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"Addison…" Alex groaned

"Addison…" Alex groaned. She had been twisting and turning all night long. "You're making me cold"

"I think it's the socks" she reached down underneath to drag them off. When she had done so she threw them in a corner "Much better" she sighed settling in once more against Alex arms. Just when she was nodding off, the phone rang

"Oh for Pete's sake!" Alex exclaimed before retreating away from the noise "Tell whoever it is that people are trying to get to sleep, very important people who have lives to save" his words soon becoming angry mutterings under his breath

Addison picked up the phone "Hello?" she answered groggily

"Hey Addison!" Callie's voice answered "Quick question"

"What?" she said rubbing at her eyes trying to make out the neon green numbers of her alarm clock

"Well it's more of a favour seeing as you aren't really doing anything at the moment"

"Callie you woke me up for a favour? What is George not around to get your midnight cravings?"

"No George is here, he's just freaking out"

"Ok…so what is it that was so urgent that you needed to wake me up so very early in the morning?"

"Well it seems that I'm having contractions and I was wondering if you would be up to the job of delivering but seeing as you need you're beauty sleep then you should probably go back to bed"

"Right ok" she said before promptly hanging the phone up on Callie. Once more she settled in next to Alex

"What was that all about?"

"Callie's gone into labour"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah" she mumbled her eyes getting heavy "Wait hold on" she said sitting upright "Callie's gone into labour" she turned to Alex "Wake up Callie's going to have the babies"

He turned away from her. Shaking her head to get rid of the sleep she dialled Callie back immediately

"Hello?" It was Callie's voice.

"You're scarily calm for someone due to give birth in a couple of hours"

"Eh" Callie replied

"Ok so I'm coming over now" Addison said cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder as she pulled up a pair of jeans "Just remember your breathing and don't have those babies without me"

"Addison I couldn't have these babies without you"

"I know I'm just so excited!"

"Yeah I got that"

"Ok umm I'll see you in a couple of minutes" she hung up the phone again and switched on the lights to see that she had put her jeans on inside out. Alex squinted at the sudden blare.

"Where are you going?"

"Callie's.I have to go and monitor her then deliver" she pulled up her zip then went over to her drawer pulling out a t-shirt then finding a sweater to cover herself with "Wanna come?"

Alex snorted "You're not serious right? Watch Callie give birth? Hell just even being in the same room as her is scary" he wrapped the covers around himself tighter "Good luck"

"Fine, don't wait up" she said before leaving the room grabbing her keys, she closed the door and made her way to Callie's


"Oh Doctor Montgomery thank god you're here!" George exclaimed hugging her at the door

"Um George" Addison said wiggling in his arms a little

"Oh right" he let go of her "Sorry its just that you learn these things you know but when it comes to how you're supposed to act well the feelings just go over my head you know?"

"Uh huh it's very overwhelming" she patted him awkwardly on the shoulder "Where's Callie?"

"I'm right here" she said appearing at the top of the stairs, George immediately rushing to her side taking her hand.

"Callie you should really be taking it easy, you're in labour…"

"Addison" Callie snapped "Please tell me something I don't know, like for example when the paramedics are arriving to cart me off and have these kids which you" she turned to George "You have…you…" she trailed off feeling a contraction hit her

"Ok Callie I need you to breathe for me please" she looked over to George who was wincing, his hand being crushed by his wife "And you might want to let of your husband's hand, remember he needs them for surgery"

Reluctantly Callie shed George's hand and made the rest of the way down the stairs, waddling her way to the sofa where she sat, eyes closed her mouth taking in a steady rhythm of oxygen.


She grunted

"What time did the contractions start?"

"Around 6:30"

"Are you feeling any discomfort? Anything unusual?"

"Well apart from the contractions, I'd say I was looking forward to the joys of childbirth" she remarked dryly

George peeked outside, the flashing lights illuminating his face as he alerted them to the ambulance waiting outside.

"Right" Callie said suddenly cheerful "Lets go have these babies"


Addison stood silently engrossed in Callie's chart, writing down a couple of notes on the colourful paper. She bit her pen lid as she focused on re-reading the scratchy writing when she felt two arms sneak around her waist causing her to jump two miles in the air.

