you like the honor of telling her?"

He took a deep sigh out, "Honor? Or Unfortunate doing?"

"Dramatic shows are so pointless!" Chad turned to the girl lying on his shoulder, "I mean…they are nothing like real life!"

Chad just laughed "It's not supposed to mirror real life! It's supposed to catch the viewers' attention."

"Yeah but…really…I rather watch cartoons! Not sappy crap!"

"Two months? Really?" Chad nodded, "Congratulations."

"For what? This is going to ruin my life and Troy's if I tell him." The tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Chad grabbed her hands into his "No…Troy will be ecstatic! I mean Troy's going to be so happy and now that you're both going to U of A.

Gabriella shook her head "I can't Chad!" She choked on her words, "Why not?"

She just cried harder "It's his dream to get drafted after college, I can't ruin it with a baby."

Chad paused, "You're not planning to have…"

Gabriella let out a sigh and just shrugged.

"Uncle Chaddy!" The little girl walked into the room, "You know that game against the West High Knights?" Chad nodded with a smile "Yes Tore."

"Well…you kinda stink on an ice! I mean you already missed two foul shots." Chad shook his head at the basketball fanatic, "Mommy can we watch the game together?" Gabriella jumped off the couch and ran over to pick up her daughter "So much better than some dramatic show!"

"What am I going to do if I keep it Chad? I don't want to stay here in Albu… I just can't." Chad had walked over to the window, "Gab…wait! I think I have a solution, I mean if you're up for it."

"Uncle Chaddy you missed again! Ay ay ay!" The girl smacked her head with her hand, "That was four years ago Tore! I mean…I've gotten way better." Tory rolled her eyes making her mom laugh, "Than how come I beat you every time we play after school?"

Tory and Gabriella just laughed at their favorite uncle Chaddy.

"Chad this is insane! Apparently Troy's looking for us as we speak! It won't be too long until someone tells him we're here!"

Chad drove over to his house after getting Gabriella out of there with his and her mom's permission of course "That's your fault! I told you to tell him." Gabriella sat on his bed hugging herself. She had taken off her gown and was now just wearing a white graduation dress. Chad was in his suit pants, white button down shirt and untied tie.

"This will go a lot faster if you help me Montez!" Gabriella helped him stuff his things into his bag, "What about me?"

"You're mom already has your stuff packed! We just need to stop by and throw it in the car."

Gabriella rubbed her head "Are you okay? Do you need Tylenol? Gabriella shook her head "I just…I can't believe we're just getting up and leaving without no one knowing besides our parents."

She realized she was holding a picture frame of him and Taylor, "Did you tell her?"

Chad looked over and shook his head "I made you a promise, no one else is going to find out until we're long gone." Gabriella put the frame into her bag, "We'll make the transfer calls when we get there, your dad knows we're on our way right?"

Gabriella nodded, "He said we could stay with him for the time being."

She now looked at the picture frame with Chad's arm over Troy's shoulder and Gabriella and Taylor were standing at their sides, "How am I going to make it?"

"You mean us." She looked up and found Chad staring at her, "I'm not leaving you Montez. Never." Gabriella placed the picture frame into the bag and didn't question how this will work again. She wasn't going to go through this alone, she had Chad.

"And the Wildcats win!" Tory stood up from her mom's lap and cheered throwing her hands in the air. "We could have won by a couple more points if Uncle Chaddy didn't miss his free throws!"

Gabriella covered her mouth about to laugh and Chad just stood up dramatically and turned off the television. "Uncle Chaddy's coming to eat you Princess Tory." He said in a scary voice.

Tory's eyes bulged out and ran out of the room while Chad chased after her. Gabriella fell back on the red bean bag chair.

"Is that it?" Chad looked over his shoulder, "I think the car's as full as it's going to get Gab." Gabriella smiled for the first time in a couple of hours. "I'm ready." She said confidently.

Chad turned on the ignition and drove off, they reached a sign that read "Thanks for visiting Albuquerque." Gabriella slumped into her seat; Chad saw her uneasy face and reached out for her hand holding it tightly for comfort.

