Jack was white as a ghost on the screen, she tried to say something but she was gagged.

She did not know what he would do… truth be told she didn't know what she wanted him to do. In a way she hoped he would not give in, he would still take them down, but in another she hoped she meant more to him than that. Not forgetting the child… she doubted he would be able to risk the baby, even if he was willing to risk her.

The communicator turned off, Harry Maybourne turned to her and grinned, he told his subordinates to free her and put her 'in the room' they took her to a trap door and made her climb down a ladder into a basement, there were no other doors or windows, just a cot and a toilet, they raised the ladder, the ceiling was 10 feet high.

Maybourne looked through the opening. "Make yourself comfortable Major, you have a long stay ahead of you." She glared at him "Oh don't worry, we aren't going to kill you no matter what we told the Colonel, you are too valuable. Now make yourself at home" the trap door shut with a thud… she was in the dark.

The days past, she only gauged the time because about every 8 hours she would receive a tray of food and some bottles of water. She reckoned she had been down there almost a week when suddenly she heard shouting above, she was not sure what was happening but she shouted whenever there was a pause in the noise, hoping that it was the cavalry here to arrest Maybourne and rescue her.

The noises died down, she was sure the meal time had been missed when she next heard something. The trap door opened and the ladder was lowered into the room, she waited, one of the goons from earlier appeared at the opening and started on the ladder, she backed away, she didn't like this, none of them had come close since they put her down here.

He reached the bottom of the ladder and straightened, "Time to have some fun" he told her, she could see by the bulge in his trousers what type of fun he was thinking of.

"Maybourne won't be pleased if he finds you here" she told him

"He's not here though… is he?" he advance towards her and she launched herself at him, he was ready though and punched her in the stomach, she felt something tear inside, he dragged her over to the bed and lay her down, she still was curled up from the hit. He stood and removed his trousers, and then tried to pull her straight, as he moves slightly a shot sounded and he fell down dead.

She looked up, hoping to see Jack but it was Maybourne holding the weapon.

"Are you alright Major?" he asked, she felt like not answering but a pain ripped through her stomach…

"The baby!" she gasped, he was down the ladder in seconds.

"Crap!" he said "O'Neills?" she nodded, he looked REALLY worried, as well he may, if she lost the baby there was nowhere in the galaxy he would be safe from Jack.

He pulled a phone from his pocket and dialled 911, another pain ripped through her and her vision turned white.

She was on the floor of the Asgard ship, Jack stood smiling for a full second above her and then he realised something was wrong! "THOR!" he shouted, dropping beside her "THOR!!"

She curled in pain once more "I'm sorry" she told him… "I love you" and she was suddenly in the medical bed once again, the pain died away and she felt her worries go along with it. She could hear what they were saying, and she sighed in relief when Thor told Jack she had not lost the baby, she floated in a state of bliss, as she felt warmth fill her, and movement in her that meant the baby was fine, she had yet to share it with Jack, the baby moving, she hoped everything would be OK with them, but she could not bring herself to care that much… she knew she was high with whatever they were using to stop the miscarriage, she hoped some would be available when it was time to deliver!

She was sent to the infirmary after a few hours of treatment, the General, Daniel and Teal'c joined Jack at her bedside. When she asked if she was under arrest the General laughed, it seemed as if Thors plan worked, they would not be punished for breaking the regs.

She found out the true deal later in the week. Jack was forced to resign from the AF, but he was appointed civilian head of the SGC while Hammond got another star and became over all head of offworld activity.

She was also asked to resign from the AF, which in a way she regretted, but Jack had proposed to her, and even though he was not military she was not allowed to continue working for him if she WAS.

As she got bigger she decided to give up the field permanently rather than go back after the birth, and concentrate on engineering the tech the others brought through the gate.

However when she finally gave birth, 2 weeks late, she decided to take a leave of absence… she could not face the thought of someone else bringing up her child, and it happened often enough that the SGC was sealed, she decided not to risk it… she was pregnant again before Alice was 4 months old, with twins… all in all she had few regrets, and the ones she had were wrapped in steel bands in boxes in the back of her mind!