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Naruto breathed a sigh of relief when he closed the door behind them.

"That was easier than I thought it would be," Naruto said putting his various parcels down on the table before he collapsed on the couch.

"I told you it would be fine," Sasuke smiled joining him, "Although I didn't see Kiba and Kankuro coming."

"Guess they must have had a mission in Suna while we were gone," Naruto laughed.

"Poor Hinata," Sasuke smirked, "That's cut down her options a lot."

"What do you mean?" the blonde asked in confusion, Sasuke laughed and leaned in to capture his lips, they slowly opened their mouths and languidly enjoyed what the other had to offer. Sasuke slid his arms down Naruto's sides to rest on his hips.

When they pulled apart Naruto stood and held his hand out to Sasuke.

"Would you like to… stay over tonight?" he asked softly.

A gentle smile crossed the raven's face, "For as long as you want me."

He took Naruto's hand and the blonde led him into his bedroom, he sat on the edge of his bed and Sasuke joined him leaning in to kiss his way up Naruto's throat to meet lips again.

The blonde trailed his fingers gently up Sasuke's torso memorising the movements of the muscles under his hands as he dragged the shirt upwards, fingers ghosting lightly over pink nipples, they pulled apart and he ran his hands up the length of Sasuke's arms and they both tossed the shirt aside. The raven traced the same path up Naruto's body, only stopping to trace circles around the boy's brown nipples before he lifted his hands so he could entwine their fingers together. Tonight they would enjoy everything their bodies had to offer, taking their time to finally worship each other properly unlike their last rushed experimentation, this would be slow and carefree.

Sasuke rested his hands on Naruto's tanned stomach and ran his hands smoothly around his hipbones to settle on the small of his back. He hooked his fingers through the belt loops and pulled his blonde closer so they could taste each other once more, as if the taste would disappear if they didn't renew it often enough. His hands trailed once more around to the front and slid lower to undo the button and slowly lower the zip of Naruto's fly. The blonde stood up and moved in front of Sasuke who turned to slip his hands under the pants and slid them slowly to the floor so Naruto could step out of them. The Uchiha stood and turned Naruto around and pushed him so he was lying on the bed, resting one hand on Naruto's stomach he leaned down to renew the flavour of his boyfriend in his mouth.

He pulled away and let his hand move downwards so he could free the blonde from the straining fabric. He watched Naruto spring free from his underwear as he slid them slowly and sensually down his legs, rubbing his hands over the muscles before finally letting them fall to the floor. He stood back to admire the picture of perfection which lay before him. Naruto Uzimaki laid out on the bed, every inch of tanned flesh sculpted to perfection, his eyes traced over the blonde hair which trailed down into a nest of curly blonde hair which surrounded the base of Naruto's erection. He knelt down to lick at the salty liquid which dribbled from the tip, smiling at the taste that was purely Naruto. He watched the blonde's abs bunch up appetisingly as he leaned up on his elbows so he could see the raven, he gasped when Sasuke swirled his tongue around the tip.

Naruto sat up and pulled Sasuke up so he could start to undo the button on his pants, the raven stopped his hands.

"Wait a second," he leaned to kiss the blonde chastely before he walked out.

He returned a little later with a small tube from his bag.

"A little going away gift from Torya," he chuckled tossing it onto the bed.

Naruto smiled and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist to pull him closer so he could work on his pants once more. He undid the zip and palmed the Uchiha through his underwear before he ran his hands silkily over the muscles in the pale legs, trailing his fingertips gently over the back of Sasuke's knees, the boy trembled slightly under his touch. When the pants touched the floor Sasuke obediently stepped out and kicked them away. Naruto's hands immediately let Sasuke free before his hands slid around to the boy's back to rub his way down between Sasuke's arse cheeks as he took the tip of his length into his mouth, he let the underwear fall to the ground then took a deep breath before he quickly swallowed all of Sasuke until he could bury his nose into the tight little curls of raven hair at the base, he breathed deeply the scent of Sasuke even as he tasted the dribble of liquid in the back of his throat. He slowly pulled back back licking his lips, he knew how sensitive they both were and he didn't want the night to be over so soon.

Naruto laid back on the bed and handed Sasuke the little tube.

"You won the race remember?" he smiled gently.

"Of course I do," he chuckled taking the tube and unscrewed the lid before he squirted a little of the liquid on his fingers letting it warm up from his body heat. He leaned over and kissed a trail of kisses up the blonde hair until he reached Naruto's bellybutton. He dipped his tongue in and felt the little convulsion of the blonde under him. He continued his kisses until he found a dark nipple and traced around it with his tongue before he took it into his mouth, teasing the sensitive flesh with every weapon at his disposal. His fingers played with the other nipple, tracing around it with the lube and rolling it between his fingers. He continued his trail until he reached Naruto's mouth, recapturing the taste before he moved to nibble at the tanned ear, his hand ghosted its way downward over the trail he had made and slipped past the blonde hair and straining erection until it found the puckered entrance. He traced a finger round and around to try and relax the muscle slightly before he gently pushed at the muscle to allow his fingertip to enter the blonde. Naruto gasped and Sasuke captured his lips once more. He pushed in further and started to stretch the muscle slowly and carefully, sliding the finger in and out rubbing his finger gently over Naruto's inner walls trying to bring to life the nerve that Torya said was present in everyone. When Naruto bucked his hips slightly he continued to rub at the spot until the blonde gasped, while he was distracted he slid in a second finger gently stretching the hole more, he began scissoring his fingers and pushed at the prostate and sealed his mouth to Naruto's when it was time to add the third finger.

