Author's Note: So this story has obviously been on the shelf for a long time, right? I know that all my readers are disappointed that I haven't updated this story in so long but it's been forever since having started it and had ideas for it. BUT there is a silver lining, I promise you that. I have two options for you to choose from and when you choose, place it in a review so I will know.

1. I can delete the story and forget about it completely which means it will be gone forever.


2. I can delete all these chapters and restart from scratch. This would mean NEW character names and sort of a new plot. Hopefully it'd get the same response it has because it'd be the general idea just updated to the present time and such.

Let me know. I don't care which one you choose but I do have ideas for the new, fresh start one. I just want to know if it'd be worth my time to re-start the story with a fresh idea. Meaning, how many reviews I would get and such.

Let me know please.