Chapter One

The Final Battle

Kagome swung her raven locks over her shoulder and notched an arrow in a swift, practiced movement. She felt her aura clashing with Kikyou's slightly more impressive one. This was their chance, maybe even their last. Kagome bit her lip and kept her focus on the giant, tentacled monster just in front of her. Kikyou was next to her, in a position much like hers.

Their arrows pointed straight for Naraku's black heart.

There was a shout then a blast of bright white. Bits and pieces of flesh went scattering everywhere. Inuyasha's Wind Scar had hit its mark. A strong suction followed immediately and Naraku's chunks were being drawn into Miroku's outstretched hand; devoured by the Wind Tunnel.

Poisonous insects shot out from within Naraku's body making a suicidal beeline for the Wind Tunnel. Sango's demon slaying weapon made an easy sweep through the air clearing away most of the insects.

Little by little the gang chipped away at Naraku's ever-regenerating body. However, they weren't alone; they had allies.

Lord Sesshomaru, Kouga and his wolf-demon pack had joined them in this battle. Kouga and his pack were at work fighting off the thousands of demon minions that Naraku had summoned. Whereas Lord Sesshomaru helped Inuyasha fight Naraku with his Tokijin.

From where Kikyou and Kagome stood, they could see flashes of white, yellow and blue, as the blood brothers ruthlessly hacked at Naraku. Naraku was just as viciously fighting back, trying to impale their bodies; he managed to send both flying several times.

This particular battle had been raging on for nearly four hours and it was obvious everyone was tiring. Even Sesshomaru didn't seem to be as graceful and fluid as usual.

"I can't take this anymore!" Kagome pulled back her arrow. "We have to end this, now!"

Kikyou snickered. "Do not waste your strength. We must not interfere yet."

Kagome continued to chew her lip but allowed some slack in her bow.

There was a streak of deep violet and Kagome spotted Miroku running around to stand directly behind Naraku. A couple tentacles chased after him; Miroku agilely threw his sutras at them. Sango was quick on his trail, help to clear up his obstacles.

"Inuyasha! Now!" Miroku yelled.

Miroku pulled open his Wind Tunnel and Naraku was slowly being drawn backwards. Inuyasha looked at Sesshomaru who nodded curtly once. They struck a battle poise and charged.



Their voices boomed above their attacks. With the help of Miroku's Wind Tunnel, the attacks rocketed toward Naraku's body at a ridiculous speed. They swirled together, hitting Naraku square in the chest, effectively ricocheting him backwards, closer to Miroku.

"Now, Kagome."

The two girls leveled their shots and released. A powerful explosion of pink and gold erupted from their arrows.

From all directions the roar of attacks could be heard. Naraku was hit hard from all sides. With a blood curdling scream, Naraku's hideous body was engulfed in an extremely bright light, followed closely by an enormous explosion that threw everyone all about.

Then there was silence.

Lots of it; nothing was moving and no one was talking. Kagome who was least affected by the aftershock ran down the slope to the battle field. As she made it to the destruction, she noticed something small and shiny falling from the sky. She ran towards it; unable to stop herself, it was calling her.

Kagome ran to the fallen jewel and picked it up. As she held on to it, the color inside it slowly changed from a swirling black to a sparkly and luminescent pink. With her other hand she slipped her jewel shards out of her shirt. Kagome gave a sharp tug and the necklace fell away from her neck. She dropped it in her other hand and closed both hands together. Kagome's body glowed pink and she felt as if her body was being dosed in a comfortable warmth. The surroundings around her began to run together. She had the sensation of falling and shut her eyes; being afraid never came to her mind.

When her world finally stopped spinning, she opened her oceanic blues. Kagome was in a luscious meadow full of colorful wild flowers; what the clearing had looked like before the battle. A breeze guided her head to see a beautiful young woman in the distance.

"Midoriko..." Kagome whispered, ignorant to the fact that she simply just knew who the archaic priestess was.

The priestess of legend smiled lightly and nodded. She stepped closer to Kagome, her hand over her heart. Kagome stood mesmerized. When Midoriko came closer she removed her hand and Kagome saw the perfectly circular hole that went clear through her chest.

Midoriko looked at the jewel in Kagome's hand then at her face. Priestess Kagome, you have finally completed and purified the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. As you know, I forged that jewel with my very soul before I died. It is time for you to make your wish and send me to my eternal peace. Her mouth didn't move as she spoke; Kagome shivered, she was speaking directly into her mind.

