Damnit where was it? Her Ipod seemed to have once again misplaced itself. Shoving it into her locker this earlier this morning she could've sworn she left it there. However the way things were going for her lately she could've have even left it in New York. Hell that would've have been impossible because she was sure she had it this morning. Sighing she closed her now messy locker vowing to look for Ipod tomorrow. And on that note Addison left the hospital.


Alex was on call. Again. The twins he and Addi- doctor Montgomery had delivered had been premature and now he was observing them. But as much as he loved the piece of mind the NICU gave him he couldn't help but feel a little bored out of his mind. Once again he found his eyes wondering taking in their familiar surroundings. The incubators, the ducks on the wall, the wheels on the trays perched around the room. Until that is something glinting caught his eye. Easing himself from the NICU's rocking chair he bent down to pick up the shiny object.

"Well who do you belong to?" he said to what he immediately saw was someone's lost ipod type thingy's. He sat back down and proceeded to inspect it. On the front it was covered in stick on gems, pink hearts, red and blue flowers but only one green shamrock.

"You definitely belong to a chick huh?" he turned it around expecting to see even more feminine stickers but was however surprised to see it dominated with a vans logo sticker. "A rock chick huh? Who is this girl and where can I meet her?" he chuckled at the realisation of who he was talking to. He began to wonder who his new found treasure belonged to. He knew that Shepard had an Ipod, hell even Sloane and Torres he wasn't sure about bailey though but what was it with all the attendings/residents and Ipods? Was it a special sort of club they had? He continued to laugh quietly at the thought of an initiation and the secret meetings they might have. However he stopped when his eyes drifted down the sticker to what he made out were the biro scratched initials of…

"Seriously?!?" he breathed out. Never in a million years did he think he'd have an opportunity to get close to her and yet here he was holding what he considered to be his ticket to… to what exactly? Well for right now all he had was her ipod not her and all he could do was look through her song list. Who knows what it said about her.


She had been sitting at Joe's bar nursing her ultra posh so very Addison-like martini for an hour when the person who she was waiting on came through the door. Callie saw her immediately and sat down next to her staring down the man who had been checking Addison out, who when he saw Callie backed away uncomfortably. Callie spoke first

"hey im so sorry im late some guy needed his arm reset then I go dragged off into some consult and im guessing that guy over there thinks im overprotective of my girlfriend which just happens to be you."

"Huh? Whatever the point is I understand the realities of our jobs so relax its okay" she paused for effect "just don't do it to me for eleven years straight and I'll survive"

Callie laughed. "So what was so important that you needed to drag me over here?" Addison asked.

"Well…" Callie started "I think I might well possibly be…pregnant"

Addison chocked on her martini her mouth opening and closing as if trying to formulate words for the first time. A minute had passed until Callie spoke to her "well say something" Addison shut her mouth then broke into a smile "those poor interns"

Callie raised her eyebrows "Addison are you high? Since when do you care about interns?"

Addison laughed through her next words "Well your already I'll kick your ass Torres God I can't even begin to imagine the hormones and the mood swings they'll experience when your their resident. I mean Miranda was bad but you. Well words can't even describe….. How immensely happy I am for you" Callie slapped her playfully. She continued "however on a more serious note I'm really really happy for you. Congratulations"

"Thanks." They hugged "you know this baby's gonna need a godmother" Callie looked at Addison suggestively.

"Are you saying what I think your saying?" Callie nodded "really?"

"You know I was actually talking to the guy behind you" Addison scoffed "and besides it kinda makes up for the fact you won't be delivering"

"What? Why not? Callie you and I know im the best there is why would you not use me?"

"Cause its weird" Addison looked at her strangely Callie continued "you know you down there" she motioned to her pants "peering at it for god knows how long. Don't even get me started on dilation and the techniques you OB GYN lot use" Addison opened her mouth to speak but Callie was quicker. "Yes you may have delivered Miranda's baby but remember that was a code black and she had no choice. All I'm saying is lets not make this friendship anymore uncomfortable than it has to be"

"Okay" agreed Addison

"Okay" confirmed Callie

"So… who is your gynie go to?"

"Are we ever gonna get of the topic of vaginas?"

"Callie I'm just wondering"

Callie cut her off "Its some guy named Ronson"

"Dr Ronson as in Justin Ronson?"

"Yea something like that. Wait you know him? How?"

"He was before I met Derek...anyways thats not point Is he still as hot as he was then?"

"If words could only describe Addison. If only" both women sighed "and if I want anyone looking at my vagina I want it too be him"

"And an amen to that" agreed Addison "besides he's only second hottest"


"Yea you know … after me!" giggled Addison

"Well I wouldn't kick you out of bed" Callie smirked

"You know you would make an excellent girlfriend"

"Yea every guy wants to be me right now" she turned to look at Addison's admirer who hastily looked away from her "and don't I know it"