"Draco Loves Harry"
By Little Spitfire
Disclaimer: The characters of the book series Harry Potter do not belong to me. I own nothing.

Draco Malfoy hates Harry Potter.

Really he does.

At least that's what he tells himself when the Gryffindor kisses him.

Course he never pulls away.

Only moves closer.

Lithe hands clutching at Harry's shirt.

On his back, Harry's fingers massage tense muscles.

Very quickly he looses attention to his surroundings.

Even sooner is his world narrowed down to just the two of them.

Silly slytherin doesn't realize that he's fallen.

Hard and fast, he has.

After some time, those three words fall from Harry's lips.

Realizing what was just said, Draco freezes.

Run should've been Draco's first instinct, but gazing into deep green eyes, he smiled.

Yes. He thinks. "I love you too."