Naruto was aware of the slight pain amongst the haze of pleasure Sasuke was creating. His hips bucked every time the raven touched that secret button hidden within him. He whimpered slightly when the Uchiha finally withdrew his fingers. Naruto was vaguely aware of Sasuke squirting more of the liquid into his hand and covering himself with it. Then Sasuke lifted his legs over his shoulders and positioned himself at the blonde's entrance.

"Are you ready love?" he asked gently. The blonde nodded wordlessly, all words had long been abandoned.

Sasuke slowly began to slide his length into the warm body, every muscle yearning to just slam all the way in. When he was half way in he stopped to let the blonde adjust, Naruto took deep breaths and tried to relax before he nodded his permission to continue. Sasuke kept sliding in until he was seated fully inside of Naruto and could feel his inner walls tensing and relaxing around him. It was like heaven. Both boys were breathing heavily and Naruto's hand moved to touch Sasuke's to signal he was ready.

The Uchiha pulled out until he was almost free of Naruto and then slammed all the way back in in one fluid motion, both boys gasped their eyes wide, this was what they had craved so long. They looked in each other's eyes and saw the emotions overflowing between them. Sasuke pulled out and pushed in once more, this time aiming for the spot he knew would bring Naruto the most pleasure. He hit it smoothly causing Naruto's back to arch in pleasure, his mouth wide in surprised pleasure. The Uchiha tried to get into a rhythm, in his inexperience he wasn't able to hit Naruto's prostate dead on every time instead sometimes he would brush gently, teasingly against it the next time he would hit it dead on and cause the blonde to see stars.

Sasuke let his hand trail down to slide over Naruto's length down to the base where he gently fondled his balls before he moved back to slide up and down Naruto's erection trying to draw them both to the edge. He could feel himself drawing close and he guessed from Naruto's expression that the blonde was almost there also. He sped up his strokes as he got wilder and wilder as he neared his breaking point.

Naruto came first with a force strong enough to make him see stars behind his eyelids as his seed splashed over both of their stomachs with a cry of, "Sasuke!"

The blonde's inner walls clenched tightly around Sasuke and he managed only two more strokes before he followed the blonde over the edge screaming out his name in return. He felt his cum shoot deeply into the blonde and tilted his hips so he could the prostate with the stream of liquid, causing the blonde to tense even more tightly around him. Together they rode out the waves of pleasure as they wracked their bodies. When only spasms were left Sasuke carefully pulled himself out of the blonde so he could collapse beside him. Their arms wrapped around each other immediately and they kissed languidly once more before sleep took them.


One Year Later

"You have been requested for a very special mission Iruka. You won't be paid, but it will take a very long time, hopefully your entire life," the Hokage gave him a very serious look.


"You bastard! You…you…oooh!" Iruka seethed throwing things at the silver haired ninja.

"What's the matter Ruka honey?" he grinned, dodging missiles.


He rubbed the back of his neck ruefully, "I couldn't think of any other way of doing it."

"How about the old fashioned way," Iruka panted after wearing himself out, "Getting down on one knee and just asking!"

Kakashi walked over and knelt down grabbing one of the brunette teacher's hands in his own, "Iruka, I love you more than anyone or anything in this world, Will you please consent to be mine and mine alone for the rest of eternity?"

"I don't know if I should now," Iruka muttered, he looked down at the puppy look the older man gave him. He couldn't help the smile and chuckle that appeared unbidden, "Of course I will you silly man. I love you too."

He pulled his fiancé up into a hug.

"I still think my other way was better," Kakashi murmured into his neck.

"Well I prefer this way," Iruka said giving him a quick slap across the back of the head. Kakashi grinned and kissed his neck gently and sucked softly at the pulse point, Iruka tilted his head back and-

-baby, I can't hold it much longer. It's getting stronger and stronger, and when I get that feeling, I want Sexual-


"BUT IT WAS THE DOBE THIS TIME, I'M INNOCENT," he yelled back before muttering, "This time…"

He walked back into their bedroom with a smirk.

Kakashi just shook his head and opened the door, used to the conflict in his now busy household, he found a shocked looking mailman on the doorstep.

"Don't worry about them," Kakashi grinned, "What have you got for us?"

"Uh, I just have a parcel for a Miss Sakura Haruno," the nervous looking man answered holding it out.

Kakashi signed quickly so the man could make his escape.





"SAKURA! There's a parcel here from your parents!" Kakashi yelled trying to cut in over the noise.

Instantly the fight was over, she bounced over the jounin, "Thanks Kashi."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at her back before going back to his phone conversation.

Iruka came up behind Kakashi and wrapped his arms around his fiancé's waist, "Do you regret it?"

The older man leaned back into his embrace, "Soundproofing our bedroom? Not even slightly."

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