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Chapter one: Sasuke's Mission

Sasuke didn't know why he was stalking around, blending perfectly with the night. Maybe he was trying to just fit in. NO! It was his pride, yeah, that was it. They had bruised his Uchiha pride, and he had to boost it up. Also why did he always try to impress the Blond dope. NO Damn it! He was trying to prove the Blonde dope wrong! That's it. Sasuke Uchiha was trying to boost his pride and prove Naruto wrong! That was the reason to why he was going on with this stupid dare. He was to PANTIE RAID some dumb girl. Sasuke's eye twitched at thought of it. Naruto recieved the idea from his sensei Jiraya-sama. He simply thought he would rummage through Sakura's bag or something, but he came to a horrifying discover she didn't own any when he tried. He was only thirteen dang it, he still childishly believed girls had cooties or some kind of creepy thing he didn't want to know about.

He was dip in thought, when he clumsily tripped over a rock. He dropped face first to the ground. "Shit." He said sitting up. See that! Even the thought of doing it was making him a clumsy mess. That was the fourth time he tripped over some tiny object. "Just one pantie! Just one!" He said to himself continuing to walking, rubbing his aching cheek. He looked around and noticed a tall gate. "Okay, lets do this!" He said jumping up and landing on the other side of the gate. He looked around in the night to see no one, it seemed to easy.

He continued along a grassy path. "I just need to find a girl's room, and then..." He was cut off, when he heard a humming sound, it was far to high to be a man's, and was far too soft, to be an old woman. It was actually kind of nice. Sasuke shook his head to fade the thought, has he used his chakra to grip onto the brick wall. He began to climb when he noticed that they stopped humming and turned off their light. "That's right, go to sleep." Sasuke said continuing to climb. "Maybe she's cute." Sasuke's hand lost its chakra flow, which made him trip slightly, but he regained control. "What the hell was that!" Sasuke whispered. He continued agian, with full concentration.

Once he reached the window, he noticed the window was left a crack open. He smirked. It was almost has if they were inviting him in. He realized pantie raids did not involve any ninja skills at all. he slowly creeped in, to find out no one was in there. He was getting a bad feeling about this,it was just to easy! Maybe he was just over thinking everything, no he was being smart, that's it. He slowly, not making any noise walked over to a white drawer. It was a girl's room alright, but it looked a little kiddish. OH GOD! If he was in a little girl's room, he would seem like a really sick pedophile! Heck at this moment he felt like a perv. He took a deep breath as he opened it up slowly. His onyx eyes gazed over... socks... piles of lavender and white socks.

Being a tad disappointed he rummaged through the pile of socks. "What the heck is that?" He whispered as he pulled it out. It looked like a top, but was to short, and small. Sasuke had no idea what it was, so he decided to read the little label. "32C." Sasuke looked confused. He threw it aside. "Okay I got this far, I just need to find..." He then heard a sound and the door creak open. Startled he grabbed a heap of cloth and jumped out the window faster then you can Hi.

He landed roughly on the ground and ran, jumping over the gate and into the night. He stopped by a nearby tree and took deep breathes. He couldn't remember running that fast since...well alot of times. He slid down the tree trunk and looked at what he snatched, a three socks, that top thing, and... Sasuke's eye's widened. Two pairs of rather cute looking panties. He picked one up and tugged on it and then fainted.


A slender hand closed the drawer and walked over to the window. "I have to remember to close this thing." A soft voice said.


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