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This chapter centers around Inox HINATA x Sakura.


The Trap Unravels

"Ah, opps!" I dashed across the street and jumped over a stack of recycled trash. "Why did I have to take this job?" I couldn't help but whine as I quickly fumbled with the wig on my head. After it was on securely, I proceeded to remove the little makeup off my face.

Why am I running home again? That's right, it's because of Uchiha. That's why! I couldn't take the limo home because he wouldn't leave the parking lot! He was chatting away with whoever was there so I couldn't sneak out!

Thank goodness for my training.

I leaped from building to building, my face slowly burning red again as I remembered today's events.

Kami, it was so…so…I can't explain it. The modeling session was special all right and I hope I will never have to do it again. I mean…


I squeaked at the thought and almost tripped on the snow.

"It was so weird," I whispered as I slid down a railing in the back of a building. "He…" and Sasuke Uchiha. There's no chance of that happening. I could feel the anticipation and waiting grow heavier in the air so I just decided to close my eyes and leave enough room for just a breath between us. I could feel my heart pound anxiously as I waited. I wanted so badly to see his face. His reaction. But then the sound of the cameras reminded me what I was supposed to be doing. So...I did what I was supposed to do. I leaned in just a little closer and then I suprisingly caught a light scent of cinnamon and dark, musky rose. It was wonderful and so light. I couldn't help but smile and happily take another breath in. It made me want to move closer and I ended up putting my arms around his waist.

I totally forgot everything.

It was like my mind went blank.

I licked my cold lips and the taste returned to my mouth. I still had him on my lips, the surprisingly sweet taste of vanilla and…a hint of spice. It reminded me of a little kid which seemed to be the complete opposite of him. But…who would've thought he'd also taste a little spicy also? A furious blush ignited across my face. I wiped away the thought as I spotted the mansion. I quickly climbed up the vines and crawled through my window, being as quiet as I can.

"Hinata!" My body jolted and froze halfway through the window, my heart thudding like sirens in my head.

"Shut up Ino. She's not here!" My heart eased at once, I let out a breath and finally got my whole body in the room. For a moment I thought they saw me. I closed the bedroom door and listened as a commotion started downstairs.

"It's so boring without her here." Ino sighed, staring emptily at the maroon colored ceiling. How am I supposed to put the plan into action without the prince here? Sakura sighed, her green eyes narrowed at the blonde laying sprawled out on the smooth mahogany couch.

"You're still a guest." She hissed, "I don't want her family to think that I'm an impolite and uneducated because of that lewd mouth of yours." Ino's head snapped to the pink haired girl's direction.

"Me? I wasn't the one that fell asleep mumbling kuo-kun's name over, over, over, and over again! You could've woke up the whole house if I didn't stuff that rhino mouth of yours with a pillow!" Sakura's face matched her hair as she huffed and turned away from her rival.

"Shut it pig!"

"You billboard!"

"Will you both be quiet?" They jumped and looked up to see Haku and Neji standing there, both looking very peeved.

"We're going out to buy some food. Will you two please look after the house?" Neji inquired curtly, extending a hand to a servant who scurried forth to give him a bag. "And…" An odd expression crossed his normally placid features. "Try not to get into trouble."

"That means don't go where you're not supposed to." Haku nodded, "And if Hinata comes back…please don't rape her." He shot them a deadly glare and they flushed instantly.

"Nani? Never!" They shouted, jumping onto their feet, eyes wide and waving their arms around desperately. Although they'll never say that something crossed their minds when he said that…

"I hope so," Neji said wryly, leaving with Haku trailing behind him.

"Sorry I can't stay with you and wait for Hinata! I would've kept my on eyes on you two but Neji apparently believes I'm a pervert." Haku gives them an incredulous look while shrugging at the steaming Neji. "I mean, come on. I only get it on for my little Hinata." The girls turned red at the remark and couldn't help but let an image plant itself right in their heads.

"Shut up! That's the whole reason why!" The irked cousin snarled as he slammed the door closed and left the two girls blinking there.

"Tch, we're not kids." Ino pouted as she put her hands on her hips, "I can look after myself."

Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, whatever." Sakura sat back down and resumed flipping through a magazine. Her green eyes caught something and she quickly flipped back to the page. "Oh. Damn." Ino sighed again in boredom, watching her friend's eye grow big and hazy.

"What?" Ino sat down next to her and peered over her shoulder. Ino's eyes widened and then after a few seconds she whistled, her cheeks glowing a light pink.

"He's cute."

"Daisuke Hiroshima?"


"Oh, oh….Yeah. Yeah, he so is!"

"Why so flustered already? Well, man…I'd wish boys like him would go to our school."

"Yeah…hey, hello! Kuo-kun?"

"Oh…Oh yeah."


They sat quietly, staring at the smiling teen on the magazine. Everyone knew him and his sister. They were around 16 or 17 like Sakura and Ino. And damn was Daisuke wanted by the girl population. In the photo, he had his jet-black hair slightly messy and framing his face perfectly as a few long strands fell past his eyes and near that dazzling smile of his. His smoldering icy blue eyes made it hard to look away, it was as if he was right there the whole time. And of course he wore nothing special but an elbow length button up shirt that was of course, unbuttoned at the top. Revealing the smooth white and perfectly sculpted collarbone that made Sakura and Ino breathe a little softer. It was like his body was sculpted from the finest marble there is. A god to their eyes.

After a few minutes they decided it was no use staring when it was just a piece of paper.

"You know this is a big house." Ino remarked, looking at the spiraling staircases set on opposites sides of the vast room. A few servants doing errands hurried through the kitchen and into a couple of rooms that the two haven't even noticed yet.

"They got a lot of servants." Sakura yawned, "I wonder if they know anything fun to do."

"With a house like this, you gotta have a pool." Ino said, standing up. "Let's go look around this place."

"We're supposed to stay out of trouble, Ino-pig." Ino's eye twitched at the nickname.

"Trouble? It's not trouble." Ino smiled sweetly, "Don't tell me you're too scared to even look around." This time Sakura twitched.

"Shut it! I'm coming!" The two jogged up the stairs and took a random turn to see a marble hall lavished with paintings, delicate vases, and breathtaking statues. Turns out, every part of the house was like that. The walls are painted a dusted rose pink, calming and bright at the same time. On the right side was a long window, running almost from the end to the beginning of the wall. It was decorated with a golden white curtain, made of silk and so intricate the girls gaped. Not only that but it was huge and long, it fit the whole atmosphere.

"I wonder if they got an interior designer to do all this." Ino clicked her tongue as she peered out of the window. "Kuso!" Sakura quickly walked up to her side and her jaw just fell open. The Hyuuga Compound was not just beautiful, it looked like heaven. They could see other parts of the compound staring back at them like an arched u. The mansion must be built like a crescent and in the middle of the crescent was a garden. The most amazing garden, they have ever seen! It was all structured like it was drawn by an archeologist. There were statues, a grand water fountain, trees, and endless flowers assorted in such a way that it pleased the eye the best.

"Dang, Hinata-sama." Sakura whistled, "I'm guessing they went all out on everything."

"Yeah," Ino found it hard to tear her eyes from the spectacular view. "If there's something like this, there has to be a thousand things more awesome to entertain us with!"

"But what if Hinata comes back and doesn't see us? It is a pretty big place." Sakura bit her lip, "I don't want to intrude." Ino just rolled her eyes.

"It's her house; she'll know how to find people. As for the intruding, just don't go snooping in any locked doors or things of that sort." The blonde waved off her rival's worries. "Now come on! Kuo-kun's palace is all ours now." Ino grinned and gestured her hands to everything around her. She made it like they were queens of the estate and Sakura liked it. Hinata's only queens, they blushed at the thought.

I quickly dressed into a pair of loose black skinny jeans and a neon blue shirt with the band name Paramore exploding across the front. I take a double take in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. After making sure everything was right again, I left the room to find Sakura and Ino.

I couldn't help but feel confused when I didn't find the girls in their rooms or the living room.

