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Chapter IX: Guardian Angel


There are certain things a mother never wants to see, among them seeing your child being tortured.

I watched in agony as Mephisto tormented Anima with his fire bolts, I could feel her pain as they seared her skin and she cried to me, I wanted to reach over to her but I was strapped to a platform and all I could do is cry.

I saw her look up and shout out 'Jesus' praying that the pain would stop, at the sound of the name Mephisto stopped as he saw a bright light fill the room and from the light came the one man I thought I'd never see again, my love, Danny.

He was dressed in armor and seemed brimming with confidence as he Mephisto began to fight. It was truly an awesome as the forces of Satan and God clashed in the lab.

The battle continued for awhile, the forces seemed matched until Danny pulled out his secret weapon and transformed into Danny Phantom.

"By Lucifer, what manner of sorcery is this," Mephisto exclaimed as he beheld Danny's transformation, "you're an angel, you're not supposed to have that kind of power at your disposal," Mephisto said as Danny smiled.

"You'd be surprised what I can do," Danny smiled as he blasted Mephisto with an ecto-blast sending him flying through the room.

"You'll pay for that," Mephisto hissed as he got up and blasted Danny with a fire bolt but Danny blocked with a silver shield.

"This battle is pointless," Danny hissed as he duplicated himself and blasted Mephisto to the ground, "you will never win," he went as dodged an attack by Mephisto.

"That's what you think Daniel," I heard Vlad's voice say as he tried to sneak up on Danny but Danny knew stopped by firing a silver and green arrow at him pinning to the wall.

"Now Mephisto, let's end this battle," he said turning to the demon with a smile.

"Not so fast," he sneered as he grabbed me and Anima by our throats, his grip was like a vice and burned our skin, "I have hostages and one false move and…,"he said as he stamped his foot and a chasm opened up in the floor, flames shot up and I could hear throngs of people crying and screaming in darkness, "That's right ghost angel I'll send them body soul into my world, where they will burn for all time," he said laughing as he lowered us until I could feel the flames burn the soles of my boots.

I was sweating with fear, I could feel the heat throughout my body and I could barely breathe as I heard the cries of a million souls scream for mercy, what would Danny do and what would become of us.

Danny knelt down on the ground, closed his eyes and begin to pray in Latin, suddenly the sky opened up and two winged beings wearing the same armor that Danny wore before he transformed freed us from Mephisto and landed us on the ground then guarded us.

"You seriously didn't think that would work, Mephisto," Danny said as he opened his eyes and fried an arrow at Mephisto but the demon jumped out of the way.

"Foolish boy, I am the prince of fallen angels, the father of lies, and you are nothing compared to me," he said as he blasted Danny with fire bolts mercilessly, "you should not have interfered because it will be your end," he cackled.

Danny hid behind his shield, the heat not even bothering him a bit, "You are so arrogant, you really think you're pathetic tricks are a match for the power of God," Danny said as he stood up and drew his sword, "You shall now see what true power is," he said as he plunged his sword in the ground.

Suddenly bright light emitted from the sword as it transformed into an ornate crucifix, light poured forth from the wounds on the figure's hands, feet, and side and struck Mephisto.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" Mephisto screamed as he tried to hide behind his cape but the light pierced through his cape and seemed to burn him, "Please! Take it away from me I cannot look at it," he pleaded as he fell to his knees.

"Submit, to the one who crushed you beneath his feet," Danny said as he blasted him with an ecto-blast sending him to the ground, "Submit, ancient dragon, if that tempter you be, before the one whose name is placed above all else," Danny continued as he blasted Mephisto again.

"NO! I WON'T I CAN'T! PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY!" he screamed as he drew his cape closer to himself, "Power of Darkness, shield me from my foe's attack," he called forth but nothing happen.

"You are powerless against the power of Heaven," Danny told him forcefully, "And now I command you to leave Mephisto…," Danny paused for a second, "In the name of Jesus Christ!" he finally said.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" Mephisto cried in pain as the ground opened up before him, "NO!" he screamed as he went spiraling backwards into the chasm before he vanished and the chasm disappeared, the battle was over.

Dr. Strange

Danny Phantom had done it, he had defeated Mephisto, once the light had subsided, I looked around, Vlad was unconscious.

I walked over to him, his hands had returned to normal and his eyes were once again human, Mephisto's dark control over his soul was broken.

