He was just a little Gremlin, a mischievous spirit who loved to cause mayhem with technological devices. The new computer technology of the humans was especially intriguing for him. Most of the Computer Viruses that exist today are actually his work.

But then, a mage (who at the same time, was also a hacker) discovered the little demon and managed to capture him on a magical CD. This gave the gremlin the freedom to do whatever he pleased on this CD, creating data, changing data, deleting data... But he could not leave his prison nor could he influence data that was not on the CD.

Sure, anyone could download every single data from his portable prison on any PC with a CD-rom drive, but the young technomage made sure that this CD would not find its way into the wrong hands.

Sadly, this young, promising mage could not afford paying the rent of his apartment, so he got thrown out. And even more sadly, he forgot the CD prison of the little Gremlin within his old room (where it slid down behind the shelves that came with the apartment).

When he realized his mistake, he quickly came back to correct his error - but it was already too late. The landlord had found the CD, was unable to delete the strange data on the CD and sold it at Ebay.

And so, the CD found its way into the development center of a famous game company which name we'd prefer to keep anonymous.

One of the game developers had bought the CD and discovered a very interesting game creating program on it, similar to those RPG makers which anyone could use to create his own RPGs using resources that came with the game.

But this game was amazing... it was able to create its own resources if the user just fills in a description form of any person, and the program will be able to create character sets out of those descriptions. Also, the user could change the facts regarding this new character anytime.

When the game producer realized he wasn't able to find the programmer of this incredible game, he decided to put it on the market. The new game, called 'RPG Reality' quickly turned into a fast seller. And so, many copies of this game were being sold.

What no one expected was that the game was in fact a creation of the imprisoned Gremlin, who was hoping that one day, if he had caused enough mayhem with this game, he would have gathered enough power to break free from his prison.

And so, no one expected the... 'unusual' magical properties of the game, and the strange results its usage would entail.

And so, almost anything that was being created with this RPG maker would sooner or later become reality. And if a real-life person would be used to make a certain game character... it would be this person who would be affected by all changes made to this character.

And so, one exemplar of the new game found its way into the possession of a certain person...

Who could this unfortunate person be?


"Takatomon, what's this?" Guilmon asked in his child-like curiosity.

"It's a game I bought today," Takato smiled proudly as he held up the CD case. "It's all the rage right now - everyone wants to have it. It sells even better than any Digimon game I've ever seen!"

"Game?" Guilmon asked and reached for the CD. "Do you throw it? It looks like a Frisbee..."

"Argh! No, Guilmon, no!" Takato wrestled back the case from his Digimon friend. "That's no Frisbee. It's a computer game. You know, just like Digimon World."

"Aah!" Guilmon nodded. He liked the game Henry had shown him, but he was a little sad that no Guilmon was within the game. He then got an idea. "Is there a Guilmon on that game?"

"Um... well, from what I heard, this game can be used to create all kinds of characters, even Digimon... so maybe it is possible to create a Guilmon."

"Kah-rekk-taah?" Guilmon scratched his head with a claw. "What's that?"

Takato groaned. "Look, I'll just show it to you..."


"Hey!" Guilmon shouted in excitement and gestured at the red Digimon that had appeared on screen. "That's me!"

"Unbelievable..." Takato muttered. "I just entered 'Guilmon', and the game showed me every information about you I could think of... Heck, it even describes how you came to life from my drawing..."


"Never mind... but, hey! If this game can also create human characters, perhaps I can make one that looks like me, but can fight like a Digimon?"

"I think it would look strange if Takatomon evolves to... uh, WarTakatomon, maybe."

Takato snapped his fingers. "I know. I'll use someone else first. How about Rika?"

He entered Rika's first and last name, and just like with Guilmon, the Character Menu automatically filled in every single bit of information about her. Hair color, favorite food, blood type, Digimon partner... everything!

"Here, this menu is for the attacks of the character... Ah, just like in reality: Rika can use her D-Power and cards, but has no own attacks. Well, let's just change that..."

Takato made several adjustments while Guilmon really didn't knew what his Tamer was doing.

"There, that should do it!" the boy with the goggles exclaimed. "Now Rika can use the following attacks in battle: Flare Bullet, Fox Aura and Dive Kick."

