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"Always look on the bright side of death..." Aang's subconscious mind replayed over and over in his head.

The only thing keeping Aang asleep currently was the fact that Katara kept talking to him. It wasn't that she bored him to sleep, it was just the fact that Katara was there. If Katara wasn't at Aang's side twenty four seven, Aang would have woken up by now. He would have craved Katara's attention and sweet voice enough to have opened his eyes and make her laugh. But he didn't need to, because she was there, and that was enough to keep him asleep.

Toph decided to do something about it. Using the power of the mind, she came up with a plan. The next conversation she had with Katara, she would worm this into the conversation, and say that Aang said it to her: "Toph, before we go to the underground caves, I need to ask a favour of you. If something happens to me, I want you to tell Katara that I have, and always will love her, and tell her to please not be upset and mourn for weeks if anything happens to me. Tell her I want her to get on with her life and remember all the happy times and focus on them, and only them. And if she still mopes around, slap some sense into her!"

Katara wasn't really listening to Toph, but when she heard Aang's name her head snapped to attention. If it snapped to attention any faster it probably would have broke. Katara was shocked, but very happy, when Toph finished speaking. She got up and stopped moping around, and continued on with her life. Although she still slept at his side each night.

"Hey i wonder where Katara is..." the little people working in Aang's mind said to each other. "Haven't heard her voice for a few days now... that's not good! Not good at all for Aang's system." Aang's subconscious made a decision. "Right fuck this where getting up."

So Aang woke up. And everyone was happy.

And now that you know what was, my friends, I will tell you what is.



Aang shot out of bed, eyes wide and alert. He instantly got up and took a fighting stance, only to double over in pain as the scar on his back re-opened. He screamed. Katara was at his side in an instant. The Waterbender helped Aang to his feet, and then embraced him in an embracing hug that was embracing.

"Aang I'm so glad you're okay!" Katara squealed.

"Yeah twinkle Toes, you sure did have us worried."

"Naw i wasn't worried." Boasted Sokka. "But you should have seen Katara! She was so obsessive over you..."

"Really?" queried Aang. "What did she do?"

"Well," started Sokka, "She pretty much had a sting. One end was tied to you and the other to her. If she strolled to far away, the string would pull tight and she would run back to your side."

"Sokka!" Katara chided. "I did not have Aang on a leash!"

"Yeah, but he had you on one!" Sokka laughed.

"Umm, that's good to know, I think…" Aang sighed.

Sokka looked puzzled. "What do you mean Aang?"

Aang walked over and sat against a tree the size of a castle. "Well, it's just that if I woke up and Katara was sick, or worse, I probably would have gone back into my coma."

Katara went over and sat next to him, "Yeah I know Aang, it's just, I was so worried about you."

"Well you don't need to worry about me, Katara. I can take care of myself."

"I know Aang; I just wanted to be there in case you woke up."

Aang smiled his signature smile at Katara, "thanks Katara, I appreciate it."

"So Aang, what's it like being in a coma?" queried Sokka.

"Well, i don't really remember anything..." Aang looked thoughtful. "Though i seem to remember only dreaming about Katara..."

"I think I'm gonna vomit." Sokka adopted a vomiting pose.

"I'm with snoozles on this one" said Toph. "You two have a serious addiction to each other."

Katara blushed and Aang, just smiled.

"Avatar Aang!" screamed a high pitched voice. "You're awake!"

Aang slowly turned around and slapped his face."Yeah I think I'm going to go back into my coma now."



Sokka looked up from sharpening his boomerang, "So we should probably get moving. Ozai's angels are probably hot on our tail"

The next thing you know the gang where on Appa contemplating what to do next.

"But Toph he's Firenation!" argued Sokka, against Tophs idea to go and rescue Iroh.

"Yeah but he also saved our lives!" added Aang and Katara at the exact same time.

The two met each other's gaze and Katara started blushing. Aang saw this and was curious, but decided to pursue the issue at a different time.

"Not to mention he's the only Firebender not trying to kill us, but is actually willing to teach us. Well not so much us as Aang, but you get the idea." Muttered Toph.

Sokka threw his arms up, "Well even if we were going to free him, we would just be walking into our death trap!"

Kuie piped up, "Actually, there is a way for us to sneak into the city, help Iroh escape and get back out again without anyone even seeing us."

Everyone turned and stared in shock at his majesty.

Sokka was the first to recover. "What! How can there possibly be a way to do that? The only way to get in and out of Ba sing se is over or through the wall. We can't go over on Appa because he is way too obvious and we would be shot on site, and we can't go through because they would have guards all over the place, and we would be shot on site. So your majesty, unless there is some magical spirit being to help us or you can make Appa invisible, I think it's safe to say you are stoned."

"Well, seem though it would be a really bad image for the king to be doing drugs… There is actually a magical spirit being that can help us."

