Star Wars
Amos Whirly


After a vicious day of debating on the Senate floor, Leia wanted nothing else than to sit in her favorite chair and listen to music, but of course life in the Solo household was never that quiet.

She came home to her three children running like mad around the penthouse. Han was in the kitchen cooking something, and Chewbacca was chasing the kids trying to keep them from breaking everything.

Leia quietly changed clothes and went to help Han in the kitchen.

"Rough day?" Han asked her as she fell into place beside him.

"The roughest," she said. "You?"

He only grunted, and Leia took that to mean he had experienced a similar kind of day at the military base.

They finished making dinner in companionable silence and set the table.

Leia called the children in, and in moments the three wild kids came running in and took their places at the table.

Chewbacca sat in his big chair. Han and Leia found their places, and they all dug in together.

"So," Leia looked from Jacen to Jaina, "what great adventure did you have today?"

"Jedi Knights shouldn't want adventures, Mama," Jacen said.

"That's what the critter says," Jaina said.

"Quitter!" Anakin piped.

"Critter, Ani," Jaina corrected.

"The critter?" Han asked. "That sounds ominous."

"He's a friend of the funny man," Jacen said.

"He told us all about his adventures too!" Jaina clapped her hands.


"Critter, Ani."

"Wait," Han set his fork down, "you kids are talking to another dead Jedi?"

"Yep," Jacen nodded.

"And he's funnier than the funny man," Jaina said.

"Really?" Leia asked. "How so?"
"He talks backward!" Jacen laughed.

"Quitter!" Anakin leaned forward in his chair and wiggled his ears.

"Critter, Ani."