Me: Second fanfic!!! This story based on the first Manga I have read—some Malaysian Manga wrote by some Malaysian but a modified version of me… I read that story when I was little (but the story was rated 18+ and I didn't knew that until the end of that story… omg… I was only 7! GOD!) And until today I will still remember it… I mean, the plot of the story, not the—well, you know what… don't worry this story will not have mature content like the real one I've read! I only take a very little part of that story and mix it with mine… that is the part where how Mikan got the Ugly Duckling name, that's all… So, guys are you ready??

Natsume: Tsk… I don't believe that we are working for you again!

Mikan: Mau, Natsu… I am happy to be here again…

Natsume: But this will not be the same as the anime and manga anymore… Written in our script that we were in the Elementary Class A of the Gakuen Alice and had been in this school since we were 4! Even my sister is not under captive of the Academy… hang on… that's a good thing…

Mikan: But we still go to the same school, same Alices, same people here like the previous story!

Natsume: Ha! So you don't mind this then… (Pointing at the Title of the Chapter) You are the Ugly Duckling! Hahaha…

Mikan: Sarahpatrick! Why am I the Ugly Duckling??? Am I that ugly?

Natsume: Personally… if you ask me… yeah…

Me: (Shot baka gun at Natsume) BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!

Natsume: Ouch! Hey! Where did you get that gun? Imai's not here yet!

Me: Oh…( Blow the smoke out of the nozzle of the gun)… Imai gave it to me for finishing the last story… It's my present!

Natsume: Tsk… whatever… Just go on with this silly story, sarahpatrick!

Me: (Smiling) whatever you said, Natsu… (Cracking her fingers and started to type…)



A little four-year old raven haired boy was sitting on his favourite spot; the Sakura tree while pretending to read his Manga. His eyes weren't focus on the book at all… instead he was staring at an auburn haired girl who was talking happily with another purple eyed girl not far from the tree he was sitting on. Students from the Elementary Class A were having free period now because their teacher, Fukutan-sensei (Alice: Hair Pheromone) had been bullied by his young students as they had forced him to use his Alice and they had messed his hair up.

Fukutan-sensei's yowl…

"Help me, Narumi-sensei… These children bullied me... They are scary kids… you heard me, S-C-A-R-Y!! Please, please take over the class… I want to resign from being their class teacher…" cried Fukutan-sensei while he clings after Narumi-sensei who ignored him (Crying waterfall tears, literally clings to Narumi's right leg, dragged down the corridor… Narumi-sensei had few dark-doubly-thicken throbbing vain, large sweat-drop—ashamed at his colleague's behaviour, few dark strokes under his eyes, struggling to walk as the weight of Fukutan-sensei is on his right leg—so Fukutan-sensei was dragged, thinking furiously whether he should use his Love Pheromone Alice on the annoying man—anime style!).

Back to the raven haired boy…

The sweet-smelling air of the summer morning really had made the Elementary Class A students in such joyful spirits as many of them played with the gigantic yellow chick a.k.a Tori in the school largest field. Some, who didn't join into the fun, were lying down lazily as the talked for hours and hours… and the auburn hair girl with that purple eyed girl were among them.

"Hota-chan… I want to play something…" said the auburn haired girl named Mikan Sakura as she stared at the forget-me-not blue sky. Hotaru Imai looked at her sideways.

"I thought we are playing, Mikan-chan…" she said emotionlessly. Mikan chuckled.

"No we are not… it was you the one who decided to lie down and watch the sky… that is not playing!" squeaked Mikan (iris shrink, eyes squinting, jaw dropped, throbbing vain—anime style!). Hotaru grunted.

"But this is fun…" said Hotaru again.

"No it is not! I want to play something else!" demanded Mikan.

"You're annoying, Mikan-chan…" said Hotaru and shot her baka gun at Mikan. Mikan was thrown 10 meters away. Every eyes were on her now.

"Itai (Ouch), Hotaru! You are so mean! I just want to play something else…" said Mikan sadly and she was about to cry. Hotaru just stared at her coldly. A blonde hair guy who was on the Tori(bird) slide down the chick and went to her.

"What do you want to play, Mikan-chan?" asked the blonde haired boy as he smiled at her. Mikan looked up at him and wiped of the tears in her eyes.

"Let's play hide-and-seek, shall we?" suggested Mikan as she sniffed quietly. The Elementary Class A students all agreed with her.

"Yeah… why not?"

