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Chapter one






Those were the feelings that plagued Naruto all of his life. For four years he lived a life of hell. Defenseless. He had no idea why but nearly everyone in Konoha hated his very existence. And he could do nothing about it.

But those days changed the day he journey to Suna with the Third Hokage and discovered a way to defend himself. It also led to an obsession…

(Current time)

Four-year old Naruto didn't know how he got here. All he remembers was running from a group of angry children who saw him talking to a lonely red head that could control sand. He ran for what seemed like hours. Running toward the outskirts of the village. He had tripped over a large rock, fell down into a ravine and into a tunnel way. It was there that he stumbled upon a door. It had a picture of a red scorpion and looked like it hadn't been opened in years. Injured and angry with those asshole kids, he pushes the door open with a scowl. He would get back at them later. He looks down a long dimly lit hallway and sees yet another door at the end of it. He makes his way over to it.

"Whoa." was all he could say when he lays eyes on what was in the room. There were body parts, tools weapons and scrolls all over the place. The body parts were made of strong wood. He looks around confused until he spots an old Journal. It was sitting on a small worn out desk and had a black cover with a drawing of a red scorpion on it. It obviously hadn't been used in years. He slowly makes his way over to it and flips through a few pages before realizing that the journal contained a single message. A mere paragraph of words. He reads the message with a raised eyebrow.

I am known as Sasori of the red sands. That is all you need to know about me. My age is timeless. My prowess is unprecedented. My power will be unrivaled. I am the master of the puppet techniques, Killer of a Kazekage, soon to be immortal. I have delved deep within techniques that all others have feared to tread. I have left this room as a taunt to you arrogant Suna shinobi. Heheh No doubt some one will stumble upon this room and use the puppets here to Strengthen their own, and I have left the means to do so. And for that Suna you had better be Thankful…"

Naruto smirks and drops the journal. Not at all impressed with this Sasori's little message.

"Too bad I'm not from Suna. Stupid Sasori-Teme."

He walks over to a simple looking scroll and picks it up.

"I'll become greater then even you. Stuck up bastard," he says with a frown as he looks at what the title said.

Basic puppeteer exercises

Naruto raises an eyebrow and continued to read. What he found intrigued him. Apparently Sasori used this room exclusively when he created his puppets and even as he trained as a rookie puppeteer. He spent countless hours reading through the scrolls of this room, and now it would be Naruto's turn.

His interest grew by the second. He learned that in order to control the puppet one required the skill to create chakra strings and complex finger movements. There were instructions at the bottom for beginners. He spent the next couple of days practicing the finger movements and the chakra exercises needed to create chakra strings. It went well despite his apparent lack of chakra control.

After he had more or less perfected the chakra string, he went on to the next step of learning how to become a puppeteer. He had to learn how to attach the chakra strings to an object and make it move. This was a lot more difficult then creating chakra strings. He quickly learned that he needed to increase his control over chakra if he wanted to accomplish this goal. He spent two weeks doing so when yet another scroll was revealed to have several different chakra exercises described in it.

Naruto didn't know what compelled him to continue reading the scrolls on puppets or why he even spent so much time learning the steps to learn the technique but he did. He just kept on reading through the scrolls. Learning from the instructions left behind by some unknown shinobi of Suna. Completely unaware of the power he was granting himself.

Three weeks went by and Naruto had succeeded in making an arm on the wall move and launch a barrage of senbon. He had even managed to use the arm to hunt. He was coming along quickly. His skill growing every day.

By the end of the fourth week he was able to walk up and down the walls using his chakra, he was able to quickly and efficiently create and attach Chakra strings to the puppet parts and bring them to life. He even had a pretty good grasp of what movements moved what on the puppet. He grins and opens his current scroll a bit further, proceeding to the next step.

Step twenty two creating your own puppet

Naruto grins. He didn't know it was even possible to create his own puppet. Then again it should have been obvious. He read through the instructions on how to use the various tools needed to assemble a puppet of his own. Various Screwdrivers, oils, mallets hammers and even a blowtorch lie about the room waiting to be used. Naruto grins again and looks around. There were various torsos, arms, legs, a few heads, a lot of different weapons including a large zanbatou and even some hair. He Takes it all in, deciding what to use. He finally settles on a torso that would belong on a young teen, the large Zanbatou and a large ball of yellow hair.