"Midoriko! How do I know what to wish for?"

The priestess of legend smiled and lightly touched Kagome's shoulder. Her hands were like ice. She offered no advice.

Kagome took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I wish all my companions find their deserved happiness."

The jewel rose from Kagome's hands and she watched as it slowly made its way into the hole in Midoriko's chest; healing itself around the jewel.

Midoriko's hand slipped from Kagome's shoulder and her image began to disappear.

Kagome's body felt warm and dizzy again. She lost her balance and began to fall endlessly. Unsure of what was happening, she simply closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she could feel a strong pressure around her body and the feeling of cool air in her lungs. She frowned from her slight nausea but allowed herself to listen to the argument taking place; keeping her eyes shut tight.

"Like hell she is alright! Do healthy people just pass out?" Inuyasha's gruff voice yelled.

"Calm down, Inuyasha. I am not disagreeing with you. All I am saying is she will be alright." Miroku corrected.

"At least put her down long enough for Miroku to clean your shoulder. I will watch her." Sango tried to appeal.

Kagome bit back the rest of her nausea and opened her eyes. She was immediately greeted by a pair of worried ambers. Kagome smiled despite her fatigue. Inuyasha smiled a crooked smile and pulled her into a powerful hug.

She blushed brightly and allowed Inuyasha his time. He finally pulled away and Miroku stepped forward.

"Lady Kagome, can you tell us what happened? Are you alright? We saw you faint after you ran down here."

She quickly looked down at her empty hands. "The jewel, it's really gone."

Inuyasha growled loudly; his jaw was clenched. "You mean Naraku is still alive?"

Miroku gripped the wrist of his cursed hand. "Impossible. I sucked the explosion in, there isn't anyway Naraku could have escaped." He looked uncertainly down at his covered hand.

Kagome shook her head. "No, I purified it. I purified the jewel."

"You what?" Sango, Miroku and Inuyasha exclaimed.

"Midoriko was here too."

Sango knelt beside her friend. "Are you positive, Kagome?"

Kagome nodded her head.

Before anyone could say anything more, a bright orb of light entered the clearing. It transformed into a faded vision of Midoriko.

"Oh Kami." Sango whispered.

Thank you, Kagome. With your selfless wish, I am finally able to rest in peace.

Everyone was spellbound. Without another word, Midoriko, the ancient priestess of legend, smiled as she melted away.

"What did you wish for?" Inuyasha asked after a moment.

Kagome was about to answer, then stopped. In her time people believed that you can't tell anyone your wish or else it won't come true. She smiled and shook her head.

"It was nothing."

Sango looked ready to argue when a sudden gush of wind blew over them. It was Kouga and he too joined Kagome's side.

"How's my woman? Naraku didn't hurt you, did he?" He scanned her body for any physical damage.

Inuyasha growled, throwing Kouga off of Kagome. "Get lost, wolf."

Kouga stood and brushed himself off. "Now that Naraku is gone, how about you and me finally settle this?"

"I'm ready when you are, you piece of wolf shi-"

"Kouga, please. Not today," Kagome interrupted seriously.

His emerald eyes flashed in Inuyasha's direction once more before sighing. "Alright, since you're my woman."

"She's not your wo-"

"See ya, dog breath!" Kouga whisked away.

When Kagome got to her feet, she saw Kikyou still standing on the grassy slope; she frowned deeply, immediately understanding.

"Inuyasha, I think Kikyou is waiting for you." Kagome said solemnly, her voice barely above a whisper.

He looked toward her and then back at Kagome. She turned away from him, unable to watch him leave her again for Kikyou. She felt a claw on the back of her hand and grudgingly looked over her shoulder and watched him dart in the direction of the undead priestess.

Because Inuyasha had not returned yet from seeing Kikyou, the gang set up camp only a short distance from where the previous battle took place. The tension was thick as bricks, as Kagome's foul mood worsened with his continued absence. All attempts at cheering her up had failed miserably.

"Ah, Lady Kagome, now that the jewel is purified and Naraku is dead, what will you do?"

Kagome sent him a cold stare and turned over in her sleeping bag.

Stupid Inuyasha.

Somewhere behind her Kilala growled.

"What is it, Kilala?" The slayer asked.

The cat-demon meow'd again. Kagome watched with surprise and shock as Lord Sesshomaru stepped into their small clearing.

