Danny Phantom: The Legacy Continues

By: Hordak's Pupil

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Author's notes: At the beginning of Alpha et Omega I said that it was my final fic, well I have one last idea for a story and I hope you enjoy it.

Nightshadow24: I just write down what comes to me, if the daemons of writing say 'here's an idea' then I write, I thought Alpha et Omega was the last in my series but apparently, there's another tale to tell.

Mystery Writer5775: I always support our ghost boy, but I had the idea of Danny dying in the end so I wrote it down.

Shiva the Sarcastic: Thank you for beautiful comments, no one has ever thanked me for my fanfics (not that I expect them to). It is nice to know that you enjoy my stories. I'm glad you liked the addition of Dr. Strange; he's one of my favorite marvel characters and wanted him to be in it.

Chapter I: The Devil Leads the Dance


Things have been quiet since Danny's death; Clockwork has kept most of the ghosts quiet but every once in awhile a ghost escapes (namely the Box Ghost) and I'm called in to handle it, even though sometimes I wonder if I'm too old to hunt ghosts.

Ann's growing up, she's 16 and attends Casper High School (you won't believe who her teacher is, Mr. George Lancer, the nephew of the original Mr. Lancer) she's doing good especially in science (Danny would proud of her).

Even though he's gone, there are times where I feel his presence, it could be as simple as feeling the wind blow through my hair or even hearing it speak to me sometimes (it sounds like it's saying my name 'Valerie…Valerie') and I remember Clockwork's words that Danny will always watch over me and sense of calm washes over me.


Things have been rather tense at school, everyone is talking about the CATs and I haven't been sleeping well. I keep having dreams about a strange man that looks like a vampire, he keeps saying 'you're mine Anima Fenton' it creeps me out and causes me fall asleep in Lancer's class, in fact I can feel my eyes closing now.

"Bram Stoker! Fenton, pay attention," he snaps as I wake up, "I would like to see you after class Ms. Fenton," he says as he continue about how important these tests are and how they helped him became a teacher (I wonder if the original Lancer was this bad?).

While he drawls on about the tests, my mind wanders to other things, like my father. Mom tells me that he was a great hero who died to save the Earth from a powerful threat, I wish I could have known him, sometimes I dream about him (my mom says he had the most beautiful blue eyes and the most beautiful soul you can imagine) and his heroism but my dreams have grown dark and I fear what they mean.


Time, it is strangest of things; they say it heals all and yet I, the master of time, am still wounded not by sword but sadness.

My spirit still greaves from Danny's passing from the mortal realm to the spiritual, I wish he was still alive so I could talk to him, he was the only person who appreciated my work (unlike the Observants, all do is complain) but as always time moves on.

I decided to see how things were going on Earth, "that's strange," I commented as I saw the mirror gaze into a realm it had never looked at before, something tells me that I better keep my eye on this.


Nothingness that is what surrounds me, nothing. I float in the emptiness of Limbo where time and space do not exist and I remain forever 44 while the world changes and shifts through time.

This does not upset me, for I know I will get back to earth and destroy Daniel for trapping me here.

While I was busy thinking of ways to kill him I heard a voice say, "Vlad….Vlad Masters…Vlad Plasmius….Vladimir answer me," it was dark and sounded more like a growl than a human voice.

"who's there," I ask, half curious and half scared of who is calling me, could there possibly be someone else in this void or was it simply my dark imagination laying tricks on me again (recently, I keep imagining that I see Maddie in here, but I know that can't be true).

"I go by many names, Vlad Masters, but you may call me Mephisto," the voice replied, that name rings a bell to me could it be that I am talking to the Devil himself?

"Are you the Devil?" I ask worriedly, I know that talking with Devil is bad news, but still he can give you anything you want and that entices me to speak further.

"Some think of me as him, but that's not important, the reason I am here is because of you my friend," he says as a shadowy figure emerges, "tell me, Masters, what would you do to get out of here," he asks, the words send a chill up my spine, I would do anything to be free of this dimension, but still would I risk Eternal Torment, I am evil but even thought of that accursed place terrifies me.

"I…would…give…anything," I told him hesitantly, but I felt the fear leave me and a strange feeling overtake me, I no longer feared torment, my only thought was revenge I would make Daniel suffer for this, "I would give anything to escape Limbo," I told him darkly.

"What about your soul?" the figure asked, "Give me your soul and I will not only free you but I will make you the most powerful halfa ever," he said holding out his hand, "What do you say Plasmius?" he asked on last time.

"I will give my soul to you and pledge myself to your fiery kingdom, if you would just free me and allow me to return so I may have revenge," I said taking his hand, it was hot was if he placed on it coals, but it did not burn my hand.

"Follow me, Vladimir, for I am your master now, all this will I give you, if you but serve me," he said as he opened a portal and we left Limbo.