"Nani? Where can they be?" I asked myself quietly as I stuffed my hands into my pockets. I racked my brain for answers as my eyes swept the grand room for possibilities.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu Hinata-sama." A demure voice caught my attention as I turned to see a bowed maid with her hands placed respectfully on her lap. She was dressed in the usual attire, the white laced apron over an almost black violet dress with puffed shoulders and white silken lace layered at the bottom of her ruffled dress. She wore white stockings and professional high heels and there embedded into her left breast was the Hyuuga crest. Her white laced headdress bobbed slightly as she stood back up and to my surprise, her entire face was flushed red as she refused to make eye contact with me.

Ah, that's right. She's the maids were supposed to make eye contact with the family members (Although I would rather have none). The blushes are,well, regular.

"Morning? Tawainai keneko. (silly kitten) It's afternoon now." I smile and can't help but feel the corners of my lips curve up teasingly. She jumps and her shy hazel eyes grow wide as the blush intensifies into a lovely shade of scarlet. Her short chestnut hair bounces around her burning face as she opens her mouth into awkward stutters and raises her hand back and forth in an alarmed fashion.

"O-Oh-A- Ah- S-" She looks paralyzed for a split second before suddenly bowing hastily again and again, making me jump out of embarrassment and guilt as I pull her to her feet.

"G-G-G-Gomenasi Hyuuga-sama! Gomenasi! Gomenasi!" Her body stiffens at my contact as she nervously peers up at me from under her bangs. "H-Hinata-sama? P-Please forgive m-me!" I can't help but sweat drop and sigh, steadying her gently, for some reason she didn't seem to be able to stand so well. Her legs keep wobbling.

"I was just teasing you Keiko-chan," I shake my head at her but at the mention of her name, her legs completely buckle underneath her. Concern and alarm floods me. "H-Hey are you okay?" Her face could be compared to a tomato.

"H-Hai." She swallowed before shakily using my arms to stand back up. "I-I'm so sorry. I-I should have realized that mistress was merely teasing. I-I do not know what's wrong with me today." She flushed and I silently cursed at myself, feeling like a jerk.

"Nani? Nothings wrong with you Keiko." I steady her again and can't seem to let go with her hands held tight onto my arm. Geez, do I scare her this much? Keiko timidly stares at her shoes, shame radiating off of her.

"I am bothering mistress." She opens her mouth to say something else until one of the head maids spots us and runs over.

"Hinata-sama," She dipped down into a low bow before her ruby eyes reach mines steadily. The 26 year old turns her head at Keiko and gives the 18 year old an admonishing shake of the head. "My apologies if the new maid is bothering you. She has yet to be used to regulations." Keiko's shoulders fall in disappointment and fear of punishment.

"Nonsense, Kurenai-san." I smile at the suddenly flustered head maid. "Keiko was just politely greeting me." The red eyed beauty nods stiffly before bowing to dismiss herself and sending a wary glance at the pale girl clinging onto my arms.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it." I say softly, rubbing the side of her arms in hopes to soothe her. Keiko takes a shaky breath in before I feel her muscles slowly relax as she looks back at me with a small smile.

"Mistress knows my name," she blinks, staring at my chest (since her head is at level with my chest) shyly. I blink.

"Of course. How can I not know the name of a person that works in my house? And someone as pretty as you." Opps, that slipped out. Of course I meant it though. She was pretty...I just hoped she didn't mistake it as something else.

"Arigato." She blushes yet again and suddenly I notice how her lips are slightly parted and how...she was closing in the space between us...


I jump back and laugh nervously, gently pushing her hands off of me. New maids...yeesh.

"O-OH! Ha...Have you, by any chance seen my friends?"

Do they not know they are working for a girl? She did call me mistress...

Or are they um...? Shit. Shit. Shit loads of shit.

Not that I have a problem with them, I just have a concern for my safety now.

Keiko seems confused for a moment with her lips still slightly puckered, making me the one blushing this time.

W-we almost kissed. And I don't even know her. She mistook my comment and politeness as...a move on her? I swallow nervously, trying to hide my uneasiness now.