For the second time in the space of one minute, everybody stared in shock at the once great king of Ba sing se.

This time it was Aang to recover first "No offense sir, but I doubt any of the spirits would help us willingly"

"Ahh but that's where your wrong, my young friend. You see, this particular spirit being I have in mind grants favours to mortals if he who needs the favour, does an equally sized favour to the spirit in turn."

"Ohhhhhhh there's always a catch isn't there?" whined Sokka.

"So your majesty, what spirit did you have in mind??" asked Aang.

"Oh, please Aang, don't call me your majesty or earth king any more, and just call me by my real name."

"Which is?"

Everybody asked in rapid succession.

"Why, I do believe my real name is, Kuie." Stated Kuie."

"Okay, 'Kuie' Aang air quoted." What spirit being did you have in mind?"

"Has anyone ever heard of, The Elemental Hawk?"

Aang's hand shot up "Well I have in stories that I heard from the monks, but I didn't think it real."

"Oh yes, quite so actually. A friend of mine that only comes to visit me in the earth kingdom once or twice a year talked about the hawk and how it helped him get the girl of his dreams."

Aang subconsciously looked over at Katara who had subconsciously looked over at Aang and once again their eyes locked and Aang smiled at Katara, but Katara just started blushing again, much to Aang's confusion. Aang decided he would talk to Katara later about it.

"Well even if this 'Elemental Hawk' is real, the favour we would owe it in return would be pretty big, and that's only if we even find him in the first place!" Stated Sokka.

"Yes well the first part your right about, although he may give of some sort of discount because Aang's the avatar. But the second part you're wrong about. I know exactly where to find the Elemental hawk."

"Well it's a start, but I'm still not completely sure on how this hawk thingy is actually going to help us."

"I can explain that Sokka." Started Kuie. "You see the Elemental hawk is a great spirit who chose to come to the real world in a solid form, which could be any animal he 

liked. But he didn't want to come to the mortal world and be trapped in the form of one animal. So he went to the Great Spirit council and asked them to grant him the power to change into any form he liked. They agreed, but only if the hawk did them a favour first. They said that the bigger the favour, the more animal forms they would grant him. So the hawk, well it wasn't actually a hawk in the spirit world, but were going to call him that any way, went away to his wife, whom he loved very much, and told her what he was going to do. He told his wife that she could come with him if she wanted. See problem is, she didn't. Her place was in the spirit world. He begged his wife to come but in the end she still said no and the hawk was heartbroken. And that's when he came up with an idea."

"What! What was the idea!?" shouted an over eager Sokka.

"Relax Sokka I'm getting to that bit. " Kuie started up again, "The hawk's idea was to make the council fall in love with other spirits. He would give them the joy of love, and that would be the biggest favour of all."

Aang subconsciously looked over at Katara again and smiled. Katara looked back over at him, but this time she didn't blush, she actually smiled back.

"Now, spirits aren't usually good match-makers, but seem though the hawk was already married, he had some experience. He left notes in some council members offices, saying they were from 'secret admirers' and talked to some ladies and asked if they would like to go on a date. All this took him over a year to do, but by the end, most, if not all, the council had known love. They granted the hawk every animal from known to man, and then some from the spirit world as well."

"Great know that I know the story, can you please tell me how he is going to help us!?"

"Wow Sokka, you really haven't figured that out yet?" asked Katara.

"What? Is it really that obvious how a shape shifting bird thingy is going to help us save the dragon of the west from a heavily guarded Firenation prison?"

"Well yeah, it kind of is." Said Toph

"Care to elaborate?"

"Gladly. All we do is fly to the hawk, do it a favour, and then ask it to storm Ba sing se and bring Iroh back." Stated Toph

"Right. That seems so simple it has to work."

"Well it's the only plan we have." Stated Katara; "So we have to try it."

"Okay. Let's just find a place to camp and we'll take off again tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me." Said Aang.

Katara could only agree, "And me."

"Toph, what do you want to do?" inquired Sokka.

"You know me, happy to get on the ground at any possible chance."

"Okay I'll take us down. There's a small clearing with a river not too far away over there." Sokka pointed down to the ground.

The giant bison landed with un-giant bison like grace. After the long unpack session, Katara wanted to talk to Aang.

"Hey, Aang? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure Katara."

Katara rose and walked towards the forest. Aang followed, the message getting across that she wanted to talk alone. They reached the river, and sat down on a boulder.

"Aang, I wanted to talk about what you said to Toph, before you went into the catacombs at Ba sing se."

"Wha-"Aang was cut short by Katara.

"Aang just listen and don't speak. Okay?"

"…..Okay…?" Aang just started nodding; having no idea what was going on.

"Aang I wanted to say, well… I um… I love you to Aang!" She said with lots of emphasis.

