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I looked up to see the school building towering dangerously over me. I gulped. Nervousness was bubbling in my stomach along with fear. Nervousness, because I'm nervous about being new. Fear...because of how I look. Its not like I'm ugly or anything but for some reason...I always tend to be mistaken for a boy. A really cute and handsome boy. And so thats why girls target me. But I'm actually 100 percent girl! It just gets so frustrating and annoying at so many levels. Let me explain how I look first to answer your question on why I am mistaken for a boy.

I'm around 5 ft 13. I'm kind of tall for a girl. I have midnight blue hair that falls a few inches pass my shoulders. I have plain white- lavenderish eyes with strange icy blue specks and for skin color, a blanket of snow. No matter what I do, I can't get a tan! I have a slightly boyish face and I'm also a tomboy raised by my older cousin Neji, who is another tomboy. Guess thats also why I'm always thought of a boy...

Not only that but my kindness, politeness, and friendliness also makes the girls fall for me. And for some reason I have these boy charms. Well..sometimes its my fault for wearing boy clothes and sometimes pretending to be one. I couldn't help it! Its fun! Even though I have long hair I'm still mistaken for a boy.

Even my cousin's, Neji, hair is longer and he's not mistaken as a boy. And to make it worse I have a very large fan club at my old school. My strict father got tired of it and decided to send me to a different school. Thank god! But...I also have a secret modeling career where I pretend to be a boy. So I wear speacil white contacts to cover my real eye color; or else people might find out.

"Hey Hinata!" I turned around to see Neji walking towards me with my backpack in his hand. "You forgot it." ,he sighed as he threw it to me. I shyly stuck out my tongue as I slung it over my shoulder,teasing him. He rolled his eyes at how childish I was, forgeting that I'm only 15. He eyed me then shook his head.

"Are you sure you should be going to school dressed like that?" ,he asked. I looked down at my clothes.

I wore a slim white shirt with a large smiley face, (:. It smoothed over my body,not giving out my curves at all. I also wore black leather skinny jeans with a silver studded belt. Not only that but I was also wearing nii-san's old favorite black chucks. And I wore nii-san's thin vest, unbuttoned around my white shirt. You could see my plain silver necklace with a dark jasper ring hanging on it. My hair was in a low ponytail and my bangs,which had grown out nicely, to frame my face. I didn't brush my hair so it looked like I just woke up. It gave me a cute I just woke up look along with sophistication. I blinked.

"Whats wrong with it? ",I asked as I turned and walked to the school. "You're wearing my clothes again! Not to mention you exactly like a boy!" ,he huffed,being over protective as usual.

"Don't worry,the girls won't go after me! Especially when they find out I'm a girl! Theres other guys in the school. You're just jealous that I look better then you." ,I smiled my usual cute and boyish smile. I could only act this free around him and my close friends. Im just really shy around other rolled his eyes and ran to catch up with me.

"As if." ,he muttered. I faked a pout then opened the door to the school. "It can't be that bad. You sound like grandma now. ,I laughed at the look on his face. He sighed and walked into the school with me behind. "Besides you're not going to this school."

All the commotion in the school seemed to stop as they turned to look at the newbies. The girls gapped then dropped everything they were holding when their eyes landed on me. I slightly blushed from all the attention. "Um..we're suppose to wear uniforms?" , I asked as I noticed everyone else was.

"Yeah. We should go to the principals office to get ours err yours.",he paused to shoot a glare at me. "And please try to get a girl's uniform this time." ,he sighed as he walked towards the office. I pouted, "But they're pink! I like blue better!"

The girls around me swayed and almost lost their balance. One actually did but only because she tripped on a book. I instinctively leaned foreword to catch her. She fell into my arms while she stared up at me,shocked and red faced. I immediately regretted it. I wish I wasn't so nice. She had long beautiful blond hair tied in a pony tail and striking ocean blue eyes. I wish I looked pretty like her.

"Are you okay? ",I asked softly as I watch her nod slowly as if she was in a daze. She blushed then clumsily stood up, "U-Um thank-you." I smiled, "Its alright." She blushed even redder. Shoot! Oh well...might as well play along.

Ino's POV

I looked up to see who entered the school. There was this dark brown haired guy who looked around 20 or 19. He looked alright. Then a kid stepped in after,a cute smile on his creamy face.


Hes almost cuter and more good looking then Sasuke-kun! He had around shoulder length midnight blue hair tied in a low ponytail. And the softest looking skin ever!

His large eyes was an enchanting white lavender! "But they're pink! I like blue better! ", he slightly pouted. His voice was so soft and beautiful! Not to mention his looks! He looked so beautiful he could be compared to a girl! I could feel my cheeks burn by just looking at him! I whirled around to stop looking at him,but I tripped over a book and fell.


I closed my eyes and prepared for the hard marble floor.

Instead I felt something nice and warm wrap around me in a soft embrace. It smelled really good! Like mint and cinnamon...with strawberries! I opened my eyes and found myself staring into worried white-lavender orbs.

I couldn't breathe.

He looked so much better up close. Some of his bangs fell onto my face,giving me a sweet tingling sensation.

