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Ichigo hadn't been feeling himself lately he almost felt…happy. Ever since that night…


It was Christmas-eve at the Kurosaki Clinic they had run out of eggnog so Isshin sent Rukia and Ichigo out to get more. Ichigo found himself walking with Rukia side-by-side down a secluded road as the snow slowly drifted down from the heavens. They were all alone, just the two of them. He was blushing profusely just thinking about it. Rukia wasn't noticing because she was too amazed by the little frozen rain droplets slowly drifting down on her tongue. By the time they were on their way back Rukia was shivering. Ichigo noticed and wrapped his coat around her. She looked surprised and turned to him looking at him with her questioning, violet eyes. His actions dawned on him and he blushed, but not wanting her to know his true feelings for her, he said, "You were shivering and you looked cold." Caught off guard by him being so sweet and kind she just blushed and looked away. Ichigo said "Consider it as an early Christmas present." and he smiled. When they got back Isshin had a little surprise waiting for them. When they walked in the door everyone giggled. Confused, Ichigo asked "What the hell is going on!?" Isshin just smiled and pointed up. Ichigo realized that they were under the mistletoe. He blushed and said, "Hell no!" Isshin laughed and said "If you don't, no presents for you and Ruk-ii-aa!" he said in a sing-song voice. Rukia just looked sad and asked Ichigo "What does your dad mean?" Ichigo just sighed and said "It is a Christmas tradition that if two people meet under the mistletoe the have to..have to… Have to...kiss." Rukia immediately blushed and said "But I want my presents…" "Are they worth kissing Ichigo for?" asked Isshin. "Well maybe n-…" but before she could finish Ichigo bent down and locked lips with her, sending oohs and aahs throughout the room. As they slowly pulled apart their eyes met. As she looked in his amber eyes she was content like nothing else ever had. They both blushed and looked away. Ichigo took this opportunity to go into the kitchen and drop-off the eggnog.

End Flashback

It was all he could think about, walking with her down that romantic road and the sweet

succulent taste of her lips. Screw school and screw the hollows nothing would ever have

his full attention, nothing but her. From her midnight hair to her beautiful violet eyes

to her beautiful pale soft skin, she was perfect in every aspect. He had to have her as his

own. He waited until after school when they were alone in his room to approach her.



"I need to talk to you."

She slowly opened her closet door. "What do you want to talk about?"

"It's about Christmas-eve. You know when we..um…"


"Yeah. Um…I kinda liked it…"

Surprised by what he said she blushed. "Well..um…thanks?"

"I don't think you understand…I was wondering if we…um…could …maybe…do it




"I guess so" She then pulled him down by his collar and kissed him on the lips, this time with passion. Ichigo's eyes widened and melted into the kiss, drinking in her beautiful scent and tasting her luscious lips. After five minutes or so they slowly separated looking deeply into each other's eyes, simultaniously they realized what words could never describe.

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