Two months went by.

Naruto was covered in oil, dirt and sand. This was by far the hardest thing he had ever indulged in. Creating a puppet was something that took skill. And time. He was up for most of the two months working on his custom puppet.

"Heh I hope Hokage-Jiji isn't too worried about me," he says to himself as he makes the final adjustments to his puppet. The rate at which Naruto learned the techniques in the scrolls could have been described as prodigious. His brain soaked up the info with ease and efficiency. It was as if something within him provided him with the right type of deducing skills needed to learn quickly. He didn't focus on that though. He was currently reading yet another scroll as he tightened the joints and various other parts on his puppet. This one was a human anatomy scroll. He didn't really understand why a scroll such as this one would be in a room like this but he figured if it was there then he perhaps should study that as well.

"Ah Finally!" says an excited Naruto as he finishes his puppet. It was a near perfect replica of him self only about a foot and a half taller. He had the same blue eyes and wild yellow hair. He even had six whisker marks on his cheeks. His jaw was segmented so it could open wide enough for various projectiles such as kunai shuriken and senbon needles. The left forearm was a wide cylinder that held Senbon and poison gas while the left arm split in half and a spinning demon wind shuriken attached to a rod extended out. On its back was the large Zanbatou and a long fox tail. The tail was segmented and covered in yellow hair it was twice as long at the puppet is tall. It held Shuriken Kunai and senbon. All dipped in a powerful poison he discovered near the back of the room. It was dressed in a tattered black cloak. That's all he had to work with at the moment but he planned on changing that. He flexes his fingers and attaches the chakra strings to the puppet to test out his kill and its maneuverability. It immediately comes to life with various clicking sounds. Naruto moves his fingers a bit and the Puppet slowly rises to its feet. He grins at his creation. He does a few test movements causing the puppet to take a couple of steps forward. He smiles. Not bad for his first time.

"I'll call you Fox Naruto," he says as he pockets the anatomy scroll. The puppet clicks a few times.

Naruto smiles and looks around the room. There was so much he still needed to learn. He knew that. He wanted to learn. He craved it. He walks over to the back of the room, his new puppet, Fox Naruto taking clumsy steps toward him as Naruto continued to move his fingers and control it. Naruto scans the room and spots a pair of scrolls. He grabs them and looks at the titles. One was labeled storing your puppets in seals while the other was labeled Forbidden. Intrigued, Naruto opens the seal scroll first. Here are the instructions on storing your puppets it read. Naruto looks down and there was a drawing of one seal. It was quite simple really. It merely required a few complex designs and the kanji for what you were storing in that seal. Naruto grins and pockets the scroll. That would come in handy in the future. He then looks at the other scroll in his hand and frowns. Something that said forbidden on it just didn't emanate a friendly aura. But it still. He Sid he was going to surpass Sasori and that's what he intended to do. He could learn whatever was listed in this scroll. This forbidden scroll held the instructions to crate a puppet made from a human corpse. In all of its gory detail. Naruto had never read anything so grotesque in his life. Hell some of the treatment of the villagers weren't as gross as this. He continued to read. Drinking in the info and subconsciously storing it within his mind. He learned that in order to create a human puppet he needed a lot of preservatives and a place to get rid of the organs. It was sick yet, interesting at the same time. The more he read the more he learned. For instance, he learned that a human puppet retains the abilities of the person used for the process. This included bloodline limits. He also learned that Human puppets are a bit more durable then regular puppets. He pockets the scroll with a smile. He just might use this technique on some of his enemies. Naruto grabs a few more instruction scrolls and heads back toward the center of the room. Fox Naruto following. He looks around with a smile at all the leftover puppet parts, vials of liquid poison and tools. He grabs the tools some of the jars of poisons and as much weapons as he could hold and puts them in his backpack along with all the scrolls and instructions. He looks around the room one last time and smiles. It was nearly completely cleaned out and Naruto's Backpack was stuffed beyond its limits.

"Sasori of the red sands. I thank you very much," he says as he exits the room.

"I promise to be the greatest puppet ninja ever."