"Why do you choose those names, Takatomon?"

"Because they sound cool, what else? Hey, wait a minute... If Rika can fight like a Digimon, why not give her the ability to digivolve as well?"

"But Rika is not a Digimon, right?"

"Well, she will be... half-Digimon and half-human, that's what her digivolved form will be like. And she will have a foxtail and ears, just like Renamon... but her fur will be the same color as her hair, not yellow."

Takato made some changes, and in the end, Rika's new form appeared next to her usual human form.

"Rika looks pretty like this," Guilmon grinned.

"Yeah, but... let's give her some special fighting clothes." And Takato changed Digimon-Rikas clothes into a tattered pair of jeans and a white sports vest. Instead of shoes, she was wearing blue ribbons that were wrapped around her paw-like feet. He also added a second tail to her first one.

"Finished," Takato said proudly. "And after evolving, her Digimon name will be: Kitsumon!"


In the Nonaka household, Rika felt a slight chill running down her spine. She wondered what could have caused that, but got distracted by the sudden appearance of her Digimon partner.

"Rika, a Digimon just appeared in the park. Shall we investigate?"

"Okay," Rika nodded as she grabbed her D-Power. "I'm ready, Renamon... let's go!"

She didn't notice the faint glow her D-Power had given off when she had touched it... just like it normally flashed when showing information about an unknown Digimon...


"Well, using Rika as my main character will be a good start," Takato nodded. "And with Renamon as her partner, I've even got two of them. But I should at least use two more characters they can encounter during the story... That will make it more interesting."

"Are you gonna make a Guilmon now?"

Takato chuckled. "No, Guilmon. I want to make a character similar to Rika, someone who can digivolve into a hybrid."

"What's a hyp-rihd?"

"I'll explain later... but I think I'll use someone I know as a basis again, this way I don't have to have to think of so many things that make up the personality of a person."


"Yes, Guilmon?"

The red dinosaur whined. "I'm hungry... do you have any bread?"

Takato sighed. "Go into the bakery and ask Mom and Dad if they have something for you... I have to concentrate now, see?"

"Ooookay! Guilmon understands!" He ran out of the room. "Hey, Mom and Dad of Takatomon! Do you have something to eat for me?"

Takato chuckled, then concentrated back on the screen.

"Well, Rika is strong and cool, but sometimes a little bit too impulsive... I need someone who's able to keep a clear mind in battle. Someone like... Henry! Yeah, Henry's perfect!"

He typed in his buddy's name, and the profile of the half-Chinese boy appeared in the menu. Complete with information about Terriermon and his deck of cards.

Then Takato hesitated. He should not just use any person he likes and decide they'll meet up with his main character without a reason. Maybe he had to adapt the two of them a little closer...

"Ah, I know!" he grinned. "I only use Henry's character as a base and change it a little bit. I'll make it so that this character is going to Rika's school, so they meet every day. Well, Rika's school is for girls only, of course... But that's fine with me. I mean, almost every time they're making a Digimon game, the main character is a boy. How boring is this?"

So he changed 'Henry's' name into 'Harmony' and turned the character into a girl. Still looking Chinese, she had a slightly more slender built than Takato's old friend and long, luscious black hair. He gave her a cute face and an attraction to sportive guys, but otherwise, she was still the same as Henry. In the end, he morphed her clothes into a more feminine version (a tube top instead of a shirt, and a skirt instead of pants).

"Now, about her hybrid form..." Takato pondered. "Okay, Terriermon is a dog/rabbit, so maybe I should make her canine as well..."

In the end, Harmony's new evolved form resembled an anthropomorphic dachshund with light lavender colored fur and a cute, short muzzle.

"I'll call this form 'Dachsmon' and her attacks are the 'Fierce Yap', the 'Air Cutter' and the 'Rush Tackle'."

Finally, Takato decided to make Terriermon's body a little bigger and more anthropomorphic, so it looked closer to what Dachsmon looked like.

"Perhaps I should give Renamon and Terriermon human forms as well..." the young Tamer pondered. "Oh well... maybe later. I'll take care of other things first."