"O-Oh." She looks crest fallen as she straightens out her uniform in thought, her eyes searching the halls behind me. "A blond haired girl and a pink haired girl was seen bickering earlier in the left corridor near the pool room." She pauses unsurely before turning to meet my face, "Is that who you are speaking of, mistress?"I can't help but sweat drop. That's going to be them alright.

"A-ano, hai. Arigato Keiko-chan." I nod my head slightly, acknowledging, and watch her face set aflame in burning red yet again. I turn and as I leave towards Sakura and Ino, I spot a couple of huddled maids in the corner spying on us. I can't help but laugh.

"I see you guys." I smile teasingly and they tumble onto the floor, red with embarrassment. I shake my head as I disappear from their sight, what is wrong with women these days?

"Hey!" Ino grinned, her electric blue eyes sparking with excitement as she points to the room in front of her. "Found it!"

"No way." Sakura came up behind her, giving a low whistle. "That's a nice pool."

"It's a lot bigger than the school's for sure. Hell look! It goes 55 feet deep!"

"Is that even possible?"

"Well, apparently so." Ino tapped her shoe on the cerulean tiled room in quick thought before turning to grin at Sakura, "Well? Should we?"

The pink haired teen looks hesitant, her emerald eyes flickering to the pool and back to door as if she was afraid someone was going to burst in. Ino gives an exasperated sigh, stomping her foot down impatiently.

"Come on woman! Look at this place! What other chance would we have to swim at a place like this?" Sakura takes another sweep over the massive room, one wall a complete mirror, and the other an entire glass wall peering the enchanting garden, the last wall facing the end of the room was a dazzling mural of the city at night. There also a glass ceiling so they could clearly see the blue skies above. The pool was 50 feet wide and 50 feet long like it was designed for soon to be Olympic swimmers. There was also three very high diving boards even placed among the length of the pool. It looks pretty sweet. Shit, way better than sweet.

Fucking awesome!

"But we're intruding Ino." Sakura sighs, feeling like she's given up a once in a lifetime chance.

"No we're not." Ino blinks. "Hinata invited us right?"

"Yes but it doesn't mean we barge in into whatever room we want! It's rude!" Sakura huffs, crossing her arms in front of her chest, "And I don't want Kuo-kun mad at me." At the last comment Ino pauses in thought.

-Ino's POV-

Forehead girl was right. Maybe I am being rude. And I don't want Hinata-kun mad at me!

"Yeah..." I say slowly, sighing. "Let's go then." I tilt my head towards the door and Sakura moves first hesitantly. We do really want to swim after all.

All of the sudden, the door creaks opens and there walks in the most gorgeous looking angel ever to set foot on earth.

Who can only be that beautiful?

"H-Hinata-kuo-kun," Sakura manages to stammer out before me, making the jealousy burn back alive in my stomach. Hinata blinks for a second in the doorway, a curious expression set on her kawii face as she waits for an explanation.

"W-we-...we uh..." I stammered nervously under her large eyes, making a smirk blossom across her delicate lips as one of her brows raise up at me teasingly. Oh god, my cheeks burn as I try to look away but i can't so I just stare down at her shirt.

"You guys what?" She laughs softly and it sends trembles down my spine, taking notice of how musical and soothing it sounded. How the neon blue on her makes her ivory skin shine like a glistening full moon. Sakura swallows loudly and points a finger at me accusingly all of the sudden.

"Ino wanted to look around your house!" She blurts out as a blush rips across her face. "I tried to tell her it was rude but she didn't listen!" She yells and apologetically looks back up at kuo-kun. "I'm sorry!"

Intense horror floods my entire body, prickling my nerves cold from my head to my toes. Oh, my, god. That billboarded bitch! Of course she would!

"No! But she wanted to too!" I defend myself hastily, stomping my feet in indignation. How dare that girl put it all on me! Hinata blinks slowly, a loose bang falling onto her eye, adding a perfect frame for her face. That simple look is somehow so intimidating, it makes me gulp.

Please don't be mad at me, I close my eyes tightly and nibble on lips nervously. Be mad at Sakura. Not me.