And with that Naruto Uzumaki and Fox Naruto leave the old lab of Sasori of the red sands and heads back into Suna to meet with Sarutobi.

(Scene change)

Sarutobi the third Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato was panicking. It had been nearly three whole months since Naruto had vanished. He was supposed to be back in Konoha two weeks ago.

But he wasn't about to leave the blonde boy. He knew Naruto must have gotten caught up in something. Especially after the young boy by the name of Gaara informed him that Naruto was chased away by a group of mean kids because he had said hi to him and said his sand was cool. Sarutobi could still feel the happiness that was radiating from the redhead. The poor boy was living a life just like Naruto it seemed.

Suddenly a series of clicking behind him causes him to spin around. What he sees causes him to gasp.

"N-Naruto?" he asks.

"Ne I'm right here Hokage-Jiji! That's Fox Naruto."

Sarutobi turns to the left and sees none other the Uzumaki Naruto standing on a boulder in front of him. His clothing was torn and dirty and his eyes were half closed. He was grinning with his arm extended and his fingers twitching and jerking. Sarutobi turns back to Fox Naruto and examines it closely. He gasps a second later.

"Like it Hokage-Jiji? I created it myself! It was awesome! I found this old puppet room and learned from the scrolls there."

Naruto has his puppet leap over the Hokage and take its position next to Naruto.

Sarutobi was speechless. Naruto had learned a Suna technique to this level in a mere three and a half months? It was unheard of. On top of that, he had created his own puppet.

"N-Naruto I…"

"Cool Huh? Now I dare any stupid villagers to mess with me."

Naruto leaps down to face the Hokage with a tired smile.

Without another word the two then make there way to the exit of Sunagakure.

Neither of them notices a small read head spying on them from a tree with sad smile. The boy sighs sadly before vanishing in a swirl of sand.

(Time skip)

Naruto ran straight home as soon as he entered the village. A large scroll bouncing on his small back as he bound through the village. Courtesy of Sarutobi who told him that walking through the village with a bag full of puppet parts, weapons poisons and instruction scrolls would rouse the bloodlust of the already bloodthirsty villagers. He had sealed everything including Fox Naruto in that scroll for him. Naruto vowed to learn how to do that as well.

He ignored the hate filled glares and jeers thrown his way as he made his way toward his home. All of his anger and resentment gone for the moment. Replaced by excitement.

For just this moment.

He burst into his apartment room and drops the scroll to the ground. He bites his thumb and swipes the blood across the kanji for seal. A sizable burst of smoke and a large pile of everything he had taken from Sasori's room was in front of him. He grins and grabs Fox Naruto and places him in his chair. He then grabs all of the scrolls and puts them in a pile at the foot of his bed. Next are all the weapons. He had actually managed to stuff quite a few in his backpack before Sarutobi sealed them. Three Katanas, about six-hundred senbon needles, eighty Shuriken one-hundred kunai, two large demon wind shuriken, a pair of broad swords, a chain whip, a chain scythe, an extendable spear and ten wicked curved daggers made up the pile. Next were the puppet pieces. There wasn't much, seeing as Naruto didn't want to be using Sasori's parts but there were some essentials. Three heads, two torsos and a set of arms and legs and six bottles of purple poison. He would make his own parts in the future. Last were the tools. The hammer, screwdrivers, the drills, the blowtorch.

Everything he would need in order to build a puppet.

Almost everything. He needed more tools and supplies. An issue he would address later.

There was also that scroll on human puppets. Should he do such a thing? Turn someone into a puppet? For now he didn't have an answer.

"Hmm worry about that later. I got work and training to do!" he thought excitably.

Over the next six years, Naruto became an enigma. He completely enthralled himself in the studies of the puppeteer and hardly left his apartment. He worked tirelessly day and night getting stronger. Sasori's message was taped to his wall, taunting him. Forcing him to grow stronger. He completely isolated himself from the civilization that scorned him so terribly. He never once created another puppet but he did create several different installations for Fox Naruto. Controlling the puppet became second nature. So well developed that it looked like the puppet possessed a life of its own. Naruto hardly had to move any thing to get the puppet to follow his commands.