"It is such a pretty good morning today…"

"We have such a big place to hide this time…"

Mikan smiled as she was relieved to hear that everyone agreed to join in the game. She then looked at Hotaru.

"Come play with us, Hota-chan…" begged Mikan at her best friend. Hotaru stared at her and gave her a little smile.

"Okay then…" she said.

"Let's start, Ruka-pyon!" said Mikan to the blonde hair boy but he hesitated a moment.

"Wait… we forgotten Natsume…" said Ruka as he ran towards the Sakura tree.

"Huh? Natsu-kun…?" wondered Mikan.

"Yeah! We should call him to join us too!" cried Sumire; the president of NatsuXRuka fan club. Mikan looked displeased (beady eyes, dark shadow under her eyes—anime style).

"Mau… must he join too…?" whined Mikan quietly. Mikan had always hated him. He is the most perverted guy she ever met. Every morning, he would sneak up to her and called her name by the type of underwear she wore in the day. He would burn her hair and her ribbons, which she had to go to the Central Town every week just to buy new sets of ribbons for her hair and that, are total waste of money! He would cause her favourite Hawalon to fall from the box and she end up couldn't eat them because they were covered in mud or dirt. And the worst of all—


"What?! Natsume Hyuuga is my PARTNER!" cried Mikan loudly. It was one week after she had arrived to the Academy and she was a no-no star student.

"I don't want him to be my PARTNER! He is a pervert!" screamed Mikan at Narumi-sensei. Narumi-sensei sweat-dropped upon hearing Mikan calling Natsume, a pervert.

"Ano, Mikan-chan… that day was an accident… I know that he did not mean to take your underwear off you… it was an accident…" whispered Narumi-sensei as he suppressed his laughter; thinking about that incident. Natsume smirked.

"Yeah… that's right, Polka-dots…" he sneered quietly. Mikan glared at him (Face red due to anger, many throbbing vain, background darkens, eyes squinted—anime style!)

"HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAIIIII!!!" screamed Mikan as she tried to punch him on his face but Natsume was even faster. He dodged the punch and kicked her leg. She fell backwards and her skirt lifted up!

"Ha! Strawberries!" he mocked as he pointed at her strawberry printed underwear. Mikan knew… from the first day they have met… Natsume is the only person in the whole entire wide universe… she, Mikan Sakura would never want to be friends with!


Ruka ran towards the Sakura tree and found the raven haired boy was reading his Manga on the tree.

"Natsume!" he called. The raven haired boy looked down upon him.

"What do you want, Ruka?" asked Natsume coolly.

"Come let's play hide-and-seek with us!" said Ruka happily.

"Tsk… why don't you play with them… I don't want to play the stupid game…" snapped Natsume at once and returned to his Manga. Ruka was taken a back a little but he didn't mind what his best friend had said to him.

"Okay, then… I just invite you… that's all… It was Mikan-chan's idea… I think it would be fun… so, ja ne (see you later)…" bid Ruka. Natsume's eyes widen upon hearing Mikan's name. The girl whom he met last year, the girl who was send here by her parents, Yuka and Shirou (I think this is her father's name… or just name him so…) with her own will to come here, the girl whom he met and fell in love upon their first sight… He never seen such hazel eyes before so bright that actually enlighten his darken soul. The death of his parents which had always become a burden was just dissolved away like running sand…

"Ruka!" he called his best friend again. Ruka swivelled and ran back to him.


"Err… I think… I guess I am free now… so… alright… I join you in this stupid game then…" said Natsume as he jumped down the tree gracefully. Ruka smiled at him.

"That's good… let's go then…" said Ruka. Natsume knew that Ruka doesn't know why he suddenly wanted to join in the game… That's good. If he does, my reputation would just crumble down! Thought Natsume. Both boys ran towards their classmates and they formed a circle. After they had decided who will be 'it', the others scattered to hide as Kokoroyomi-kun counted to thirty with his eyes close.




"Hehehe… this would be piece of cake…" thought Koko happily as he knew he could find his classmates easily by just hearing their thoughts!




Mikan ran as fast as she could towards the forest and hid among the thick bushes. Hotaru called upon her flying duck, and flew to towards her laboratory.




Ruka called upon his giant eagle and flew towards the school barn. Sumire ran towards the school's canteen. Everyone was hiding at their best hiding place. Natsume couldn't find a best spot to hide yet.



"Okay here I come!" screamed Koko.

"Oh no! I still have not found the place to hide yet!" panicked Natsume and he hid among the thick bushes where Mikan Sakura is!

