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Little by Little: Scenes of Life

Scene Twelve

Summary: Cause really! Sakura isn't flat-chested, despite what you may think. And if she has to, she will prove it!




"How dare you!" Sakura seethed at Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke raised a delicate eyebrow while sipping from the straw his beloved tomato juice. His nonchalant but slightly confused expression wasn't enough for Sakura's anger to be appeased. In fact, she ignored it altogether. "You have the gall to spread something like that? Uchiha, you've gone so low!"

Sakura? Sasuke turned to her fully. Did she just call me Uchiha? She's obviously mad beyond pissed off. That much was certain. Didn't he ask earlier from whatever there is in the heavens to give him a peaceful lunch time? Figures that the one day Naruto's off school campus and he could have a moment's silence, something like this happens. "Sakura, what the hell?"

"I am so not flat-chested!"

His jaw dropped. His cheeks burned. "Wha—,"

"Don't play dumb with me!" When she closed the distance between them to a mere feet, Sasuke wanted to step back. It's instinctive, he told himself. Sakura could do more than enough to send anyone to their early graves. "They said you said I was flat-chested!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" he snapped. He was being accused of spreading petty rumors? About her bosom size, of all things! God. What did she take him for?

Meanwhile, Ino and Hinata hid behind a tree, feet away from them – enough to hear but far away enough not to be involved in the crossfire of Sakura's infamous wrath. "Ino, I really think you should get out there and clear this misunderstanding up. You only speculated that Sasuke may think that, you know."

Ino shook her head. "And be killed by Sakura? Hinata, I can't die so soon. It's not my fault she bolted right out the door before I could finish."

"But Sasuke-san, then…"

"He will be missed, Hinata."

They heard a screech and turned to the scene again.

"Sakura! Calm down! I didn't say that to anyone!"

"But so you do think it is! Huh?"

"What—," Sasuke was cut mid-sentence when he felt her hands grasping his wrists, making him let go of the tetra-pack tomato juice. Damn, that was still half full! "Sakura, what are you—,"

His mind shut down when he felt something soft.

"I am not flat-chested, you asshole," Sakura's eyes were determined and full of fury. "See!"

When he didn't respond, this only irked Sakura, thinking he still thought it to be flat. She couldn't see that Sasuke's mind was still buffering and that all of his blood was rushing to his face, filling every inch and cranny of space it could occupy. She pressed his hands further to her chest. "See?"

Sasuke nodded hastily, not thinking straight at all – not thinking at all. He saw her blinding smile. "Glad we sorted that one out."

He still wasn't sure how to react. But she didn't seem to care. "I'm not flat-chested, am I?"

"They're not so big," he found himself saying. Unsure why he even said it. He barely survived that bout. Was he really digging his grave? What the hell was going on anyway?

Ino turned to Hinata, dumbfounded. "He's definitely digging his grave."

"What did you say, Uchiha?" Sakura's smile turned to a scowl and the rage in her eyes was at an all time high. She paused when she felt something move on her chest. Sakura looked down and saw Sasuke's hands still there; heck, her hands were still on his wrists! But Sasuke squeezed very, very slightly and finally, she realized what the hell she just did. Her face matched the color of her hair and now she didn't know how to react.

"They're not flat, obviously. They're small. Not barely-there-small, but you wear loose uniform, like the way it really is, unlike most girls who get it altered to make it a bit tighter. That's why it seems flat."

Sakura wasn't sure this was what she came here for. Maybe a bit of a sorry and him taking back what he said. Certainly not an analysis on her chest size, however.

"They're also round; judging from what I'm touching right now, your bra seems to push back, not up, your bosoms. That contributes, you know. Come to think of it, you're in a martial arts club, aren't you? Are you binding them?"

Ino's mouth gaped silently. She was sure Hinata was doing the same. Sakura was in the karate team and she definitely binds her bosoms, saying it reduces pain and impact when she gets hit somewhere along that area.

Sakura nodded slowly, his face speculating, as though in deep thought. He was seriously contemplating the matter at hand.

"I thought so. Ah, and just so you know, I never said anything like that. Never thought of it before. I don't have a reason to."

"Hey, are you telling me I'm undesirable?"

"Don't be stupid. You know very much I want you. If you didn't stop me last night, I would have—,"

"God, Sasuke. We're at school!"

"You're the one who suddenly marches up to me and sticking my hands to your chest."

Ino decided she's had enough. This was weird enough as it is, and while she was interested in knowing, oddly enough, it was too much to hear from Sasuke. She'll badger Sakura for it later. For now, her head was about to explode. Besides, she had to take Hinata's passed-out form to the infirmary pronto.

Sasuke's hands shifted to her arms and pulled her to him. "So now that we're alone, care to continue where we left off last night?"

She smiled at him and kissed him at his nose. "Not here. Maybe tonight?"

"Tonight it is, then."

MoreNotes: I just thought it would be cute. Also, my friend binds her chest because of that. Or something along that reasoning. Drabbles! See. I don't plan them out. They're just on a whim and boom, boom, boom! Does it make sense? I hope so, but I can't always guarantee that.

Just to say, they're behind the school building. And let's all pretend for a minute that there weren't anyone there yet but the four of them.

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