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Chapter three: Naruto's Attempt!


"I still don't understand why you insist on us training with Kurenai's team." Kakashi questioned his blond pupil.

"Well, I'm tired of training with Sakura and Sasuke. I need a real challenge." Naruto grinned from ear to ear. Sakura landed a quick punch to his shoulder. Her eyes grew big and white.

"Stop insulting your team, idiot!" she shouted.

"Owe!" Naruto said rubbing his shoulder. Sasuke walked with his hands in his pockets, in complete silence. "Idiots." He thought, as he trotted his way in front.

"I'm glad you're early Kakashi." Kurenai shouted as she became visible to team seven. Kiba had his hands behind his head, having no care in the world. Akamaru followed close behind. Shino looked similar to Sasuke and Hinata, well Hinata was far behind her team. Naruto ran down to greet them.

"Well good afternoon Na—" Kurenai was about to say, but Naruto zoomed by her.

"Yeah, yeah." Naruto said brushing her off. Kurenai clenched her fist and her red eye twitched. That boy had no respect for authority.

"Hey Hinata, how you doing?" Naruto grinned. Hinata startled, jumped back a bit. Naruto noticed her, let alone talk to her.

"F-F-Fine." Hinata blushed twiddling her fingers. Kiba growled under his breath. Was Naruto actually planning to make a move? Naruto walked along side and began talking as if , they were friends for life. Sakura raised an eyebrow. Naruto wasn't swooning over her like he usually did, perhaps he decided to give up on her. No that's impossible! Sakura was much more inviting then Hinata. Sakura turned to Sasuke and smiled sweetly at him.

"A lovely day isn't it Sasuke-kun." Sakura sang. Sasuke ignored her and began to walk faster. A dark cloud hung over head.

"Sasuke-kun, will be mine!" Inner Sakura yelled. This caused Sakura to smile brightly, and pump her fist into the air.

"Are you okay, it looks like your having a seizure." Kurenai asked, raising an eyebrow to the weird girl. Sakura's face became red, and she scooted away, too embarrassed to answer.

"So, Hinata... I was thinking if you wanted to go to the ramen stand with me after training?" Naruto asked, grinning. Hinata blushed furiously, realizing Naruto was asking her on a date.

"S-Sure, Naruto-kun." Hinata smiled. "Alright!" Naruto cheered. He gave a quick glance to Kiba, who was scowling under his breathe.

"I think we should probably get to the training field." Kakashi said, not wanting to waste anymore time.


"The objective of this activity is to try and get the flag from me or kakashi." Kurenai said, showing the red flags to the six students. "Whoever, can get these flags, may leave early and do not need to do the loser training." Kakashi added. They nodded their heads understanding. Naruto was just focusing on beating Kiba at the bet, while Sakura tried hard to impress Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, let's be partners." She said, crawling over to Sasuke. They had hidden behind the many buses of the training ground.

"No." He said sharply, peering through the opening of the bush, the sunlights playing on his cheeks.

"Why, not Sasuke-kun. I'm thinking of a strategy and your really strong so-" Sakura was cut off by Sasuke's hand.

"I'm working alone." Sasuke said. Sakura feeling rejected crawled away to sob.


Hours past by, and the only person who managed to capture a flag was Shino who impressively took it from Kakashi. He used a new technique he had been practicing. He used a fly to distract Kakashi, who was reading his novel. The fly came buzzing by his ear, so Kakashi swatted it away. But he missed, since the fly had rather odd speed for a normal insect. It just wouldn't leave him alone. While he tried to swat the fly away, a quiet colony of bees snatched the flag and handed it to Shino. Kakashi was still unaware of this since he continued to swat the stupid fly away. Kurenai, who witnessed the whole ordeal had to suppress her laughter. I guess Kakashi's pride was hurt, just a bit. I mean what kind of man can recover from being defeated by a fly.

The only flag available now was Kurenai's, which she was guarding with her life. "They'll never get it." Kurenai yawned to herself. They were out in the training grounds for a long time now, and soon it would become dark. Being bored stiff, Kurenai felt a slight tap on her behind. She glanced down to see someone's orange sleeved arm reaching out of the ground, trying to feel for the flag. That's why it was so quiet, Naruto was underground trying to get the flag from underneath Kurenai. Her red eye twitched once more before she grabbed the startled arm and lifted it out of the ground.

"Whoa Kurenai-chan, your strong." Naruto laughed, trying to seem innocent. "My punches are really strong to." She said, anger visible on her face.

"C'mon Kurenai, don't be like that. If it makes you feel better, you have a really nice can." Naruto grinned.

"How dare you, you little runt." Kurenai said, enraged by Naruto's comment.

Hinata who had been waiting patiently but saw her chance and sprang out of the bushes. She ran silently, hoping Naruto would distract Kurenai further. Too bad Sasuke saw the opportunity as well and began running faster then her. She wasn't going to let him beat her, she was going to leave training early. She picked up her speed and soon they were neck to neck. They glared at each other for a minute, Sasuke's eyes clearly stating "You might as well give up."

"Ah...Kurenai-chan." Naruto pointed behind her, but she ignored him. "KURENAI-CHAN." He said louder.

"WHAT!" She responded back. "Behind you." Naruto chuckled. Kurenai turned back and was startled to see the two racing to her. Hinata ran faster seeing the flag in her grasp.

"I got it." She said grabbing onto the flag. "No way." Sasuke said grabbing for it as well. The four of them tumbled down, landing hard onto the ground. "Is everyone okay?" Sakura asked coming out of the bushes. Kakashi, Kiba and Shino also went to check on the fallen ninjas. Hinata felt a strong weight on her and slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was a bit blurry but in her hold, she felt the silky flag. "I got it." Hinata said to herself, proud. Still feeling the pressure, eye vision became clear and soon someones form came into view.

"NO WAY!" Kiba shouted, digging his hands into his hair. "Sasuke won... the bet." Naruto said sitting up from the ground.

It was true, the Uchiha had fallen on top of Hinata, holding onto her chest, and too shocked to let go.