"Are you okay?" ,he asked huskily,his breath tickling my face. I dumbly nodded then stood up, missing the warmth from his body and his sweet smell.

"U-um thank-you."

Why the hell did I stutter?!

"Good,"He smiled, relived and added, "Its alright." I felt myself blush even redder then finally noticed the whole school looking at us. I quickly looked back at him to avoid their inquiring gaze. He looked so kind and caring. Not to mention hot yet cute! If only Sasuke was more like him.

"Are you sure you're alright?",he asked as he stepped closer to look at me, making me fluster and step back from embarresment. What if I'm not pretty to him?


" You were spacing out a bit." ,he explained.

" Oh,I'm sorry!" ,I blurted, feeling terribly embarresed and flustered in front of the flawless boy.

He gave a short laugh. God,he sounded so heavenly!

" Adorable.' I blinked. What did he just say? Did he just call me adorable?!

" Huh?" ,I asked,not sure if I heard right.

"You're so cute." ,he smiled that cute smile of his. "Besides why are you apologizing? Its not like I get to talk to a cute girl like you all the time." I think I'm going to faint. The cutest guy ever said I was cute!

I wobbled but he caught me before I fell again. My face only grew brighter when I felt his hands grab my sides firmly in the most gentlest touch. I had trouble breathing correctly when I caught him studying my face, close enough to-

"Are you sure you're okay miss?" ,he asked worriedly as he helped me stand up. Hes so polite! I could feel the girls' jealous glares burning through me. I nodded weakly with a wide smile. He let go then gracefully bent down to pick up the book I dropped.

"Be careful next time. I might not be there next time to catch you when I fall. ",he smiled charmingly as he handed the book to me. I took it and our fingers slightly brushed. His skin is SO fricking soft! I think I'm going to die of a heart attack!

"Hurry up!" ,the other guy yelled,looking ticked off.

"Alright I'm coming!" ,he yelled back,looking equally annoyed. He looked so cute like that. Just when he was about to leave I called out to him. I have to know who he is!

"Wait! W-Whats your name!" He turned around and blinked but smiled again.

"Hyuuga Hinata. ",he waved good-bye before running to catch up with the brown haired guy.

"Hinata...kun." Just saying that gave me butterflies! I blushed then held the book close. Sakara can definitely keep Sasuke.

"Ne...Ino." I turned around to see Sakura with tears in her eyes.

" Do you want to trade? ",she asked sheepishly. No way in hell!

" No!Hes mine!" ,I shouted. She growled, "But I saw him first!" And so we started fighting as usual but... over someone else. I never thought I'd see the day when I'll get over Sasuke-kun.

Normal POV

Neji sweat dropped as he watched Hinata run back to him.

"You...ugh. Hinata what will I do with you?" ,he sighed.

She laughed playfully," Neji! You sound like my dad now! How old are you really?" Neji scowled but couldn't help smiling inside. A bunch of girls waved at Hinata,hiding behind their hands shyly. Hinata,being polite, waved back. They turned red then started squealing.

"Keep this up,you'll have another fan club." , Neji warned. Hinata shuddered at the thought. Neji knew though she already had one since she stepped foot in the school. Hinata's a womanizer. Even when she doesn't try anything on purpose.

They stopped in front of the office and knocked.

"Come in. ,it was a woman's voice." They opened the door to see a blond woman in the 20s with her dark haired secretary.

" Have a seat." , the secretary smiled kindly as the two sat down.

"We came here to get her uniform." , Neji said with his usual blank face.

"You must be the new Hyuuga student! I'm Shizune and this is Tsunade-sama." ,the secretary introduced with a friendly smile. Hinata smiled.

" I'm Hinata. This is Neji. Hes only making sure I'm comfortable here then he'll leave to his work."

For some odd reason the two blushed.

"So is it one boy or one girl uniform?" , Tsunade heistantly asked as she pointed to the boxes on the floor,full of uniforms. Hinata took a look at the girls uniform carefully.

It had a cute short,not too short, white skirt. And a cute pearl pink turtle neck shirt with white buttons,really uniform like. The boys were similar but had pants instead of skirts and their color was a white with a little bit of light blue.

"One gi-" , Hinata cut Neji off. "One boy uniform please." , Hinata politely asked. Neji shot her a glare, "You're a girl! You're suppose to wear a girl uniform!" Hinata pouted then clasped her hands together,her big eyes watery. "Please nii-san?" ,she begged.

Neji's eyes twitched, too cute! 'If this keeps up,I'll get a nose bleed like last time. Damn it! Why does she has to be so cute!?' He sighed, giving up.

"Fine." Hinata smiled brightly then hugged him,making him turn red.

"Thank-you nii-san!"

"But it has to be okay with the teachers too." , Neji said. The two turned turned to the teachers,noticing that they were busy trying to stop their nose bleed.

"A-Are you o-okay Tsunade-chan?...You d-don't mind if I call you that right?" , Hinata asked,unsure. Tsunade blushed then nodded.

" A-And its okay for you to wear a boy uniform." , Tsunade weakly smiled. Truthfully the the teachers really wanted to see her in a boy uniform.