Henry shook his head. For a second, he felt like he had some sort of dizzy spell.

"Are you okay?" Terriermon asked his tamer.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Now, what were you saying?"

"I'm saying that your little sister can be terrible sometimes. I mean, it's pretty easy saying 'Mou-man-tai', but still: Can't you keep her from dressing me up in doll clothes all the time?"

"I'll talk to her. Didn't you want to watch the late movie?"

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot! Thanks." The child-sized dog-Digimon with the big ears picked up the remote control from the table and sat down in the sofa in front of the TV.

Shortly afterwards...

"Suzie, can I talk to you for a while?"

The youngest child of the Wong family stood up from her homework and ran to the door of her room. "Hey sis! Sure, what's up?"

Harmony looked down at her younger sister with a smile. "Suzie, I know you adore Terriermon, but... could you please not treat him as a baby anymore? He really hates it, you know?"

"Awww... well, okay!" She sighed. "I guess I can do that..."

Harmony brushed her long, shiny black hair out of her face. "Hey, cheer up, squirt... If you want, I'll treat you to an ice cream when we're meeting with Takato and Jeri tomorrow, okay?"

"Yay!" Suzie cheered. "You're the best big sister I could wish for!" She hugged Harmony around her waist. "I'm sooo lucky I don't have a brother like Ai... Having a big sis is so much cooler."

Harmony had to snicker at that idea. Heh, imagine... Her, a boy? That kid sure had an active imagination...


"Let's see... Rika and Harmony should both be unaware of their powers... I think I'll make it so that they have to find out more about them and where they got them from, as the game goes on."

After a while, he pondered if he should practice creating a scenario. "Perhaps I can make this one the first battle of the game, where Rika gets to know her new abilities..."

So he created an encounter with a Digimon in the park and decided that during the fight, Rika would digivolve to discover her new form.

"Perhaps I should involve a new character," he then thought. "A mysterious warrior, who's identity is shrouded in mystery... Yeah, sounds good. He will give her an impressive speech, before vanishing in the darkness. Yeah, that sounds good!"

Okay, so it was cliché... But that didn't matter to Takato. He liked it, so he went on with it. He quickly created a small map which represented the park, and placed the small form of a Digimon enemy into it, as well as a 'Starting Point' for Rika's adventure. Also, he decided that Rika and Renamon would be the two first members of the party.

He nodded. "Yeah, that should do it. Now, perhaps I should think of a suitable boyfriend for Harmony..."

"Takatomon!" Guilmon said as he came into his room, his arms full with bread. "Your Mom said you should go to bed, because you have school tomorrow."

Takato sighed. "Yeah, but I wanted... Aw, never mind. I guess I'll finish it tomorrow, then."

He saved all the changes he did and left the program. He shut down his computer and got ready for bed.

Guilmon quickly gobbled up his 'bedtime sweets' and curled up on the ground.

"G'night, Takatomon..."

Takato smiled as he climbed in bed and switched off the lights. "Good night, Guilmon."


In the darkness of the evening, Rika and Renamon were carefully pacing through the park.

"You sure it's around here?" Rika asked.

"I'm sure of it," Renamon replied. She closed her eyes. "I can feel it."

Suddenly, a massive shape came crashing through the trees with a deafening bellow. "GRRAAAAAARRRGGH!"

"A Minotarumon!" Rika realized as Renamon quickly grabbed her and brought her to safety. "Renamon, are you ready?"

"Ready as ever..." the fox-Digimon nodded and went into battle position.

She prepared her main attack.


The rampaging bull-Digimon took the force of the attack and grimaced. He then raised his left hand, on which a strange cannon was attached.

"EARTHQUAKE DRILL!" Minotarumon smashed the cannon down onto the ground and created shockwaves that rippled through the surface and came towards Renamon. Swiftly, she jumped over it.

...only to be hit with a mighty backhand punch of her enemy.

With a groan, Renamon flew into the trunk of a nearby tree, before sliding down to the ground.

"Renamon!" Rika shouted in surprise.

"I'm fine..." the Digimon girl coughed. "He just took me by surprise."

But then Rika gasped in shock as she saw how Minotarumon lowered his massive head and stormed towards the fallen Renamon at an increasing speed.