"Did I frighten you there?" Alex's voice purred in her ear

She spun in his arms and pouted at him "Not funny" she kissed him quickly regardless "Besides what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be catching up on your beauty sleep?"

He shrugged "Well the truth is I found it hard to sleep without you" he blushed suddenly

Her smiled widened than she thought physically possible "Seriously?"

He nodded

"Aww come here" she said, her arms looping around his neck pulling him into a deeper kiss than the one previously. They pulled back after a few moments, Addison slightly breathless.

Alex looked at her "You ok?"

She smiled "I'm more than ok, except for one thing"


"You're kinda squashing up against my boobs"

He looked down seeing how close their bodies actually were and pulled back reluctantly

"Want a rub down later on?"

She bit the corner of her lip "Maybe…" she was cut off by her beeper and she rolled her eyes "But I have some babes to deliver" she cocked her head thoughtfully to the side "Meet you in the on call room by the vending machine?"

He groaned "Fine, don't be too long, I need some sleep" he kissed her quickly before walking away.


"Callie how are you doing?" Addison came through the door immediately going to the foot of her bed and picking up the chart with her details, she scanned through them quickly.

Callie's head lolled about as she took in gulps of the gas and air she had been given earlier. She waved her hand dismissively towards Addison.

"Eight centimetres" Addison muttered. She looked up at Callie "You're almost there just keep breathing"

"I can't wait anymore!!" Callie shouted, her anger echoing off the walls around them "It's not fair! I've seen more pregnant woman come in and out of this hospital, all of them after me!"

"Nobody said childbirth was fair, just difficult"

Callie snorted "Addison as much as I love your pearls of wisdom I really couldn't care lees when for the past five hours I have been stuck in this bed with my va jay jay poked and prodded at, and experiencing the most horrific pain known to man" she gritted her teeth "So the next time I want to hear about childbirth I would like it to come from someone more experienced in the performance not the delivery"

Addison looked up from her chart, she quirked a brow "Finished?"

Callie nodded meekly before sucking on her gas and air once more.


Groaning Alex turned about in the uncomfortable hospital bed pretty sure that there was a loose spring stabbing into his side.

"I thought you couldn't sleep without me"

He turned to see the door open then close briefly as Addison made her way over to him. Rolling on his back he spread his arms, allowing her to lay on him, half her body splayed across him.

"Mmm you smell nice" she sighed into the crook of his neck "Almost irresistible" her left hand began grazing up and down his chest

"Can I guess where this is going?"

"Maybe" she began nibbling his earlobe, her tongue darting in and out taking small licks.

His head clouded slightly "Are…are you sure we should be doing this? Callie's about to pop and…" he was cut off by her mouth on his, her tongue kissing him into submission. Climbing on top she straddled him, his hands immediately flying to her thighs. He groaned, only to have the sound swallowed by Addison. She jumped suddenly.

She looked at her waistband cursing under her breath as she saw the message.

"Let me guess" he supplied "Callie's fully dilated?"

She nodded and smiled at him apologetically "We can continue this later?"

He rolled his eyes "I'm holding you too that, Callie's more than interrupted our sex life"

"Ah" Addison smiled down at him "But if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have one now would we?"


"Callie I need you to push!"

She grunted her strained screams filling the air around her

"Ok that's good" Addison furrowed her brows in concentration "Once more for me please Callie"

Callie did as she was told "Addison…Addison" she gasped

"Yes Callie?"

"The…the second one would just slip right out right? I really don't have to go through this again; you can just yank it out right?"

The corners of Addison's mouth twitched in amusement, remembering where she was she left Callie's question hanging

"One big push Callie"

Complying, she gritted her teeth and pushed again until a shrill cry was heard throughout the room

"Congratulations Callie you have a beautiful baby girl" Addison said showing the small squirming body in her arms to Callie briefly before giving her to the nurse adjacent. She smiled briefly at Callie quickly "Second one should be easier"

After a mere ten minutes baby number two arrived into the world, a healthy baby boy to which Callie was relieved to have finally delivered. Addison yawned looking up at Callie who was cradling both babies in her arms.

"Can you tell George to come back in now?"

"So he's not banished for life like you said?"

