Author's Notes: Well, decided to have a go at making a Sonic fanfic.

Being a Tails fan, I decided to base it on my favourite character. I would like to say that this story is partially inspired after reading Tantrum's A Hole in Fabric.

OK, first off this story will be set on 3 different time lines. Present, near future and distant future. Just keep that in mind incase you get confused. Also this has no major universe to be set in. It can be early Archie based or SatAM, your choice.

All none fan chars are property of Saga and DIC.

The Wolf Within





Sitting, with his legs dangling over the edge of a small cliff face, a figure looked out at the almost endless sea of green the Great Forest emanated. The figure, clad in a long shabby cloak, smiled under his hood as his hands clasped the grass around him. He even started laughing lightly as his tear filled eyes took in the scenery. Even at night lit under the pale full moon light, he could easily say it had been the most beautiful sight he had seen in many years.

The figure wiped away his tears, still laughing before his eyes caught the camp fire just in the distance. He could just make out the small people clustered around the fire through the thick tree tops.

Defiantly them, he thought

He quietly backed away and made his way down a path that led him east, roughly to the camp fire. After walking for a few minuets, keeping his steps as quiet as possible, he eventually came within a few hundred metres of the fire just seeing the shadows flicker of the trees up ahead..

He withdrew his sword. It wasn't a particularly good sword. Infact is was justt a sharp piece of metal with a makeshift scabbard made out of two blocks of wood. It made little difference. Though it had done him well over the past few years, it had dulled greatly over continuous use and he knew there was no point sharpening such a rusty piece of junk since it would probably brake under the treatment.

He held the blade up to his face as he gave a final goodbye to it. He turned the blade in his hand, looked up at the camp… and lunged the blade into his arm.


Near Future


"Happy Birthday!!" Screamed the gathering.

Tails looked around his rather small and surprisingly crowed hut, mouth wide open and childish grin slowly spreading across his face.

Wordlessly Tails stared at his close friends, one by one, of course stopping for a good few seconds at the assortment of gifts laid waiting for him on his desk. All of his close friends were there; Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Bunny, Rotor, Mina and Amy were all there, cheering in chorus. Tails even noticed in his surprise Dulcy's head poking through the window. How she stayed hidden whilst he circled the path to his hut was beyond him.

"Guys, I thought you forgot!" Tails said as he jumped into the arms of the couple standing directly infront of him, both the squirrel and hedgehog smiling back.

"Us? Forget your birthday? Especially after hitting the big 10?! Get real, big guy." Sonic said, lightly lugging him on the cheek affectionately.

"How many times did he need reminding?" Tails asked Sally still in both their embrace.

"Only 3" Sally said honestly, causing the gathering that had circled Tails to laugh and Sonic to grumble.

"Anyway, lets jump straight to the best part" Bunny said, slowly nudging Tails over to the desk, though a feather could have been all the force Tails needed after he greedily noticed them in the first place.

Before Tails could make the final step, Sally sternly stepped in the way between Tails and the table. "We have one quick matter to deal with before Tails assaults (cough), I mean opens his gifts" she said to her annoyed audience.

Tails looked up getting ready for his famous "Awww, but Aunt Sally" quote, which over the many years he had slowly been perfecting. That was until he looked up and saw the smile adorned on her face. "A certain promise I think we should settle". With that Tails eyes brightened, as he remembered the main reason he was looking forward to this birthday in particular.

Over the years Tails had begged Sally time and time again to make him an official Freedom Fighter, trying over and over to prove himself. He either did so with training Sonic and Sally had set down for him, always acting as lookout whether or not he knew it was just to get him out the way or going on missions, whether or not he was supposed or even allowed to go. But each time he said anything, Sally would always say the same word… "Later". But after much prompting, she decided to give Tails a date in which she would fully initiate Tails. Though truthfully, Sally only did this believing that by the time he did reach 10 that they would have beaten Robotnick.

But Tails patients had finally paid off as he was led out by Sonic from his hut and taken to the centre of Knothole were Sally and the group gather in a semi circle, with Dulcy in the background, wiping tears from her eyes. As Tails was guiding closer, other Freedom Fighters from the nearby huts exited and followed. As soon as Tails was within the semi circle that closed around him, the circle grew with the number of the other Freedom Fighters present.

Sally stepped forward, trying to make this official as possible, for Tails sake.

"Are you ready, Miles Prower?" Sally said, smile now gone from her face.

Tails stepped forward, though a little annoyed at the mention of his real name. As he took the final step infront of her, Sally's gaze went from Tails to all the gathered Freedom Fighters.

"As I'm sure you are all well aware, today is a very special day" She said, setting silence amongst the group. "Not only a decade to the day, in which Tails entered the world… but 10 years, to the day aswell, since our world's future was snatched from us and left in the hands of Robotnick." She continued noting the surprising pass on a few members faces, not aware of the unfortunate date in which Tails had been born. Not only being born to a world which his mother had just left and his father already dead from the Great War. But to be also born the same day of its take over was truly horrific for the kit, not that he was old enough to remember. Unlike all the other members of the Freedom Fighters, Tails had never known a world of peace. He had only known this forest and the horrors that lay outside its boundaries.

"Despite that" Sally continued. "We will not mourn this day or look on it as a day of anger. Today we will see this day as a day of happiness as our ranks grow, if only by one" She finished as she turned to Tails as the gathering cheered.

"Tails… are you ready to face the dangers and pain you may endure, fighting for your and our freedom?" Sally asked

"I am" Tails said, trying desperately to keep a straight face.

"Are you truly ready to go out into the remains of this world and do all in your power to bring it back into its former glory?" Sally asked again

"I am" Tails repeated more sternly

Sally gave a quick caring smile before shouting, "Then it is my honour to welcome you to the first and last line of defence for this planet. You are now a fully fledged Freedom Fighter"


Distant Future


Tails stepped forward, lightly treading through the damp, dark street, humming slightly as he walked.

Are you ready to face the dangers and pain you may endure, fighting for your and our freedom?

Are you truly ready to go out into the remains of this world and do all in your power to bring it back into its former glory?

"Guess I'm about to find out" Tails said to himself.