"Renamon! Watch out!"

But Renamon still was too groggy from the first blow Minotarumon had given her, so she didn't jump away.

But then, just before the bull-Digimon hit its target, an orange flash zoomed past them, picked up Renamon and put her down next to her friend, while Minotarumon crashed into the tree.

Renamon looked up at her savior. It was a very human-like Digimon, but with the skin, claws, tail and head of a dinosaur. On the nose of his muzzle, there was a small horn. Also, he was wearing armguards, a breast harness and a metal helmet.

"Who... are you?" she asked.

The stranger looked back at her with a mysterious twinkle in his eyes. "I am Ceratomon!"

"Grrrrr..." Minotarumon slowly got up from the ground.

"Watch out!" Renamon said. "He's going to attack again."

She was going to ran towards her opponent, but the orange-skinned Ceratomon held her back. "Don't! He is much stronger than a normal Minotarumon. You're hurt... leave this one to me and your friend."

"Are you crazy? Rika would be killed is she were to fight a Digimon."

"In her normal form, maybe... but... she can always change into her Hybrid form."

"What do you mean?" Rika asked. "Who are you anyway and why are you helping us?"

"I don't think we have the time to talk about this," Ceratomon grumbled as he saw Minotarumon raising his weapon again.

"Oh no, you don't!" he shouted and intercepted the attack with a kick. "Flurry Punch!" he yelled and hit Minotarumon with hundreds of punches at once, so it seemed.

But Rika and Renamon quickly realized that he had no chance of winning by herself.

"Let me go help him," Renamon said while trying to get up. "I can still fight."

"Oh no," Rika protested. "He was right, you have to rest for a while."

She grasped her D-Power, and again, it shone in a strange light.

"I still don't know what he meant... but if there is a way I can save us, I have to take that risk."

And with a determined glare, her eyes flashed in a bright light.

Renamon watched in awe, as her tamer was being lifted off the ground and a blazing aura surrounded her.


Then the gleaming aura vanished, and Rika dropped to the ground... looking exactly like Takato had designed her new form.

She looked down at the D-Power, which had turned into a smaller device, looking like a high-tech bracelet.

"Kitsumon..." she murmured as she saw a picture of her new form. "Level Rookie. Animal Digimon. Attacks: Flare Bullet, Fox Aura and Dive Kick."

She looked over to where Minotarumon and Ceratomon were still fighting. "I may not know what this is all about, but... If that beefsteak wants a fight, he got one!"

And with her two tails waving through the air, she began running.

Kitsumon jumped right into the air as Minotarumon was just going to smack his opponent with his arm cannon.

"Dive Kick!" she yelled and hit him right in the forehead, between his horns.

The bull Digimon staggered back while groaning in pain. With an angry snarl, he lowered his head, preparing for a charge attack.

"Let's finish him!" Ceratomon yelled and jumped next to the fox-girl. "Aura Sphere!" And he launched a sphere of energy from his palm.

"Flare Bullet!" Kitsumon shouted, moving her hands as if she was going to throw a Hadoken, instead hurling an energy projectile that looked like a burning flame.

The two attacks flew through the air and hit their enemy right into the chest. Minotarumon roared one last time, then he dissolved into data.

Kitsumon closed her eyes as she absorbed the data flow into her body. 'So, that's how it feels like for Renamon...' she thought. 'I'm feeling... stronger!'

She then looked around, wanting to thank Ceratomon. But he was already standing on a branch of a nearby tree.

"Continue to use your new powers, and soon enough, you will find out more about it," the strange dinosaur warrior said. "We'll meet again... Kitsumon! Farewell!"

And then, he vanished.

Renamon limped over to her digi-fied Tamer. "Rika... are you all right?"

"Yeah..." the fox-girl nodded while staring down at her fur. "How the heck did this happen?"


The next morning, Takato woke up by the beeping of his alarm clock. He yawned and climbed out of bed.

He shivered. "Brrrr, why is it so cold in here?"

He looked over to the window. It was open.

"Strange..." he muttered. "I could've sworn I closed it before going to bed..."

And he walked past the still snoozing form of Guilmon to close it.