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Chapter Seventeen

The Chunin Exams begin

At last the day was finally here, the day that had been on everyone's minds for a while now, especially those of the genin of Konoha.

The Chunin exams were here and it was time to get started.

Naruto, Yugito and Sai stood at attention, from their positions in the tree overlooking the academy, watching the genin as they filed into the academy, keeping their eyes peeled for any trouble.

"Hmm what a strange village symbol," said Sai as he gestured to the three genin with the musical note for a symbol.

"Hidden music? Hidden choir? Hidden symphony?"

Yugito giggled at Sai's antics and said, "Hidden Sound. I heard a couple of people talking about it. They're here to make their debut."

Naruto eyed the three critically. So they were newbies from a newbie village eh? Interesting. The one with the wrapped face suddenly looked up at them but he said nothing, just grunted and continued in with his teammates. Naruto raised an eyebrow. That little act was impressive nonetheless. He looked to Sai and Yugito. They too seemed a bit impressed.

"He has excellent awareness," commented the Nibi Jinchuuriki. Sai nodded while Naruto just shrugged.

They watched as a few familiar faces entered the academy. Naruto took his time to observe them. Hinata and her team were obviously trackers. The Inuzuka and the Aburame definitely proved this. Hinata looked up at them and gave a smile and a wave, prompting her teammates to look up as well. Naruto merely gave a slight nod, Yugito grinned and Sai waved back, rather comically too. The Aburame raised an eyebrow upon seeing Naruto's armor while the Inuzuka shuttered a bit.

They entered the academy a second later.

"Heh, lively bunch," muttered Yugito. "Wonder why she never brought her team over?"

"That should be obvious," said Sai. "Naruto-san is a scary person."

Yugito pouted at the pale ink user. "Uzumaki-kun is amazing! Anyone who can't see that is an idiot!"

Naruto just sighed and continued his observations.

That is when a wave of raw demonic killing intent washed over him and made him stiffen instantly. Yugito too stiffened and her eyes grew wide. As one they turned and looked down.

It was the sand team. They strode towards the academy confidently and with a purpose. But the red head that was leading them…

Yugito voiced her thoughts before Naruto could. "A jinchuuriki," she said warily. "What the hell is someone like him doing in a Chunin exam?"

Naruto felt his own eyes widen a bit in shock. That's what was so off about him! A fellow demon container! His eyes zeroed in on the red head, taking in every detail. This one was worth keeping an eye on. Naruto already had little trust with others like him. Yugito was an assassin, he himself was a person who would kill without hesitation and without warning should someone proved too annoying or whatever. And the look in this guy's eyes said just as much. He was a killer, had been killing for as long as Naruto had, probably longer. There was a slightly insane gleam in those eyes but not so much that he'd snap at any given moment. Something bad had happened to him in the past, but not so terrible it off settled whatever positive had happened to him.

Naruto briefly had a flash of a small faceless child run through his mind but he couldn't quite pinpoint or connect the dots. The sand team entered the academy and he shrugged. He'd figure it out later.

Yugito too noticeable relaxed as did Sai. "We'll have to keep an eye on that one."

"Indeed," said Sai.

A second later Sasuke and his pink haired teammate arrived. Naruto raised an eyebrow in slight amusement. The pink haired girl was attached to his arm looking nervous and was Sasuke…comforting her? Heh, you learn something new about someone every day.

"Ooh they're so cute together! I wonder where the brat is though?"

"She might already be inside. We got here a bit late."

Yugito shrugged. "True."


Sasuke and Sakura arrived at the academy where they met Hanabi and Kakashi.

"Ah! So you did decide to show up eh Sakura-Chan?" asked the Jounin with a smile. The pink haired girl growled while springing away from Sasuke. "The hell is that supposed to mean jack ass!"

Kakashi merely held his hands up in mock surrender. Sasuke chuckled. "Maa maa no need to be so defensive, Sheesh. Anyway you're all here so the only thing left now is to wish you luck and guide you forward and what not." At the smirks of his three students, Kakashi smiled.

"Good luck brats. Now get in there."

Sasuke's smirk grew. "Of course."

He strode forward and opened the doors.