He spent countless hours reading through the scrolls. Learning constantly, and it seemed the more he learned, the more possibilities that revealed themselves. The art of the puppeteer was truly a treasure to discover. His skill skyrocketed. By the end of his second year he was able to control numerous items at once, one for every finger. This alone meant that Naruto could control Fox Naruto with a single finger. Over the years his apartment became a spitting image of Sasori's room. Home made puppet parts weapons and tools hung on nearly every inch of the wall. He took to growing herbs for his poisons and even had a little forge in his kitchen floor and since he lived on the top floor no one really noticed any smoke. He ventured out every once in a while and stole what ever he could get his hands on. Food, clothing and materials fell to his chakra strings. Sarutobi had taught him numerous funin jutsu. This included the one that stored items into scrolls, something that the blonde was greatly happy for.

Naruto also began to study weapons. He figured that having all these items around and not be able to use them would be pointless. He took to sparring with Fox Naruto in order to learn them to a decent degree. Currently his favorite weapon was the Chain Scythe

Naruto trained intensely every day. He forged some makeshift weights and drew some seals on them that could store chakra and use it to increase the weight holding him down and practiced daily routines every morning. This consisted of push-ups, punches, kicks and hanging from the ceiling upside down using chakra. It was a sloppy unorthodox routine but it was doing wonders for the boy. He learned much. Between living alone and furiously training to be the greatest puppeteer he had to learn these things. This included cooking, cleaning, sewing and even hairdressing. He was never out of things to do.

Another aspect of his training was the knowledge of the human body. Not a day goes by that he didn't read a bit of that book. It was always with him. This book provided him with a vast amount of understanding. It helped him with his puppetry skills very much. It also gave him the knowledge he needed in case he decided to create a human puppet.

For six years no one had heard a single word about Naruto. They knew he Holed himself up in his apartment but no one really cared. Just so long as the demon stayed out of their sight.

That is until the tenth celebration of Kyuubi's defeat.

That was when everything changed…

(Time skip)

Like any other night, Ten-year-old Naruto Uzumaki was nose deep in a scroll and tinkering with Fox Naruto's Tail. He had shortened it after about two years. Now he was drawing a few more weapons storing seals and making his routine check up of the joints latches and openings for the numerous contraptions hidden on the tail. He was lost in his own world of human anatomy and Puppet maintenance when it happened.



It came so suddenly Naruto didn't have time to react. A brick smashes through his window and bashes him in the head. At the same time his door is kicked in and about twenty villagers burst into the room wielding Sake bottles, knives, planks, and stones. Also three ninja came in through the broken window. Two chunin and an ANBU.

Naruto's head was killing him and blood was gushing from the split in his skull. He groans.

The group pauses when they see the assortment of items in the room.

The lead villager voices his opinion. "What kind of sick practices are you doing in here Demon?" He lifts up a puppet head and tosses it across the room.

A woman cringes. "It looks like he was practicing for when he really decides to sate his bloodlust!"

The villagers and the three ninja glare. "Well we won't et that happen now will we?" asks the ANBU in a female's voice. There was a loud cheer of "HELL NO!" before they all surge forward at the still dazed and confused Naruto. Fox Naruto being thrown to the side.

The villagers pounded upon Naruto's prone form without mercy. They kept shouting things like.

"Time to finish what the fourth started!" and "We've let you live long enough! You thought you were safe in this apartment?"

Four what seemed like hours they attacked the boy who for the most part still didn't know what was going on. He could feel the pain, hear the taunts and decipher how many there were but he still didn't know how or when this attack had started. It was relentless. And it brought back the memories of his earlier child hood. Blood poured from nearly every part of his body; Gashes and broken bones decorated the boy's entire body. He passes out just as the beating stops and he his hoisted up by his under arms.

(Naruto's mind)

Naruto sighs and gets to his feet. He looks around with a sad but angry smile. His eyes scan the area. "Where the hell did they dump me this time?" he says as he takes in the pale yellow glow of his surroundings. He also notices that the ground was covered in ankle deep murky water.

"A sewer. How original," he deadpans as he begins to looks for an exit. He rounds a corner and takes off down the hall. He comes to another corner and sees a red glow.

"Hmm must be sunrise," he says as he rounds the corner.

What he sees was not the glow of the sun rising. It instead was a gigantic gate with a paper seal on the front of it. The red glow was emanating from inside. Naruto raises an eyebrow.