"What's going to happen to him?" Valerie asked as I freed her and War Machine from the platform.

"I sense that there is still a speck goodness in Vlad's dark soul, he will end up in Purgatory will he will work off the misdeeds of his life and obtain perfection," I told them as I released Vlad and examined him, his vitals were weak and he wouldn't last long.

Valerie turned to Clockwork, "How long will he be in Purgatory?" she asked him, wondering how long Masters would suffer for his crimes.

"Even I am not sure, time flows differently in the afterlife than on Earth, a thousand years passes within a blink of an eye and even the longest time will pass shortly," he explained to her calmly as the ground began to shake, "we need to leave, the castle is falling apart without Mephisto's energy," he said as he used his powers to teleport us out of here.


I don't remember what happened much; the last thing I remember is seeing who I think was Danny Phantom protecting me, after that everything is a blank.

When I woke up, I found myself lying on the ground, "What happened?" I asked myself as I sat dizzy and confused.

"You were hurt by Mephisto, honey, but don't worry, he's gone you're safe," I heard my mom's voice say as I opened my eyes, sat up, and hugged her, "it's okay Ann, you're safe," she whispered to me lovingly.

When we broke the embrace, I noticed that Danny Phantom was still with us, he was no longer dressed in armor but in normal clothes, "Dad?" I said as he looked at me lovingly and nodded.

"Yes Ann, it's me," he said as he walked over to me and hugged, "I'm so proud of you, Ann, I've been watching you from Heaven and couldn't be more pleased," he said with a smile.

"So you know what happened to me?" I asked him curiously.

"I do, couldn't you sense me in the cell with you, Ann?" he asked, it dawned then what he meant, 'he' was the presence I felt in my cell that warm comforting feeling that kept going while imprisoned, it was him, keeping me safe all the time.

"I do remember," I told him as we let go, "I guess I'm just like you now," I told him with a bit of a laugh.

"You'll make a fine ghost hunter, Ann, Clockwork will train you to use your powers and when you're ready you'll be ready to help your mom," he said with a smile, now it is time to return to Heaven, thank you for giving me the chance to fight this battle," he said before we vanished in a flash of light.


I watched as my ghost boy left our sight once again, my heart aches that we have to be separated from him again, but I know he is happy and I have Anima as an eternal reminder of him.

"I think it is time, we take our leave as well," Dr. Strange said after Danny had vanished.

"Thank you for helping us Dr. Strange and you too War Machine," I said turning to my two allies, "I owe you two big time," I said shaking their hands.

"You're an employee of Stark Enterprises, Valerie, we're like a family and family helps each other out," War Machine said, he was right ever since we first working for him, Tony Stark has helped us out big time, if it wasn't for him the Fenton Works would probably wouldn't be standing right now.

"It is always an honor to fight along side you Valerie, I pray that Vishanti will watch over you and Anima always," he said as he bowed and vanished along with Wong whirl War Machine took off leaving me, Anima, and Clockwork remaining.

"Valerie, with your permission, I would like Anima to spend some time with me in the Ghost Zone training. She is strong and I feel the training will help her control her powers and avoid the 'mishaps' that Danny tumbled through," Clockwork said as he changed from an adult to an old man.

"That's up to her Clockwork," I said as I turned to my daughter, "What do say Anima, I know Clockwork wouldn't let anything to happen to you and it would help control your powers better so you won't go falling through floors like your father," I told her.

"Sure why not, when do we begin sir," she said turning to the master of time excited by the fact that she would learn how to use her powers and be able to help with the ghost hunting.

"Tomorrow, after school is done, I'll come for you. I advise to dress warmly the Ghost Zone cold," he said with a smile.

"Okay, I'll wait for you," she said before Clockwork vanished back into the Ghost Zone, leaving me and Anima alone.

"Come on Ann, you'll need to rest up so you're alert for Clockwork tomorrow," I said as I activated my jet boots and she transformed into her ghost form and took off for home.


Years have passed since I received my powers and thanks to Clockwork's help I can control them.

My mom passed away a year ago but I am not alone, I have a family of my own and like mom and dad, me and my husband, Dave, are a team of ghost hunters, he is the Red Hunter and I am the Phantom Soul and together we are the heirs to the legacy of one of the greatest heroes to live, Danny Phantom!

The End.