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A is for Aggravate

Contrary to popular belief, most mornings at the Tower were not quiet. Take a moment to consider that if you put five teenagers under one roof, peace and quiet fly right out the window. But Raven happened to like silence and tranquility, and that was why it was so aggravating.

Cyborg was loud, and everyone knew it. You could see, or rather hear, it in the way he talked, walked, played, etc. Like anyone else he had a serious side, but rarely would you see it outside of battle. No one questioned that but her. And it aggravated her.

Beast Boy was never quiet. She didn't think that he'd ever tried before. In fact quite often he sounds more like an animal than human. Grunts, roars, barks, mews, purrs…you name it he did it. She thinks that perhaps the little rat considered himself the comic of their group-though why he would think they needed one was beyond her-and thus took it upon himself to keep the team happy. If that is what you want to call it…it was aggravating…

Starfire was just Starfire. The redhead was always bubbly, enthusiastic, happy, ecstatic, and so forth. Raven didn't do any of the above. Sure they got along, but it was at times incredibly difficult to be around someone who never stopped hollering and laughing. Granted, her tolerance of Starfire was higher than say, her tolerance of Beast Boy's jokes, but it still had the possibility of being aggravating.

Robin was…quiet. The Boy Wonder was dark, mysterious, and silent. Surely it would follow that she could stand him the most out of all her comrades. But she couldn't. Robin aggravated Raven the most. Why?

He didn't yell often, and when he did he had something vitally important to say. Then he'd say it, and that was that. She couldn't recall off hand if Robin had ever had to repeat himself. The team listened to him, and they all trusted his word. Now that she thought about it, he let the others fill in the gaps or come to their own conclusions. He rarely raised his voice, spending most of his time in a brooding silence. All this didn't aggravate her, because she appreciated his silent leadership.

He spoke in other ways though. The teen didn't have to open his mouth. Words and emotions were shown in his movements. His eyes, even hidden behind a mask, spelled out pain and love so completely. Every smile and furrow of his brow spoke volumes. The slightest twitch of a muscle told her his mood instantly.

Raven was skilled at empathy. She could read emotions and if she tried, she could pick up on some of the lighter thoughts. She knew Robin. He hid so much from them, from the world, and from himself. And for some reason that deep, mysterious pain called to her. It consumed her being until she was sure she'd die if she didn't find one more piece to the puzzle. Oh, how she loved puzzles. Robin was all she thought about, and that aggravated her.

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