A pair of huge red eyes suddenly snaps open. This causes Naruto to yelp and leap back.

A deep growl so menacing it nearly causes the sewer walls to nearly fall apart erupts from behind the bars as massive fanged grin reveals itself in the darkness. Then there was a voice. It was terrible, deep and menacing. The voice of a creature that reveled in destruction.

"So… You have finally come here you pathetic human boy. What is it that you want from me?"

Naruto stares wide-eyed at the beast. Unable to say anything. A set of massive claws suddenly slams into the bars.

"Answer me mortal!"

Naruto snaps out of it almost instantly. His eyes harden and he stares at the beast with anger and hate.

"Listen. I don't know who think you are and I don't care. I've been beaten and tossed into this godforsaken sewer by a bunch of blind Konoha bastards. I don't have time to be fucking around with you. Now tell me how to get the hell out of here!"

The beast is silent for a couple of minutes until it laughs. A deep rumbling laughter that echoed all throughout the yellow sewers.

"Ha ha ha! You must be my jailor. I admire you guts brat! Even if you are an insolent whelp."

Naruto raises an eyebrow.

"Jailor? What are you talking about beast?"

The Beast's grin grows as he speaks again. "It does not surprise me that you do not know. Ha ha Humans are such simple creatures. Perhaps that is why I enjoy feasting on their marrow so much. Tell me boy. What do you know of the Kyuubi No kitsune?"

(Scene change)

Sarutobi was walking through the village, enjoying the festival. He was in a great mood. This was a day he didn't have to worry about paperwork. All around him there was activity. Everyone was celebrating the defeat of the Kyuubi no kitsune ten years ago. This brought him to another thought.

Naruto Uzumaki hadn't shown up to visit him in a year. He hoped the boy was alright. It wouldn't be until the next day that he would become aware of the situation unfolding in the slums of Konoha.

(Scene change)

The villagers, the Shinobi and the residents of the apartment complex were gripped by a terror that they haven't known in ten years. Three minutes ago the Female ANBU was smirking with her katana poised to strike. That was three minutes ago. Before an unbelievably powerful red chakra exploded from the boy's body and his eyes turned red and demonic.

"Wh-what the h-hell? The demon! It's escaping!" screams the chunin a second before the power dies out and the boy glares with a look of contempt and hate.

"Okay every one we need to talk. NOW!" Naruto jams his clawed hand into the chest of the villager who was stupid enough to still be holding him and rips out his still beating heart.

"You bastards sealed the kyuubi no kitsune within my naval in order to save this place and you STILL treat me like trash?" The man dies and the rest of the group is now desperately searching for an escape route.

"I'm a hero here if this is true! If the kyuubi is indeed sealed within my body then I am the only one capable of keeping the beast at bay!" He takes a step towards the group and they step back. All except the ANBU. Naruto turns his gaze toward the door where a few people were trying to inch out.

"And you bastards ignore that rule and make my life a living hell." He raises his hand and attaches a chakra string to the door and pulls it shut. Trapping the people inside.


With him.

"Why is that? And it better be the right answer."

He turns his gaze toward the ANBU. Tears beginning to form in his eyes. He raises his other hand and s string of crimson chakra shots out and connects to Fox Naruto.

The ANBU gasps when the puppet comes to life and glides over to its controller. He jerks his finger and the puppet draws its zanbatou.

One of the villagers decides to answer his question. He sneers and steps forward. We treat you the way you deserve to be treated monster! We know what you really are. The fact that your eyes are like that is proof enough. That boy was dead the moment you took him over kyuubi."

Naruto's teary eyes harden and without a word and a slight movement of his finger, Fox Naruto lunges and cleaves the man in half with it's zanbatou. The ANBU gasps because the puppet moved at speeds that rivaled an elite jonin. She didn't have time to think though because with another movement the puppet's tail suddenly splits into four sections and wave after wave of senbon needles and kunai flew from it, killing the two chunin and half of the group.

Naruto shows no sign of remorse as he has his puppet lunge again, slashing and hacking the group of people apart with ease and brutality. They tried to run. They tried to scream. They failed. They were doomed.

