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Gossip Girl: Here's an inside tip, Little J. The faster you rise, the harder you fall. Hope that Hello Kitty sleeping bag doubles as a parachute.

(as Dan and Serena are about to kiss)
Serena: There's something vibrating in your pocket, and I really hope it's your phone.

My Happy Ending

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Lucas bent his head down smiling as he saw Brooke's sparkly eyes.

"Make it a good one Broody," Brooke said right before his lips captured hers. Everyone cheered as Lucas and Brooke finally tied the knot.

"Ewe Uncle Luke," Jamie said hitting his Uncle on the leg. The four year old boy looked on as he saw his mom giving him a warning look, as his father took his hand and pulled him back.

"Shut up dummy," Lilly said glaring at him from in front of Haley.

"Sorry buddy," Lucas said as him and Brooke started walking down the aisle.

"Why do people get married daddy?" Jamie asked as him and his parents followed Brooke and Lucas to the reception.

"So the whole world will know that they love each other," Nathan said smiling at his wife.

"Is that why you and mommy got married?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah it is baby," Haley said picking him up. They walked into the where they were standing right by the table that they had been assigned too.

"It was destiny," Nathan said winking at Haley.

"Mommy can I go play with Jenny?" Jamie asked pointing to the little blonde headed girl as Peyton was bending down and fixing her dress.

"Sure baby," Haley said placing him down. Nathan held her hand in his as they watched their son.

It had been five years since that night Haley had found out that she was Nathan's wife. That night they made love and nine months later James Lucas Scott was born. Haley was so happy to be a mother, and a wife.

She and Nathan went to Duke together where they raised their son. One year after having Jamie Haley's memories started to come back to her and before she knew it she remembered everything about her life. She graduated from Duke the top of her class with a teaching degree and was now teaching at Tree Hill High. Nathan got into real estate and started coaching the Ravens helping Whitey out.

Brooke and Lucas went to NYU together. Their junior year he proposed after one of her fashion shows and she gladly accepted. They decided to wait until school was over to wed and that's exactly what they had done. Brooke became a fashion icon in every major city. She was a house hold name and she loved being in the spot light. Lucas became a famous writer and three of his four books were best sellers. They moved back to Tree Hill to be closer to their family.

Jake and Peyton on the other hand weren't so slow with the whole marriage thing. The night of graduation they called everyone over to Tric where they were married. They stayed in Tree Hill both going to community college and raising Jenny. Peyton bought Tric from Karen and she booked as many good bands that she can. Jake on the other hand got into producing music and now has his own record label.

"Luke kiss me so I can go play with Jamie and Jenny," Lilly said pouting at her older brother.

"Lilly," Lucas said picking her up and kissing her on the cheek. "Thank you for being the flower girl."

"Please Lukey," Lilly said wiggling her way out of his arms.

"Alright," Lucas said placing her down and watching as she ran off to his two godchildren.

"So Broody you want one of those?" Brooke said as Peyton and Haley started to laugh.

"One?" Lucas said smiling. "I was thinking that we could have like a dozen." Nathan and Jake just busted out laughing as Brooke's eyes went wide.

"As in twelve," Brooke said counting on her fingers. "Twelve kids. Like a dozen of eggs."

"Alright maybe four or five," Lucas said pulling her in for a hug.

"I don't think that I can give birth to twelve children Broody," Brooke said.

"You won't be able to handle it," Haley said smiling as Brooke hit her arm.

"Tutor mom," Brooke whined. "Please don't scare me."

"You can handle it," Karen said smiling as she gave Brooke a hug. Brooke stuck out her tongue at Haley.

"May I have this dance?" Lucas said holding out his hand for her to take.

"Isn't he the best husband," Brooke said to the ladies as she followed him to the dance floor. Mouth started to play a soft song as everyone watched them dance their first dance as husband and wife. Nathan looked at his wife who was currently smiling at her two best friends.

"You remember our wedding baby?" Nathan asked.

"How could I forget," Haley said winking at him. "It was perfect!"

"Which one?" Nathan asked as they both started to laugh.

"Both," Haley said smiling. "Except for the whole accident thing and me not remembering you."

"Yeah well there's that," Nathan said leaning in to kiss her. "Let's go show these two how it's done." Nathan said taking Haley's hand in his, dragging her to the dance floor. Moving in slow circles Haley watched as Jake and Peyton did the same.

"I wish we could just stay like this forever," Haley said looking around at how happy all of their family and friends were.

"Me too," Nathan said smiling.

"Oh look how cute," Haley said when she saw James and Lilly dancing. All the grown ups stopped and watched the two kids.