Aang froze. Did Katara just say she loved him? Or was it just a trick of the mind? He decided not, as her arms snaked around the back of his neck and she pulled him into a fiery kiss. Katara was taken unawares by Aang taking the lead. She felt his tongue slide across her lips, asking for clear entrance. She granted. He flicked his tongue across the roof of her mouth, causing Katara to emit small giggles. There two tongues engaged. It was like a sword fight, only smaller, and not bloody.

After what seemed like forever, Katara pulled away from Aang, "We need to get back to camp, Aang. The others are probably worried about us."

Aang's mind kicked into gear again as he remembered the other three, "Oh yeah, we probably should. But Katara, I never actually said anything to Toph before we went into old Ba sing se."

She looked confused. "So, why did you kiss me back?"

"Because." Aang smiled. "I love you to."

Aang gently pushed Katara's chin up so he could look her in the eye, "i have, from the day when you had a spas at Sokka with an effect of breaking a giant iceberg in half and therefore freeing me from my icy prison, till today, this very second. Don't forget it." He finished with a chaste kiss to her lips.

Aang pulled her closer to him. "So Katara, what did Toph actually tell you?"

"Well, it was something along the lines of you wanting me not to mourn for weeks and slapping some sense into me."

"Well now I'm going to…. Now I'm going to go find Toph and give her my thanks."

"Oh? Why is that?" asked Katara.

"Because she brought us together."

"Oh Aang, you are such a player aren't you?" said Katara with a giggle.

"Well you don't' win the prize if you don't play the game."

"Awww, I love you to."

"I love you more than the stars and the moon and some other thing that sounds romantic."

"Something that sounds romantic? Hum… Well you're sounding pretty romantic. But that's not important, what is important though, is that we get back to the others and tell them about us."

"Yeah, about that." Ventured Aang. "How are we going to explain?"

Katara looked thoughtful, "Well we could just show them instead."

"How do you figure?"

"Well, yeah I mean, we just walk in to camp and straight up just start kissing."

"Umm, okay, or we could just tell them and therefore not invoking sokka's rage as much."

Both of them just started giggling.

"Okay Aang now we really need to walk back to camp."

"Okay but." Aang scooped Katara up, "You're not going to be walking.

Katara giggled. "Aang! Put me down!"

"No way Katara, I'm not letting go of my prise."

Eventually Katara gave up and rested her head on Aang's shoulder. They arrived at camp and gave their greetings.

"Hi guys!" said a very cheerful Aang.

"Uh, high Aang. Any chance you could tell me why you're holding my sister?" Sokka asked.

At hearing her description of "my sister" Katara turned around off Aang's shoulder and asked Sokka: "what's wrong with Aang carrying his girlfriend?"

"Nothing, nothing. Just a bit curious."

"So you two finally together now?"

"Looks like it." Sokka piped up. "But hwy now all of a sudden?"

"My guess is that sugar queen went off to talk with twinkle toes about the made up speech i told her. Aang was probably just standing there looking very confused as Katara went on to say: I love you to Aang." Said Toph, in a high pitched girly tone.

"Hey, how'd you guess? Asked Aang.

"I have my ways." Said Toph

"Well, any ways thank you Toph." said both Aang and Katara.

"Sure, whatever. Just give me lot's of cake at the wedding."

Katara started giggling.

"i have a feeling Aang is going to become Katara if he spends to much time with her. And we don't want two Katara's!" Sokka screamed.

"Nah, I don't think there is such a thing as to much time with Katara." Said Aang.

"Awww you are so sweet." Said Katara, leaning up to kiss Aang.

"Aang, i want you to be careful. There's no way I'm ready to be an uncle."

Kuie appeared from behind a tree, "Sokka, do you really think the avatar would be that irresponsible?"

"Well, no but, as a responsible old brother, i have to say that to all her boyfriends."

Both Aang and Katara raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sokka,that was a very mature thing to do. Now I think we should all go and get some sleep. We have a big travelling day tomorrow."

"Mature thing to do...?" Sokka wondered.

Out of the blue, Toph said, "Hey, Kuie, you never actually told us where it is that we are going."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. We are going to Kyoshi Island."

"Yes!!" Yelled Sokka.

"Hey Sokka just don't be too disappointed if Suki isn't there. Remember what happened at Ba sing se with Azula and the kyoshi warrior uniforms."

"Yeah well we'll just have to wait and see. Goodnight."

"G'night." Everyone sang.

"Hey Aang, you want to sleep with me tonight?" Katara asked Aang.

"I'd love to."

They retreated to Katara's tent that had earlier been constructed. Aang dived in and Katara zipped it up.

"Hey Aang?"

"Yeah Katara?"

"I love you."

Aang wriggled as close as he could to the girl next to him. She rested her head on his chest, and he kissed her head.

"Love you to."

And Aang slept.



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