"Are you sure…"

Gabriella looked at the road ahead and used the side mirror to see the large sign from afar "Keep going." She replied in a normal voice. He squeezed her hand and continued to drive further away from what they called 'home.'

"Chad please don't eat my daughter." Chad picked up Tory and began to swing her around, "If she barfs your cleaning up this time."

Chad made a face, "Tory is now arriving onto Ice Cream Mounting….prepare for landing." He said in a "pilot's' voice. He placed the girl on the stool right in front of the ice cream bowl filled with strawberry and chocolate ice creams. "Uncle Chaddy! You forgot the fruity pebbles!" Chad ran behind the counter to fetch the cereal, he loved that little girl like a daughter and Gabriella couldn't help but adore their relationship.

"Chad!" Gabriella yelled from her bedroom. Her father was at work and Chad was in the other room studying for tomorrow's exam.

"No Gabi I will not drive to 7-11 to buy you…" He stepped into her bedroom and saw her hauling her emergency hospital luggage. "Is it…?" He said with a shocked expression.

"You think?" She asked in a yelp, hugging her tummy. Chad took the luggage in one hand and grabbed her hand in the other. "Don't worry Gab! You have me…don't worry!" On the inside he was more petrified than her.

"No more Tory! That is way too much ice cream already." The little girl pouted "But. I. want. more!" She pounded onto the kitchen counter. Gabriella felt a migraine entering, "Mommy needs…to take a bubble bath." She left the room leaving Chad with Tory.

"Uncle Chaddy…"

"Don't say a word…here!" He went to the freezer and took out another bowl of her favorite ice cream and drizzled fruity pebbles on the mount, "I love you Uncle Chaddy!"

"I love you Princess Tore." She gave him an Eskimo kiss where their noses met and wiped against each other.

"Miss Montez is it?" The nurse asked the brunette in the wheelchair. "You and your boyfriend will report to room 202." She read while Chad pushed her in the chair.

"But I'm not…"

"He's not ready nurse! He needs to put on the essential uniform and…"

"Don't worry dear, he'll be prepared." When the nurse wasn't paying attention Gabriella turned around and mouthed out 'Please, you're all I got.'

Chad took a deep exhale out, he definitely hated the hospital but this poor girl needed him and he made a vow to himself that he would never abandon her or the baby.

Gabriella jumped out of the tub and placed her rose colored robe on. She loved her daughter more than life but sometimes…she needed a break from the outbursts and the crying but then she'd think about the mother day's cards, and the trips to the zoo where she'd climb onto Uncle Chaddy's back and pet the horse then when she jumped off Uncle Chaddy would get a face full of kisses by that particular horse.

He was their uncle, support, comedic relief, and of course their savior.

"Keep breathing Gab." Chad rubbed her forehead with his finger. "You're the best Gab! Lookin' Good!"

"I look like Sh…" But before she could say anything more she was enveloped with pain squeezing tighter onto the connected hand. Chad winced but knew she was going through much worse, "Welcome to the world baby girl." The nurse passed along the baby to a tearful and excited mommy.

"Congratulations you two." The nurse said with a smile, Gabriella looked down in her arms smiling at the bundle of joy. She returned the baby to get cleansed but then came right back, "Here you go mom…"

Gabriella picked her back up but then told Chad to get ready, "Me?" He asked in surprise, usually parent's would run away with there kids at the sight of him. "Yes you, after all this little girl is going to need a God-father to teach her how to play basketball."

Chad picked up the pink covered blanket baby, "Hi princess." He immediately greeted. "This is your uncle slash God-father Chaddy! Hi hi!" She grabbed his pinky and from that moment he knew they were going to be friend's for a long time. She was his first love.

"So then the wolf said 'And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll…"

"Blow your house down." A smaller voice concluded. "Right on Tore." Gabriella reached the bedroom door frame and peeked in. Her daughter was carefully tucked into her new big girl bed with her Uncle Chaddy sitting by her side, "Are you sure I can't sleep with you or mommy tonight?" She asked with wide blue eyes.

Every time either grown-up saw her eyes that large they saw a certain boy from home.

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