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A/N: So begins this tale…

Fine, he was Harry Potter.

He was the boy who lived.

So what?

He didn't choose to be a hero, fate had chosen him. He wished he could live as a normal person, as his parent's son. He wished his parents lived.

Of course, wishes don't come true.

Sometimes, he wondered if anyone, anyone at all, had seen past the boy-who-lived, and saw, instead, Harry. Just Harry.

Yes, he had Hermione and Ron in that category. However, since they were too busy snogging in some weird, totally random corner, he couldn't count them… honestly though, you could meet those two sucking face practically anywhere. And it would be where you least expected it.

Everyone thought that, as the boy-who-lived, he didn't need anyone. Not even a girlfriend… simply Ron, Hermione and himself. Some even speculated that they were a threesome.

Pity that was as far from the truth as it could get.

There was… a longing within him. He didn't want to be alone. He wanted someone who could make him happy, who could restrain him when things got too messy. To hold him when he just couldn't take it anymore.

However, there was a slight… problem… with that desire. You see, most of the houses, including Gryffindor, were now at an…experimental stage… and, well, to put it bluntly, they didn't think he was up for it.

It must be that hero thing, he thought at first. So, he went about this hypothesis. However, after a while, he managed to learn the truth.

He was not hot enough.

He happened to be sitting behind Lavender, and managed to overhear a little conversation.


"So, Luna, I heard you're dating Neville."

Luna laughed nervously. "Actually, yes."

"Really? I hear he's good." Padma.

"Well? Is he?" Patil now.

"I haven't done it with him yet. Everything is just like a dream… How about you, Lavender? You were Ron's girlfriend for a while. The rumours are that he's really good, too."

"Yeah. It seems like most Gryffindor boys are hot and good."

"Don't tell me you've never noticed anyone better."

"Well, the Slytherin seeker, Draco Malfoy has a hot reputation… though I haven't tried it yet."

"You slut, Lav!" Patil said, but it was in a joking manner. "But back to the topic, who's the best you've had?"

"Ron. Like I said, Gryffindor boys are good."

"Shh… Harry's at the back."

"So? He's not even on my list, anyway. He can hardly be called hot. It doesn't matter if he overhears."

"But his dormmates, Lav, he could tell them! And you know, half the thrill is in them chasing us. If they knows, where's the fun in that? "

And they had stopped speaking loudly.

He had sighed about it countless times. Fine, so you have to save someone's butt lots of times. Fine, so you put yourself in danger simply by being alive. Fine, because of that you have a wrecked childhood and an improbable future. Fine. And people still don't think you're hot enough. Isn't there be something that says that if you save someone, they are forever indebted to you. AND he was saving the whole Wizarding world.

Yet he still wasn't hot enough.

Who the bloody hell invented what was hot and what was not?

Damn it, it wasn't fair. He kicked away some stones viciously out of the path.

"Harry, you're back!" Hermione's voice sliced through the silence.

Or maybe the silence was because he was thinking so deeply.

"Come here!" She sounded so excited that he had no choice but to oblige her, even though what he really wanted to do was to slump onto the bed and fall dead asleep. If he couldn't be happy, he thought, maybe other people could be…

"Do you see what we have here?"

"Is this a trick question?"


"Alright, then. I see a bottle."

"Duh. I meant, guess what we have here!"

"It's Spin The Bottle, mate. In case you've forgotten." Ron said.

"Ok. So, you want me to play this game with you?"

"Of course!" replied Hermione.

He sighed. Her didn't like the game much. To be asked to do something offending wasn't exactly good.


"Oh, all right."


And so the bottle spun.

It stopped at Hermione.


"Who is the person you love most?"

"Ron, of course."

Harry saw Ron smile.

"Pity we don't have Veritaserum here with us. It'd be so much more fun…" Harry murmured, as Hermione spun the bottle.

It stopped at Harry.

He supposed he shouldn't have been that surprised. There was on Harry and Ron to hit, and so, the chances were practically 50-50.

He looked at the faces of his eager friends for a moment. He really did have way too much to hide if he was going to choose Dare. Another downside to being him, he supposed. He would love to get away with easy truths, or even lies, but it was unlike him and went against his morals, so…

"Dare, then."

They glanced at each other, evidently not expecting this. His friend frowned.

Suddenly, Hermione's face brightened up.

"We, Ron and I, that is, never expected you to choose dare. We should have, though, since you are a Gryffindor. All right, Harry, I dare you to let me give you a makeover. My condition is this: You cannot remove it until the day is up, and you have to let me put it back on in the morning, before anyone sees you. For a week."

Harry groaned, almost wishing he could take back his words.

'Makeover' in spin the bottle vocabulary, usually meant 'complete and utter humiliation'. And Hermione fit perhaps too well with the last part when she wanted to. Still…

"Alright then."

The rest of the day passed in a blur.

What he didn't know was that this dare would change his life in a different way from which he had thought.

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