Hey, back with a drabble-shot. What is that, you ask? Oh, just pure drabble, nothing big. But… this would be like a collection of some sorts for my drabbles—thus I call 'em, drabble shots! Not really amazing but I need the comfort. XP

Little By Little: Scenes of Life

Standard disclaimer is applied, my good friends!

By: neon kun

Scene one: Bunnies

Summary: A date, an ex, and the word sarcasm. Mix them all together and you get SasuSaku fluff!

"Hey, Sak," a familiar voice said. "Miss me?" Sakura rolled her eyes and disregarded the owner of the voice. "Sak, it's rude to ignore."

"If being rude to you, Sasuke, dearest, is all it," Sakura said, brushing her hair in front of her vanity mirror. "Then I can take it, I really won't mind."

"That hurts, Sak." He replied, amused. Sasuke moved to her side, taking a seat on an empty chair beside hers.

"Well, tough luck, Sasuke kun," she replied, stressing on the word kun, Sasuke flinched slightly. "Truth hurts."

"Sak, since when have you been so demented?"

"Since the moment I found out I hate you."

"What if I say, 'I love you'?"

"Not changing anything, hun."

Sasuke grunted as Sakura laid her brush down on the table and took some make up out.

"Just where the hell are you going, anyway?" Sasuke asked, he was getting annoyed.

"I have a date, Sasuke, remember?" she replied. "And you're the one who's always updated with my life. It's a surprise you don't know."

The next question made Sakura fell off of her chair.

"And who's the little fucker?"

"SASUKE!" she glared at him. "Don't call my date a… a…"


"You are despicable!" she spat, crossing her arms, decided talking to her raven haired ex wasn't good for her at the moment. She is going on a date, after all. She would move on.

"I never told you to leave me, anyway."

But really, does he have to say something like that, when she is trying to move on?

"I trust my better judgment."

"And you say; breaking up with me is in favor of your better judgment?"


"That's a load of bull."

"Not really," Sakura replied as she packed away her make up and finished her final touches. "It's very sensible, if you ask me."

Growling, Sasuke turned Sakura's chair to face him.

"What is wrong with you?!" Sakura hissed, beating Sasuke to talk first. "First, you come barging into my room and say some nasty words about my date then disturb me! I have to get a move on; my date is in a while, if you haven't noticed!"

"Amazing," Sasuke said, gazing at her eyes. "You break up with me, mock me, and then tell me off…"

Sakura raised a brow, perplexed. "…and?" she asked, not getting to his point. "What?"

"—and still be able to arouse me, just like that."

"Hm, just like that, huh?"

"Yeah, just like that."

After a little bit of staring, abruptly, Sakura kissed him at the lips.

"Me, too." Sakura said, breaking the kiss. Sasuke smirked, "Well, don't you have a date?" he glanced at the wall clock, "Minutes ago?"

Sakura raised her brows, "Just shut up my little Sasu chan, you're better at kissing than talking."

"Heh, works for me."

And the two made out like bunnies on the heat.

Scene one: end.

Hi there people of the Earth! Everything that I will post here are drabbles so if ever there are loose ends or whatever—that is expected. After all, these are drabbles! But I'll try to avoid that, no worries.

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neon kun