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Chapter 1: Indefinitely

"Indefinitely?" Ichigo asked not really believing the key word that just came out of Rukia's mouth.

"Yeah. I'll be staying here indefinitely." She smirked at him as she repeated herself and then crossed her arms waiting for a real response. Rukia was leaning casually on his desk across from the bed where Ichigo was sitting vacantly, giving him what she had thought, and hoped, he would find to be good news.

"….Indefinitely?" He repeated again.

"…." "This was getting annoying fast…"

"….indef-OW!" A flying dictionary to the head interrupted Ichigo mid sentence and caused him to fly backwards from his bed. "WHAT THE FUCK RUKIA!?!" He jumped up from the floor to the other side of his bed where Rukia was standing with her hands on her hips giving him that classic superior/slightly amused smirk she had in her arsenal. After getting over the shock and ow, the pain, he got right in her face trying his best to use his height as an intimidation factor.

"Seriously Rukia! That book weighs about 40 pounds and you just lobbed it at my skull!" he screamed down at her.

Rukia replied calmly, "Well I thought since you were having such a hard time understanding the word indefinitely, that I would help you out a bit." She didn't even give him the satisfaction of looking in his face or yelling back. She merely crossed her arms over her chest again and stuck her chin high in the air.

"If only I had a matching thesaurus…" Ichigo growled to himself"I know what indefinitely means, you crazy midget! I just didn't think Soul Society could do anything that would actually benefit us in all these years!" He was still screaming, but he knew Rukia wouldn't miss that last comment that so stupidly slipped through his lips.

" 'Benefit?' 'Us?' Aww Ichigo, I didn't know you cared so much!" Rukia finally looked Ichigo right in the eyes with a mischievous smirk on her face.

He gave her his best scowl in an attempt to hide a creeping blush and muttered, "Well that was before you threw that book at my face." Rukia smiled genuinely and knew Ichigo's tirade had passed as he slumped back onto his bed in a sitting position. "So I guess there's not gonna be another assault on Soul Society to stop them from taking you away again." Ichigo blushed again as soon as the words left his mouth. What is wrong with me tonight? He chalked it up to the somewhat abrupt end of the catastrophic events that had consumed his life now for the past 3 years. The war was over. No more Aizen, no more Arrancar, no more daily life and death battles. There were still Hollows, but after everything he had been through as a shinigami, a Hollow on his radar was more like a pimple on a forehead for an average teenager. He was still recovering from the constant state of doom that had been his life and it was somewhat difficult to get back to normal again. He enjoyed his verbal and sometimes physical, (Is that a welt?) duels with Rukia, which ironically, did a great job of calming him down. He just had to get it out of his head that she wasn't in peril every second now, and things could be left unsaid. He would love if they were left unsaid. And from what she just told him a few minutes ago, certain things could be left unsaid indefinitely… if he so chose.

Rukia sat next to him on the bed, deciding not to tease him about the rare but sweet sentiments he let slip out. She had been thinking them too and was only lucky enough that he got more carried away in this argument than she did. So I'll let it slide…for now.

She continued explaining what she just learned, ignoring his earlier blushing. "I just got word from Captain Ukitake that Soul Society is taking things slow. They're trying to piece things back together and return to some normalcy." Ichigo snorted in agreement at that. Rukia continued, "So he said that for now I'm to remain here like my original mission called for and keep my eye on things. I'm the one who knows the most about Karakura and am best suited to take care of it after all of the…disturbances from the last 2 years."

She smiled at Ichigo and he smirked back at her saying, "I'm guessing that making sure I don't do something stupid after everything that's happened is also something you need to keep your eye on huh?"

Rukia laughed and then said, "Well that goes without saying." They smiled at each other and as Ichigo made eye contact with Rukia's big ole violets, he became suddenly aware of how close they were and how…secluded his room was.

He knew their relationship was…special in a way, but one of the perks of being attacked constantly, was that he didn't have time to ponder what they meant to each other exactly. And now in his very quiet, very peaceful, and very private room, with their very close proximity, he was worried that he had much too much time to 'ponder'. He wanted things to return to normal, at least…for a while anyway, before he did anything that could potentially alter his life. So that's why in that moment that could have been the beginning of something new between him and Rukia, he opted instead to reach behind her ever so slowly. The motion of his reach caused him to lean towards her face and he watched as her eyes widened for a second and then start to gently close like his own eyes were slowly doing. He could feel her breath tickle his face as his fumbling hand behind her found what it was looking for. He opened his eyes and stopped leaning for a second to really think about his actions. Her eyes were closed, her face leaning slowly towards him, and she had the cutest expression of expectation mixed with surprise.

"Sorry Rukia" He thought to himself, but if she was going to be there indefinitely, he wanted things to be normal again for just a little while longer. They would have plenty of time to re-evaluate their relationship. "And hopefully, plenty of time for her to forgive me for what I'm about to do." And with that thought, Ichigo resolved himself and quickly grabbed the dictionary behind her back with his hand and swung giving her a good, firm, and completely unexpected whap to the back of the head.

"HA! Payback is 'indefinitely' a bitch!" Ichigo yelled to the short shinigami, who was now sprawled on the floor a few feet away from his bed.

"ICHIGO!!" Rukia screamed as she scrambled up and was ready to kill, only to find that the orange-headed moron was already fleeing from the room. (And with a stupid grin on his face too!) The room that conveniently would have no witnesses to his inevitable murder.

"Just let things be normal for a bit longer Rukia" Ichigo thought as his long skinny legs carried him out his front door and hopefully away from the beating he'd deserved. Racing at breakneck speed down the street he let himself smile. "Then, I'll make sure we-

Oh crap. I forgot how fast she is…"

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