"Yes!" ,Hinata grabbed a boy uniform and looked closer at it. "T-Thank-you Tsunade-chan. S-Shizune-chan." , Hinata bowed politely before leaving with Neji to the bathroom. Tsunade and Shizune blushed.

"She really looks like a boy." , Shizune said,still trying to stop the nose bleed. Tsunade nodded.


Hinata stepped out of the bathroom,now changed into her uniform. She had the top of her turtle neck unbuttoned, revealing her necklace and neck. She tied her hair into a high ponytail this time and she had made her bangs look more presentable. Neji stood outside, waiting for her with his eyes closed.

"Nii-san?" He opened his eyes to find Hinata staring at him really closely. He slightly blushed.

"Are you done?" Hinata nodded,her ponytail and bangs gracefully swaying with her movements. She always was graceful but she covered it up with her boyish look most of the times.

"Alright,I'll be going to work now. ",Neji said and started walking but stop when he felt arms wrap around him.

"B-Bye nii-san." , Hinata smiled softly as she looked up at him. Neji smiled then patted her on the head.

"Bye Hinata-sama." She stood there and watched him leave with her backpack held tightly against her body. She sighed as her thoughts drifted to what her classes would be like and how she was going to make friends in a new place. It made Hinata wring her hands together nervously as she looked around the unfamiliar hallways.

" am I going to find my way through here?" Hinata sighed as she leaned against a locker in the empty hallway.

"Oh! Hinata!" Hinata turned around to see Shizune running towards her with a pink haired student and the familiar blond one.

"These two have the same classes with you. They'll be showing you around." , Shizune informed shortly and when the older woman noticed the younger girl was wearing the uniform, she faintly blushed. Hinata blinked, looking at the two carefully before nodding and smiling her thanks.

"O-Oh...Well thanks Shizune-chan." Shizune blushed redder as she tried to keep a striaght face.

"H-Hai, no problem Hyuuga-sama." She pleasantly smiled as she bowed down before walking away to the office again.

The pink haired one smiled brightly. "I'm Sakura! Nice to meet you!"

The blond one grinned, "I'm Ino,the girl from earlier."

"Hyuuga, Hinata. Nice to meet you guys." The two girls blushed.

"We should be going to math class now. Come on." , Ino shyly smiled as she gently pulled Hinata to a class room. While Sakura pulled Hinata's other arm. 'Why am I so shy with this boy? When I'm with Sasuke...its different. But I like being with Hinata-kun feels...nice.', Ino and Sakara thought in a Union.

They entered the class just as the bell rang.

"Wheres the teacher?" ,Hinata asked when she noticed someone was missing.

"Hes always late." , Sakura shrugged then patted a desk next to hers. "Sit here." ,she smiled as her teeth gleamed under the light. Hinata sat down while Ino sat on her right.

There was a bunch of commotion as the students started to take their seats. The classroom was huge with many students talking and laughing as some threw footballs or basketballs. It felt like going to college.

"So this is math?" Hinata raised an eyebrow as she grinned shyly. Sakura and Ino blushed as nodded breathlessly.

The girls in the room paused and turned to look at the unfamiliar voice.

"ITS HIM! THE ONE THIS MORNING!" ,a girl screamed. Immediately a herd of girls ran towards Hinata. Not on the first day here!, Hinata paled visibly.




Hinata's eyes twitched at the last comment. She looked around to see the girls had surrounded her. She stood on her chair then jumped over them,landing a few feet behind them. Everyone gaped. Wow, Sasuke did you see the new kid? , Naruto gaped when he watch the boy land gracefully behind the mob of girls. Sasuke turned around and raised a brow, So thats why theres no girls attacking me. don't you feel sorry for the new kid? You're such a cold hearted bastard. , Naruto glared at Sasuke who in turn glared at him.




Hinata paled, what to do? They slowly advanced on her with their eyes locked onto her.

She was the prey and they were the predator.

"Listen if you guys want me to like you then can we start off by not acting like crazy fan girls and just being friends instead?" , Hinata blurted. They paused with hope in their eyes.

"Really? ,a girl asked. Hinata nodded.

"So we just act normal around you?" ,another one asked. "And you'll talk to us? ",another asked hopefully. Hinata raised an eye brow.

"Whats wrong with not talking to you? Why? Your crush doesn't?" All the girls turned to look at Sasuke accusingly but he just simply ignored them.

They nodded with thier head hung.

" Alright then. Deal?" , Hinata asked.

" Deal! ",all the girls yelled happily.

"You're so nice Hinata-kun." , Ino laughed. Sakara nodded," Never thought to meet someone like you." Hinata shyly blushed then everyone in the room was quiet including the boys.

"SO CUUUUUTTTEEE! ",the girls grabbed their nose to stop the nose bleed while the boys did the same.

" Wow, Sasuke...if he wasn't wearing a boy uniform the I would've though he was a girl!" , Naruto blushed as he grinned. Sasuke just shrugged but he couldn't help but keep on staring at the intriguing 'boy' in front of him.


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