"Why would I say something like that? But I'll be sure to tell him that you are denying him access to see his children therefore…"

"Alright fine I'm getting him already geezth!"

"Thank you"

"Anytime Callie anytime"


Alex shuffled slightly suddenly feeling the extra weight that accompanied him, his arm wrapped securely around the body that he had no recollection of being there previously. Using his hand, he felt around caressing the smooth curves that were practically fused to his own body.

"Are you quite finished?"

He smiled "Just give me a minute" he said his hand going up quickly to squeeze her boobs gently.

"Ok I think that's enough" she giggled batting his hands away

He finally opened his eyes "I didn't think it was"

"You're a man, of course you wouldn't think that way"

"But" he flipped them around quickly so that he was on top of her, his weight supported by his arms "I'm a very sexy man who wants, for a lack of a better term, to bump uglies"

She grimaced slightly "Yeah that wasn't really a pleasant image"

"So I guess the moment is officially ruined?"

"Well that depends"


"How fast you can get us home"


Keys, Alex found, were a very mild inconvenience when he was, in less that a couple minutes, planning to get his girlfriend on her back for what could be describe only as a marathon of nightly activities. Yanking open the bedroom door they stumbled inside, Addison falling lightly onto the bed watching as Alex got rid of his shirt before pouncing on her. She giggled feeling Alex's lips on her own, his hands tugging lightly at her clothing. Closing her eyes, she sighed melting into Alex's warm embrace.

Moving his hands downwards he popped the button on her jeans, trying as quickly as he could to slide the denim material over her thighs. Straddling over her he managed to pull off her jeans completely before fusing his lips to hers once more. Her hands twined around his neck, then slid down his arms before coming to finally rest at her sides. Alex continued kissing her, feeling her tongue manipulate his before finally slowing down then coming to a complete halt. Confused he pulled away and looked down at her only for him to discover that she was fast asleep. Unhappy with the unexpected change in their night of passion, Alex collapsed at Addison's side, his frustration uneasy as she edged closer to him, unaware of what her actions were doing to him.

Unable to get to sleep, he invited her closer, his urges racing a mile a minute.


Stretching upwards, Addison yawned her eyes blinking as they adjusted to the sun light.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

She smiled "Mmhmm"


"Yeah you rocked my world" she mumbled closing her eyes and preparing to go back to sleep

"Oh yeah? What part was the best?"

"All of it" she patted him on the chest "You're a mighty stallion"

A laugh rumbled from his chest "I'm glad you think that way seeing as we didn't do much last night apart from sleep"

"What?" she looked at him confused

He broke the news to her "Addison you fell asleep"

"That's ridiculous my pants are off"

"They were the only things that got off; trust me halfway though kissing me you stopped"

"That can't be right" she struggled to remember

"So what was the last thing you remember?"

"Well we were kissing then you took off my jeans and then we had sex"

"Imaginary sex?"

"No we did it yesterday! I remember you were on top of me and then your hands were tugging at my clothes and we were kissing and…" she trailed off

"Yeah" he nodded grimly

"Aww Alex I'm so sorry! This has never really happened to me before, I was just so tired then…"

"Its fine" he kissed her on her head

"No its not" she sat on top of him "I'll make it up to you I promise"

"Well…how about now?"

"Now?" she bit her lip "Ok give me a few seconds, I'm going to brush my teeth and then maybe" she bent closer to his ear "You can join me in the shower?"

He gulped.

She smiled and patted his chest "See you in a minute" she leapt off him but paused at the doorway. Taking the hem of her top she pulled upwards, then, smiling cheekily at Alex whose eyes had watched her every movement she threw it behind her and stood proudly upright, her chest bare.

He shuffled uncomfortably

Laughing she walked off towards the bathroom hearing Alex's distinctive groans as she closed the door behind her. Taking her toothbrush from its holder she ran it under the tap, spread her toothpaste on it and put it in her mouth, her hand moving up and down effectively brushing her teeth. She smiled hearing a knock

"Addison? Are you done yet?"

She spat and rinsed out her mouth. Placing her toothbrush back she strode over to the door and opened it.

His eyes met her chest before he met her eyes then went back down again.