And the entire time this was happening, Naruto stared down the ANBU woman. Tears streaming down his face.

"Wrong answer," he says as the last villager falls to Naruto's puppet.

The ANBU glares and tightens the grip on her katana as the puppet rejoins Naruto at his side. "Going to kill me next? Save the challenge for last?" she asks.

Naruto glares and his eyes return to normal. The red haze around him receding into his seal and the chakra string attached to Fox Naruto turning blue. He twitches his finger and the puppet suddenly spews a cloud of purple mist at the woman from its mouth. She didn't have time to react and the mist was inhaled.

"Ugh! W-what T-the?!"

Naruto speaks again as he approaches the staggering woman. His voice normal again.

"I will not kill you. This time."

He draws his own Katana and lops off the woman's arm without a second thought. She screams out but her senses were too messed up by now for her to do anything about it.

"Return to Hokage-Jiji and let him know that I am Naruto Uzumaki, puppet master of Konoha, jailor for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. My age is ten. My prowess will be unprecedented. My skill will be unrivaled."

He reaches down and yanks the mask from the woman's face revealing beautiful brown eyes and long purple hair.

"Tell Hokage Jiji that any one who crosses me from now on will meet a terrible end and become one of my tools."

The woman looks up with clouded vision, clutching the bloody stump of her arm.

"I will not put up with anyone's crap anymore. Not after what has just been revealed to me," says Naruto as he picks up the woman bridal style.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. And those who cross me will be turned into my tools."

He then leaps out of his window with the woman in his arms.

Two days later, Sarutobi could be seen sitting at his desk on the verge of tears as he and the now one armed woman watched through his crystal ball, as Naruto began the process of turning his would be attackers into human puppets.

"Hokage-Sama… Why? Why did he spare me?" asks the woman.

Sarutobi sighs and gives the woman a mild glare. "I do not know Yuugao. Especially since you should have been the first one he killed."

Yuugao looks down in shame. "I know…"

"You should have thought before you acted. You listened to those villagers far too much and now tan entire apartment complex worth of Konoha citizens has been lost."

Yuugao's head bows down even further.


Sarutobi sighs and puts a hand on the woman's shoulder. "I am not the one you should apologize to."

Yuugao looks up with teary eyes. "I'll find a way to let him know. I promise Hokage-Sama."

Sarutobi smiles. "Good. And who knows. He may even return your arm someday."

Yuugao smiles a bit as she returns to watching Naruto.

"Hokage-Sama just where did he learn the puppet technique?"

Sarutobi smiles and says, "I took him to Suna. He learned it there."

"I see… Still… Human puppets? Just who did he learn from?"

Sarutobi gazes into the ball and sighs. "He learned from the leftover findings of an infamous former shinobi of Suna."

"Do you mean…?"

"Yes. Naruto Uzumaki stumbled upon the old training grounds of Sasori of the red sands. I only hope that Naruto doe not emulate the man too much."

Yuugao could only nod.

Five months later, the apartment complex came back to life. But there was one key difference. The people that now guarded the now large home of Naruto Uzumaki were no longer alive. Their arms and legs were segmented and their skin was the color of stained wood. They wielded numerous weapons and wooden hands built into the building at numerous points controlled them with the help of a layer of chakra storing seals, sensor seals and security seals. They had become Naruto's guards. His tools. His security puppets.

"Heh. Anyone who gets too close to this place now, better be on guard. Those seals pick up on chakra and ill intent. The second they get within two feet of this place my puppets will attack."

Naruto smirks and flops down into his bed. Fox Naruto clicking a few times before becoming silent and dropping to the floor. For the first time in a long time, Naruto Uzumaki felt safe. He closes his eyes as visions of stronger human puppets began to dance around in his mind.

"I wonder if Sasori is still alive… If so then he better be prepared for the day we meet. I might make him my tool if he isn't careful."

Naruto falls asleep with this thought. An obsession beginning to form in his ten-year-old mind.

"Hmm. This brat is an interesting one." I never knew one could do such a thing as turn a living creature into a lifeless tool. And it appears he aspires to turn all of his greatest enemies into these tools. Heh heh heh. Lets see if you accomplish this goal boy…"

The Kyuubi then closes his eyes. Resuming its long slumber.


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