A Parody That Tries To Have A Plot And Also With an Extremely Long And Annoying Name

[Scene- In the Curtis House. Two-Bit, Johnny and Pony are watching...that restarted show where the mouse dances around in an annoyingly high squeaky voice...oh, yeah, Mickey Mouse.

Two-Bit: HEY! MICKEY MOUSE IS NOT RETATED! -pause- Where is she?

Johnny: Dunno, man.

Pony: She was here earlier. Said to tell all of you that this will be continued under the username GreaserAtHeart and the name What Happened to The Outsiders? And Other Parodies. So search GreaserAtHeart and the next chapter shall appear as soon as she writes it tomorrow. So...

Two-Bit: That was long...

Johnny:...and pointless.

Pony: Well, it was an IMPORTANT author's note! So it was not pointless.


Johnny: REALLY?!?!?!?

Two-Bit: Yeaz!

Johnny: That's hot.

Two-Bit: I know!

Pony: Done yet?

Johnny and Two-Bit: NO!

Pony: Well...this chapter'll end here.

Johnny: Meg just told me to tell you she's sorry it's really short but she wants to write the next chapter...and remember what Pony said about the username thing because it is so important and she hopes you will keep reading.

Two-Bit: NOT YOU!!

Pony: Bye Everyone, from Meg and The Outsiders! And have a happy and safe weekend!

Two-Bit: Meg told me to tell you all that TGIF, and also the new story will be funnier because it won't be filled with author notes like this one. It will probably be in script format, to, because she finds that the easiest to write a parody in. GAH! NO! NOT ME! And I got the longest! Boo!

Johnny: Bye!

Pony: Bolded words are important! And by again from meg'n'me'n'The Outsiders!