And was promptly met with the scene of a pair of boys harassing a girl with buns in her hair and a guy in green. Sasuke went to speak but Hanabi jabbed him in the ribs.

"Don't say anything," she muttered. "Those two harassing the people are here for a reason. And in case you hadn't noticed, my cousin is on that team. Let's go."

Sasuke nodded while looking over at Neji, the member of the team that was pretending to be weak dumbasses and gave a smirk and a small nod before heading to the third floor, passing right through the genjutsu.

They arrived at another room, the large training are usually used by academy students. Sasuke was feeling pretty good, so was Hanabi. Sakura too was feeling a bit confident.

"Hey you! With the dark eyes!"

Surprised, Sasuke, Hanabi and Sakura turned and saw the guy in green from earlier standing on the balcony above them. He was grinning. "You're Uchiha Sasuke are you not? I wish to challenge you!"

He leapt down, landing directly in front of the Uchiha and eyed him with blazing eyes full of challenge. "I am Konoha's handsome green beast! Rock Lee! Now come! Let us fan our youthful flames of-ACK!

He suddenly collapsed twitching and unable to move. Neji was standing behind him with a twitching eyebrow and an extended pointer finger. "What did I just say you simpleton?" he growled out. "We're trying to keep a low profile. Challenging the Uchiha is NOT keeping a low profile! Now come on!" He hoisted Lee upon his shoulder and gave an exasperated sigh while facing team seven.

"Forgive him. He's like a child you need a leash for."

"N-neji-san how un youthful of you!"

Sakura giggled while Sasuke smirked. Hanabi eyed her cousin for a few seconds before she gave a dismissive wave, opting to try out a saying she'd heard a day earlier. "No sweat," she said. "This is an exciting day right?" Her voice both cute and little girlish (because she IS a little girl) and a bit emotionless, ruined the effect she was going for.

Sakura laughed this time and patted Hanabi's head. "Who're you trying to emulate now Hanabi-Chan?"

"Shut up!"

She slapped Sakura's hand away and turned away with a huff, heading towards the door. "Let's just go."

Sasuke chuckled and gave a shrug to Neji, Lee and a newly arrived Tenten.

"I'll spar with you after this is all over and done with," he said, getting and excited whoop from Lee as he was carried away like a sack of potatoes. Hanabi gave a small laugh of her own and as one the team headed to the door and pushed it open.

Complete silence met them, along with the glares of everyone present. Sasuke and Hanabi instantly began a staring contest while Sakura began to look around nervously. Things seemed to be escalating quickly as Sasuke scoffed and killing intent began to radiate.


Whoosh! Bam!

Until a purple and yellow blur came out of nowhere and slammed into the Uchiha, materializing into an attractive blonde girl. She was grinning widely with her arms wrapped around him securely.

"You're here! I'm so glad!" she exclaimed as she nuzzled her cheek into his hair. Sakura was less than pleased. "Get the hell off of him Ino-Pig!"

Ino smirked. Sakura growled while Hanabi sighed and looked away muttering something about annoying fan girls.

"So you guys are here too huh? How troublesome."

A lazy looking pineapple headed boy and a chubby boy eating chips arrived. Sasuke, after wresting himself from Ino's persistent grasp eyed the boys. "Nara, Akimichi," he said in greeting to which Shikamaru gave a bored half wave while chouji smiled while still consuming his chips.

Then a trio of other presences made themselves known.

"Heh! Looks like we're all here! This is gonna rock!" he gave Sasuke a smug look. "Think you can handle it Sasuke?"

The Uchiha simply crossed his arms. "Can you?" he asked with a superior smirk. Hinata giggled. "Of course we can."

"Yeah!" Exclaimed Kiba. "This ain't the academy anymore Uchiha! Better not underestimate us!"

Sasuke's response was simply to smirk a little more…until Hanabi jabbed him in the back of the knee. "Oh knock it off already its getting old," she said.

"Hey!" yelled Ino. "Who are you to boss Sasuke-kun around huh brat?"

"Shut up, Bimbo it's none of your concern."

Ino growled, "Why you little-"


All nine pairs of eyes turned to face the maker of the noise and were met with the slightly frowning face of an older boy with round glasses and grey hair.