All of the sudden I feel a soft hand lift my head up. I open my eyes to find myself staring into pearled reflections. My soft breath is suddenly whisked away as I begin to feel light headed. She's so close. I can smell the sweet strawberries and dark chocolate rolling off her breath and tickling my own lips.

B-bump Ba-bump B-bump

Her rose tinted lips are pursed slightly as she looks at me with utter fascination. Her eyes sweep over my face, waiting for my response but the words are all chocked and garbled in my my ultimate surprise, she starts laughing.

"Ino-chan," She chuckles and it's so damn sexy and perfect that I almost lost all my marbles then and there. I could've fell over and fainted right then and there. Instead my heart is thrashing wildly in my chest as my spine shudders and my face tingles under her gentle touch. "Kami, don't be so scared." I blink. Eh? She's not mad?

"It's okay, I'm not mad." She says softly, soothing my frayed nerves instantly. She stops laughing to flash me one of her heartbreaking smiles. "Why would I be? Just be careful," Hinata then adds in a rare but soft admonishing tone, "'Cause there are some places you can't go in here, okay?"

I nod dumbly, just like the first time we meet. Hinata laughs again, and it melts my inner core into jelly.

"Ino, you're so cute." She breathes out her last laugh before smiling at me again and letting go of me. I almost whine when her warm hand lost contact with my chin. It felt so nice, I blush. She called me cute again. I almost jump and shriek out of sheer joy before looking over to see a steaming Sakura.

Hah, that's what the back stabber gets! I stand up tall and smirk at her. She turns red out of anger before whipping her head around to ignore me.

Heh, that's right.

"So did you guys want to take a dip in here?" Hinata asks, totally unaware and innocent of the influence she has on us.

"W-w-well it doesn't matter with you here now." I smile, "What would you like to do kuo-kun?" A light blush blossomed across her face at the nickname. She looks over to me and Sakura and shrugs.

"I-I honestly don't care. If you ladies want to, I can lend you some bathing suits. I have plenty." Hinata says shyly, almost awkward with the fact she was going to share clothes with us. I can't help but smile at her endearing antics.

"O-Oh," Sakura beams, "That would be awesome!" She latches on Hinata's arm and bats her eyes flirtatiously. I scowl and bite down the instinct to growl and just grab Hinata's other arm. I smile kindly at her flushed face, it was adorable.

"Lead the way kuo-kun."

As I said before yesterday...

Hinata is mine.

That BITCH! I watch with fury as Ino giggle, latching onto Hinata's perfectly sculpted back.

"Got you Kuo-kun!" She yells in a sing songy voice, her eyes half lidded and seductive.

Hinata squeaks, her face turning cherry red as she stammers, squirming in Ino's hold.

"I-Ino-chan!" Hinata gasps, her wet shoulder length hair clinging to her face and neck like dark ribbons, her dark lashes wet and dreamy as she turns her head to face Ino shyly. "A-ano, Ino-chan it's hard to swim with you o-on m-me like this." Hinata awkwardly points to the arms latched around her waist, quite close to her chest.

Ino grins in the side of Hinata's neck mischievously, "I thought you like a challenge kuo-kun." She shivers as Ino's hot breath tickles her wet skin.

"W-Well yes." Hinata blinks, completely oblivious to Ino's intentions."B-but..."

Sakura clears her throat loudly, swimming over to them.

"I'm still here." She forced a smile before sending Ino a steely glare. "And since you were my savior the other day, Kuo-kun, I decided I will repay you!" Sakura holds Hinata's free hand earnestly and smiles brightly.

"Iie Sakura-san. Anyone would've done it. It was something that needed to be done. No need to thank me, really." Hinata blushed and shook her head, a soft smile on her face.

"Oh, but it's something I need to do. You've saved my life HInata-sama," Sakura suddenly whispered, her eyes lidded with sincerity as she raised Hinata's hand to her submerged chest. "I'm forever indebted to you."

Ino's eyes grew wide, 'This wrench! What is she up to now?'.


NOT A VERY GOOD CONCLUSION, but there'll be much more mischief next chappie(;~