"Found you!" Natsume heard Koko screamed as he pulled Yuu Tobita out from a box which he had used his Illusion Alice to create it.

"How do you know that I was in that box, Koko-kun?" asked Yuu at once.

"Come on, Iinchou… can you please tell me what on earth an innocent looking box is here at the middle of the forest here on this very time?" sneered Koko. Yuu slapped his forehead.

"Silly me…" he cried and they laughed. It took a short while for Koko to find the others—Nonoko, Yura, Kitsuneme, Anna, Ruka, Hotaru and many more others but they still can't find Mikan and Natsume.

"Where are they?" asked Sumire who just was found hidden on a tree.

"Don't know…" shrugged Anna.

Natsume went deeper into the thick bushes as he smiled that Koko and the others couldn't find him yet. Just then, someone pushed him out of the bush and that person screamed to see a spider crawling on her uniform. Natsume closed her mouth shut with his hand and threw the spider away.

"Shhss… polka! Shuttup!" he whispered angrily. Mikan got angry when she heard him called her polka. She bit his hand.

"What are you doing here, pervert?! This is my hiding place!" snapped Mikan at once.

"Itai! You idiot! that hurt you know! Anyway… this is now my hiding place…" he snapped back. Mikan pouted angrily.

"I found this bush first!" she said again as she pointed at the bush—so fast that the sharp edge of the bush poke her index finger to bleed. Mikan gasped in pain and saw the blood started to ooze out. Mikan sight was blurred with tears now and she stared to cry.

"What's wrong with you now?" he blurted out as he saw the pretty auburn cry. She stared at him angrily with big tears in her eyes. Cute! Thought Natsume.

"It's all your fault! Now my finger bleeds…" she cried and started to walk away. Natsume pulled her bleeding finger towards him and suck her finger. Mikan was surprised at his sudden move. She stopped crying at once as she stared at him in amazed.

"What is this pervert doing?" she thought at once. She watched him as he took his handkerchief and wrapped it neatly at her index finger.

"There… better?" he said at once and looked at her. Mikan blushed.

"Hmm… yeah… thank you…" she said and was about to go away but she tumbled instead and fell down on her knees.

"Oy! Be careful!" he scolded and knelt too. He looked around and saw no one. Mikan eyes tearful again as the impact of the fall was quiet painful.

"Itai… So painful…" she cried as sat down and rubbed her knees.

"It's okay, Mikan… It's not bleeding at all…" said Natsume quietly. Mikan eyes widen when she heard him calling her—by her name??? Mikan stared at him and saw he was so closed to her.

"Na-Nat-Natsu…?" stuttered Mikan as she felt scared to see him like that.

"Mikan…" he said and smirked. He put his hand at the back of her head and pushed it slowly towards him. Their lips were only few centimetres away and are coming nearer every second. Mikan could feel her heart racing as if she had ran a thousand miles. She blushed and she tried to push him away but he just too strong for her. Their lips were only millimetres now and—

"What the hell is going on here?" asked Koko as he and the others appeared behind the trees. Mikan and Natsume broke apart.

"Are you about to kiss Mikan-chan, Natsume?" gasped Anna.

"Tsk. No… who want to kiss an ugly duckling?! She is so ugly and stupid!" said Natsume defensively as he put his hand into his pockets.

"Yeah! My Natsume won't want a girl like her… He prefer me…" said Sumire smugly.

"Tsk… whatever…" he snapped. Mikan was already at her highest boiling point.

"You idiot! I am not ugly and stupid! You are! You are also a pervert!" screamed Mikan.

"Whatever, ugly duckling!" snapped Natsume at once. Everyone laughed except Ruka and Hotaru.

"So tell us… What were you doing to Mikan-chan then…" said Hotaru emotionlessly. She was angry because Natsume had made fun on her best friend and she is not going to let it be.

"Err… I was… I was…" began Natsume.

"Ha! See… I know you were—" snapped Hotaru.

"She got something crawling near her face, all right? I just help that ugly duckling, that's all…" said Natsume curtly. Everyone started to laugh again when they heard him called her ugly duckling, especially those who are in NatsuXRuka fan club.

"Ugly duckling! Ugly duckling! Ugly duckling!" they mocked her. Mikan started to cry again. Tears ran down her cheek.

"I hate you, Natsume! I hate you!!!" she screamed and ran towards her room. All Natsume could do is to bit his lips painfully as he did not meant to call her that. He just doesn't want anyone to know that he loves her… that's all…


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