"You guys sure do make a lot of noise. This isn't a playground you should keep it down a bit."

He approached them, trying to look friendly. Kiba was annoyed., "Shut up. No one asked you for your opinion four-eyes."

The boy seemed to smirk before he gave a non-committal shrug, "Perhaps, but you might want to look around eh?"

The genin from Konoha did…and were met with the snarling visages of the rest of the competitors.

The older boy continued to speak.

"By acting the way you are, you're making yourselves sound like arrogant newbs, making you all prime targets for attack. Like those three." He gestured to a trio of especially vicious looking ninja from the hidden rain. "They are known for being quite ruthless and scary so I would be careful if I were you."

"Pfft," began Hanabi of all people, making several glares intensify and focus on her.

"The day a bunch of lowlife cads such as them intimidate someone like me is the day I quit being a ninja. These weaklings are nothing."

"I agree," said Sasuke. "Their killing intent is pathetic. Let them come."

"Shh! What are you stupid! Shut the hell up!" yelled Kiba.

"It's true though," said Hinata, making her teammate gasp and look at her.

"If they can survive a day with Naruto then they can have something to brag about, until then they can all stuff it and leave us alone."

Sakura shuttered. Freaking Naruto. How the hell did she forget about him? There was nothing…NOTHING in this room that topped that puppet using boy in scariness! NOTHING! This thought alone made her relax a bit.

"Naruto? As in Uzumaki Naruto?"

This came from the older boy and he distinctly became aware of several of the other Konoha teams suddenly turning away looking terrified. Let the rookies brag and talk shit! Aint no way they were risking getting in the same room as Naruto! Kami bless whoever decided he wasn't participating in the exams.

Sasuke shrugged, slightly aware that Ino was STILL clinging to him and spoke.

"There's only one Naruto in the village so yeah."

The body gave a sheepish laugh and adjusted his glasses. "Well…that certainly is surprising. To think several of his companions would be in these exams. Heh how interesting. It seems your confidence is well earned."

He pulled out a deck of cards and sifted through them, ignoring the questioning looks he was getting from the foreign nin and suppressing a huge ass grin. This was great! He loved shaking people up!

He pulled up a card that had Naruto's emotionless mug shot on it and began to read.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Hmm age, 13, date of birth, October tenth. His ninjutsu is off the charts, as is his fuijutsu, stealth and trap making. His taijustu is above average and his kenjutsu is borderline expert level. Hmm. Ah! I see! He's extremely powerful with the ability to use the puppet technique and is known throughout the village as One of the ones responsible for eliminating ROOT with the help of Uchiha Sasuke, Hyugas Hanabi, Hinata And Neji and a boy named Suichi as well as killing Mamochi Zabuza and defeating Yugito-Nii who is the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi. Heh."

He didn't mention the fact that Naruto was also the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. No need to cause un-needed panic…for now. That and was wasn't quite sure if the sandaime's law was still in effect, seeing as how everyone knew what Naruto was…but no sense taking that risk.

Holy shit, what?

That was the mental reaction of Kankuro. He couldn't keep his jaw from unhinging. A cold bead of sweat dripped down his cheek and he barely suppressed the urge to shake.

But he had to ask. Naruto's stone cold face still plagued his mind as the event from earlier played over and over in his mind again.

He spoke.

"How the hell does he know the puppet technique! That's supposed to be exclusive to suna!"

It was true. Suna was going to have a shit fit when they found out!

The four-eyed young man looked over at the puppeteer from Suna and smirked a bit wider.

"Yes, you're right," he began. "However, Naruto does indeed know it. How he came to that knowledge is unknown." He smirked wider.

"I suppose you're going to…inform your superior then?"

Before Kankuro could respond, killing intent rose up. "He can try," said Sasuke, his eyes slowly bleeding over into Sharingan. "Oh, he can try all day."

"Yes," began Neji from the back of the room, his own eyes suddenly coming to life.

"But he will die first."

Hanabi said that, all the while, flexing her claws. The red head's eyes narrowed and his own killing intent began to permeate the air, making several ninjas gasp and turn to him. Naruto's companions instantly zeroed in on him, bodies tensed and ready to act.