She coughed "Alex you had it right the second time"

He stepped closer to her, his hands on her waist while he kicked the door close with his heel. He mumbled something incoherent before he kissed her deeply, leading her backwards until she felt the cool glass on her back. She gasped, the shock making her arch into him. He grabbed her closer, his hips bumping into hers impatiently.

"Alex" she managed to get out before taking another hurried breath "Alex the shower"

Reaching around her he managed to slide the glass away, and she stepped backwards pulling him with her. Turning around in the small cubicle he slid the door shut marking sure it was secure, especially as he might use it later on. He heard her shuffle behind him then watched as he saw her shorts fly over head landing in a heap outside of the shower. He gulped and turned around slowly.

"Your turn" she smiled wickedly, eyeing him up and down seductively.

Never had Alex stripped so fast for sex. But this wasn't just sex; it was sex with Addison, his very hot girlfriend who, even though they did it on a regular basis, was still very exciting seeing as they didn't get to use the shower as often as they should have in the arts of making love. Hardly having to move far he grabbed Addison, gently of course, and pulled her in for a kiss, his hand snaking behind her and grasping onto the tap. Twisting it, he felt the first few drops fall before it came down steadily; Addison shivering then relaxing underneath the warm spray as Alex's arms stayed locked around her.

Slowly things got more heated, more intense as Alex clearly showed Addison how much he missed her last night. Addison of course was happy to comply, her own arms looping around Alex's neck as she let him have his way with her; her brain too cloudy to fight back, too muddled to have her own way with him. Right now, Alex could take charge and she was all too content to let him.

He whispered something in her ear that she could hardly make out, her mouth gaping open as she moaned non comitial to the conversation that Alex knew he was having alone. Shifting against her Alex gathered his thoughts before he connected with Addison. Addison groaned loudly blushing as she heard herself echo off the bathroom tiles. She held onto Alex tighter bracing her body weight and support against him as she began to feel light headed.

Too light headed.

Addison felt herself go weaker her head slumping onto Alex's shoulders, her nails digging deeper into his back as she tried clinging to her blissful reality.

"A…A…Alex" Addison whispered out, her body too tired, too relaxed to respond stronger.

Suddenly she went limp, her dead weight braced against Alex as he stumbled backwards onto the glass door holding onto her. He looked down sharply at her

"Addison" he called "Addison" he shook her slightly watching in horror as her head rotated lazily around her neck.

She was unconscious.

Cursing, Alex acted fast. Leaning back against the door he was so thankful to have secured fully, he grappled with the tap then swivelled on his heel; Addison still slumped against him. Stepping out successfully, he swung Addison into his arms carrying her straight to the bedroom. When he was happy she was safe, he ran back to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels only to rejoin her in the bedroom and see that she was still out cold.

He rubbed the cotton over her skin getting her as dry as possible. Satisfied with his end results he wrapped them around her, his hands still rubbing at her trying to keep her warm.

Slowly she came to, her eyes fluttering open to stare into Alex's relieved brown ones. His head came to her chest, his arms looping around her waist as he hugged her. She groaned slightly.

"What happened?"

He reclined off her to look into her face, her confused expression matching his exactly "You don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

"Addison you passed out during sex!" he exclaimed shocked at her lack of memory "You don't remember what happened before that?"

She shook her head "Of course I remember before that I just don't know how I ended up here." Her brow furrowed "Last thing I remember was things getting intense…like really, really intense and I couldn't handle it, it was spreading through me and just continued" she looked up into his eyes watching her with a deep curiosity "What?"

"Addison are you ok?" he looked down at her full of concern, his hands cupping her face so that she couldn't look away

She rolled her eyes "Alex I'm fine" she pulled at his arms and they gave way "Things are just pilling up" she looked at him "Look I'm sure if I get my normal routine back, and some sleep, everything will be fine" she smiled up at him "Don't worry" she patted his arm "You should see this as some sort of accomplishment"

He scoffed "It's pretty sadistic if you ask me"

"Didn't feel that way when it happened" she winked at him playfully but caught his serious gaze, she sighed "Look I'll see a doctor if you're so concerned ok?"

He nodded "Fine, I just hope I don't have to say I told you so"

She kissed him quickly "No one has so far"

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