"That's my boy," Nathan said watching his son.

"Nathan," Haley said hitting him in the side. Turning her attention back to her son she winked at him as everyone went back to dancing.

Hours later everyone was sitting around Lucas and Brooke before they left for their honeymoon.

"So I packed as much naughty and dirty stuff as I could fit into the suitcase," Brooke told Peyton.

"Hey kids over here," Haley said pointing to James sitting on her lap.

"Mommy what does Aunt Brooke mean?" James asked looking up at her with those blue eyes that reminded her of his father.

"Nothing Jamie," Nathan said glaring at Brooke who put her hand over her mouth.

"Nice job baby," Lucas said as him and Jake started laughing.

"You might want to rethink the top of discussion," Peyton said before everyone started laughing again.

"Okay so do you remember what I told you?" Lilly said looking at Lucas.

"Yes I remember," Lucas said kissing her hand.

"She's going to need to hear you say it Luke," Keith said smiling at his daughter, as Karen stood there waiting for Lucas to say it. Lilly looked at his sister as she nodded her head.

"Okay, okay," Lucas said shaking his head. "Even though I will be gone for two weeks I promise that once I get back I will bring you the best present ever." Lucas said exactly what she had told him too six days ago.

"Just so were on the same page," Lilly said kissing his cheek and jumping off of his lap and walking over to her parents.

"I remember when Jenny was like that," Peyton said looking at her daughter.

"Mom I wasn't like that," Jenny said with a pout.

"Sure you weren't sweetie," Jake said rolling his eyes at his daughter.

"Two weeks away from you people will do us some good," Brooke said. Everyone glared at her.

"We'll miss you too Tigger," Haley said as Mouth waved signaling that the limo was ready to go. Everyone walked outside of the building to wave the newlyweds off.

"We love you all," Lucas said before getting in the limo as everyone waved them off. Nathan picked up his son and took Haley's hand in his.

"You ready to go home buddy?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah the games on and we just have to watch it," James said. Nathan started to laugh at James, he reminded him of Haley so much it was crazy how much alike they were.

"Yes daddy we just have to watch it," Haley said mockingly.

"See daddy," James said pointing to his mom. "This is why she can't watch it with us."

"I know pal," Nathan said sticking out his tongue at his wife.

"Hundred bucks says she pregnant by the time they get back," Jake said to Nathan as they walked to the car.

"I'll take that action," Haley said smirking at the boys. Nathan looked at his wife questionably.

"Hales do you know something?" Nathan asked.

"Who me," Haley said playing innocent. "Why I don't know anything."

"Yes she does daddy," James said. "She's doing that thing with her eyes." James said pointing at her face.

"What do you know Hales?" Jake said watching as her and Peyton started to laugh.

"I'll never tell," Haley said.

"Peyton?" Jake said looking at his wife.

"My lips are sealed," Peyton said.

"Let's get her," James told his dad in his ear. Nathan nodded his head as he took off running towards Haley with Jamie in his arms.

"Nathan don't," Haley said running away from them.

"Not until you tell us what we want to hear," Nathan said placing James down as they both started chasing her. A few seconds later they had her on the grass tickling her.

"Please…..stop….Jamie," Haley squealed out.

"Not until you surrender," James said laughing.

"Okay," Haley yelled. "I'll tell you what you want to know." Both boys stopped tickling her as they looked on. She never gave up this easily.

"Really?" Nathan asked confused. Finally catching her breath she smiled.

"Nope," Haley said jumping up and taking off.

"Dad you let her get away," James said laughing.

"She tricked us Jamie. Mommy's a sneaky woman," Nathan said watching Haley make it to the car.

"When we get home she won't have anywhere to run," James said as they walked to the car.

"That's my boy," Nathan said as they walked up to the car.

"You'll be making your own dinner if you try anything," Haley said sitting in the passenger's seat.

"Sorry daddy but you're a bad cook," James said as his father buckled him in. "I'm going to leave you alone mommy."

"Good choice baby," Haley said handing James his cup of juice.

"Trader," Nathan said laughing.

"At least I'll be a trader that has a good dinner," James said sticking out his tongue.

"So what are we having mommy," Nathan said sarcastically as he got in the front seat.

"I'll be making Jamie's favorite tonight," Haley said firmly.

"Yes," James said from the backseat.

"Are you sure that you're not making your favorite food?" Nathan asked smiling.

"Hey just because we both have the same favorite meal isn't my fault," Haley said holding up her hands.

"I'll bet," Nathan said laughing.

"Hey it's the food of the gods," James said repeating his mother's words.

"So I've been told," Nathan said smiling at his wife and son.

The End

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