The tension was shattered in an instant by the arrival of the proctor and several other Chunin level shinobi. The man was a big, intimidating figure with a scarred face and penchant for black clothing.

"The names Ibiki," he began. "Now sit your asses down or leave!"


"Naruto, my boy," began Sarutobi with a fond smile. How goes it so far?"

"'Uneventful," said the blonde boy with a shrug, Yugito nodding in agreement with her teammate while Sai simply stared…in that annoyingly creepy fashion that almost guaranteed him no chance with a girl of any kind for the foreseeable future, or so Yugito said to him once.

"A new village entered though," said Naruto with a raised eyebrow. "Called themselves the hidden sound."

"Interesting bunch they were," said Sai. "they have extremely excellent awareness…or hearing. Well the leader did, far more perceptive then the average genin. He has potential."

"I see. Anything else?"

"No," said the blonde puppet master, Making the third Hokage smile. "Thank you there. You are dismissed."

"Sir." The three saluted and exited the room.

"You really should do something about that…boy." Koharu melted out of the shadows next to Sarutobi, scowling, her face staring at the spot Naruto and his team were at previously.

"And you are making a mistake by keeping that girl from Kumo here too."

Sarutobi looked sideways at his onetime teammate. "Something you want Koharu?" he asked, his voice cold. The old woman shook her head n apparent exasperation.

Over the years, Koharu, while still openly disliking Naruto and never opposed to outright having executed, had lessened up if only a bit. She no longer hated him because of the Kyuubi, she hated him for everything else. It is…appalling to her that Sarutobi allows the brat the freedom he has. Naruto is a dnger to everyone that needed to be dealt with, but as Hokage, she recognizes that Sarutobi is in charge.

"You will come to one day regret your action old friend," she thought. That little monster couldn't be trusted.

"Your…boy forgot to mention," she began sparing a second to sneer in the spot Naruto was once standing.

"That Suna has sent their Jinchuuriki."


Koharu nodded then melted back into the shadows, her voice a mere whisper. "Keep an eye on him. A Jinchuuriki has no place in a Chunin exam. Something is up."

The third Hokage knew this and he did vow to keep an eye open.

Something was indeed up.


Upon stepping outside of the Hokage Tower, Naruto was promptly ambushed by Konohamaru,

Well, almost ambushed. The whip like tail wrapped around Naruto waist reacted as if it were organic and slapped the boy upside the head, making him flip sideways and land on his head.

"OW! Jerk! What the heck was that for jeez!"

Massaging the sizable lump on his head Konohamaru glared at his sensei in indignation Naruto merely crossed his arms. "Did you clean up that mess?" he asked. It took a second for Konohamaru to get it but then images of his little fight with Hanabi came rushing back. He blushed in anger, or something else. Naruto couldn't tell nor did he care to tell.

"Uh hehe yeah yeah I got it cleaned up. Was way easy too! Chakra strings are amazing!"

"Humph." Without any more than that, Naruto began to stroll off. Yugito clinging possessively to his left arm while Sai…was either taking notes or drawing a picture. Whatever it was, it was making Naruto look annoyed and Yugito giggle like a little girl.

"Kami they are weird," muttered Konohamaru.

He meant Naruto's teammates of course.

Naruto sensei himself was friggin awesome. No one could deny that.

"Hey wait! He yelled, suddenly taking off after the blonde. "I need more training dammit!"

None of them noticed, either because they were too distracted with distracting each other or just merely didn't care too much, the dark skinned man with white almost afro style hair.



Turning toward the woman who spoke, the man gave her an astonished look. "Mabui…I-I think I saw Yugito-Dono."



"But wasn't she sent on a suicide mission never to return?"

"That's…what the old geezer said."

Mabui grabbed Darui's wrist and began to drag him to the Hokage tower. "Come on," she muttered. "We have an appointment to keep."

Darui couldn't stop thinking about her. About Yugito and the unjust way she was treated…how most people, in the village were treated.

"A…Bee. You're not going to believe this," he muttered. Hopefully the Hokage would listen to them long enough to accomplish what they came here for.

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