"Priestess." He simply acknowledged.

The young girl quickly stood, then realized when he raised an eyebrow that she was clad in her pink, over-sized pajamas; her face blossomed bright red.

"Can I help you with something, Lord Sesshomaru?"

He didn't say another word but turned and began to gracefully exit. Kagome cast a quizzical look at Miroku and Sango, they motioned for her to follow the stoic lord.

When she caught up with him, Kagome was momentarily caught with the elegant and regal air of Sesshomaru. It created such a startling contrast when compared to his callous and dim half-brother. In the soft glow of the moonlight, Sesshomaru almost looked heaven-sent. Kagome had to stifle her snicker with that ironic thought.

"Lord Sesshomaru." Kagome greeted.

"Rin is nearing an age this Sesshomaru knows little about. Your assistance will be necessary."

Kagome doubted her choice mattered in the way he announced the scheme. Regardless, she was flattered Sesshomaru chose her for the education of his ward.

"Of course. I'd love to." The young priestess blushed a little.

"Very well." He disappeared into the thick foliage.

It was not until just before dawn when Inuyasha arrived back at camp. He needed desperately to talk to Kagome. He knew she would be angry with him and there would most likely be tears. Careful, not to disturb the two other humans, he crept with demonic silence to the sleeping raven-haired girl.

As he approached, he could hear her mumbling and saw her twist around fitfully. Inuyasha reached out a clawed hand and lightly shook her shoulder. She stilled then jerked up to a sitting position. Her cheeks were red and her face was sweating, her whole body was trembling.

"We should talk." Inuyasha whispered softly.

Kagome nodded.

Inuyasha ran with Kagome on his back until he reached a spot he deemed safe. Sliding Kagome off him, he thought of a way to begin.

"Hell, I'll just tell you the whole thing." He abruptly blurted before Kagome could say anything.

Kikyou beckoned him to come into the forest away from the view of the others.

"What is it, Kikyou?"

She looked at him with her lifeless, grey eyes. "I've come to say goodbye, Inuyasha."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't belong here in the world of the living. I am finally going to take my place in hell."

"You can't Kikyou! Come back to the village and be a priestess again." He pleaded, feeling completely helpless.

She shook her heard, smiling just slightly. "I'm not needed. Kagome is all you need now."

"What about Kaede? Shouldn't you say goodbye to your sister?"

"Kaede isn't really my sister anymore. I am among the living dead. She said goodbye to me the day I died, fifty years ago."

Inuyasha stepped forward and hugged her. " Kikyou... I-I"

She held him tightly. "I understand, Inuyasha. I was apart of your life. But Kagome is your life now. It won't take long for you to accept my fate."

Inuyasha stepped back and looked closely at his first love. He felt a combination of contradicting emotions. He felt sad yet somehow relieved. Was that normal? To be almost happy when your first love dies? He shook his unruly silver hair; these were thoughts he'd have to explore later.

Kikyou's soul gathers came and surrounded her. She smiled one last time before closing her eyes and putting her hands together in prayer. A bright orange light erupted up from the ground and Kikyou began to sink.

Inuyasha was frowning when the last glimpse of the undead priestess was gone; a tear slipped from his cheek. What to do now? Where to go? What to say to Kagome? One thing was for sure; right now he needed some time to mourn. He slinked away deeper into the forest.

Kagome chewed her lips after Inuyasha finished his retelling. She wanted to believe him. She really did. But right now she just couldn't. How could he have been gone that long with his love and not have done something? Right now, she felt too vulnerable to believe him; or maybe too jealous? She was after all very aware of how much he cared for Kikyou.

She hated herself for having this doubt in him. "I'm sorry, Inuyasha. I am truly sad that Kikyou is gone."

That was the truth. Although, Kagome had always been jealous of the relationship Kikyou had with Inuyasha, she also was very envious of her spiritual powers. Kikyou was powerful; she was the perfect priestess. Everything Kagome hoped to one day become. She was hoping that Kikyou would be able to help her before she left. As contradictory as it was for Kagome, she had greatly admired Kikyou. Not to mention they had that certain bond because of their shared soul...

The tears came unwillingly to her eyes and sprang down her cheeks. Inuyasha held her as her sobs racked through her petite body, completely misunderstanding the reason for her tears.

As he stroked her silky smooth curls, and breathed in Kagome's wonderfully calming scent. Inuyasha realized her couldn't, no, wouldn't allow his true love to leave too.

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