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One Of Us

Nighttime came and everyone was gathered in the throne room and Snoopy, who was healed by Glowworm, kneeled before Master Fung on his throne.

Fung let out a long sigh as he said, "Snoopy, your actions prove to us that you can be very disloyal, and whether you or your friends were being threatened, you still conspired against us!" He trailed off, leaving everyone wondering what was next. Snoopy bowed his head, knowing he did a bad thing. "And in the end…" here he smiled, "…you have saved us all. And for that we are forever grateful."

"Thank you, Your Highness," Snoopy said, bowing his head.

Then, Rai and his buddies ran to Snoopy and hugged him.

"Way to go, little dude!" Sora smiled.

"You rock Snoopy!" Lilo cheered, then noticed the worried look on Stitch's face. "Stitch, what's wrong?"

"I can't find Angel anywhere. She's been chubby for the last couple of days and slinked off after we came in."

"Do you think-?" Naminè said, but was interrupted when Angel came in, smiling and holding eight little bundles.

"Stitch, say hello to your new children," angel said as she pointed to each one of them, "Ryan 'Pride', Sid 'Sloth', Dino 'Wrath', Kooky 'Envy', Salina 'Lust', Morton 'Gluttony', Kevin 'Greed', and Stitch Jr. Pelekai."

Stitch was in shock, but smiled as he held the kids. Winter turned to Glowworm and whispered, "Guess Trog birth goes faster than human birth." Glowworm nodded her head and turned to Stitch Jr. "Looks like you gotta go home."

"Okay," Stitch Jr. sighed. "Good-bye, friends!" he cried as he hugged his pals. "I'll never forget you."

"You know we can just see you anytime now, right?" Dash said.

"Oh, right. Just spoil the moment!" Stitch Jr. snapped. He waved as Glowworm sent him to his time period.

"Well, looks like everything ended happily," Raimundo smiled as he and his pals hugged their girlfriends.

"Just a second," Winter said as she walked over to Hal. "Look, I'm sorry about nagging at you all the time about that boat incident. You and your animals are good people, so, if Pan and I are gonna stick around for awhile, is it okay for us to bury the hatchet and you can stay here?"

Hal thought for a moment, but then he smiled. "Okay; me and my animals will stick around and I accept your apology."

"Yeah! You guys get to live here!" Glowworm cheered as she hugged her friends.

"Winter can't resist me anyways," Hal gloated. Everyone sweat-dropped as Winter turned red.

"YOU LITTLE SICKO!" she screamed as she began to chase him. "I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!"

"WinterLoveSong! Have mercy, I'm sorry!" Hal yelled as Bandanna and the guys laughed righteously.

"Idiot," Dash sighed as he pecked Lilo on the cheek.

"A very happy, yet odd, turn of events," Fung smiled as he looked at Rai. "And now that that's taken care of, Raimundo, or should I say 'Royal Advisor.'"

"Master Fung, I'm honored, but…"

"BUT!?" Snoopy shouted, running to Rai and knocking Dojo off his shoulder. Dojo started to curse in Chinese as Pan and Lilo held him back.

"But is such a strong word!"

"Snoops, I can't be his Royal Advisor," Rai argued.

"WHAT!?" Snoopy hollered. "Master Fung, this guy's off his hinges! I mean, he had to battle all day! Don't listen to him!"

Dash ran to Rai and grabbed his collar, screaming, "WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, MAN!?"

"The world," Raimundo said simply. Dash whispered in his ear, "Listen, Rai. I know that we always got your back, but work with me here." Just then, the Stitch kids tackled Dash and covered his mouth with Dino saying in a baby voice, "Idiot."

"What I mean is, I want to see the world," Rai said. "I don't want to be cooped up forever. There's too much to do and see."

"The guys and I second that emotion," Roxas agreed as the boys nodded.

"What about your girlfriends?" Snoopy said. At this point, Simba was getting sick of hearing Snoopy talk. "Do you think these beautiful ladies wanna wait here forever? AHHH!" Simba pounced on Snoopy.

"We most certainly won't," Kairi said.

"There; ya' see!" Snoopy smirked.

"We want to see the world as well," Kimiko said as the girls kissed their boyfriends. The Stitch kids and Dojo gagged at this as the genies and their two friends smiled. Hal and the animals just rolled their eyes.

"Alright, that's it!" Snoopy ranted as he paced around the room with no one actually caring. "Enough of this crazy talk; how come I'm always stuck with the dreamers?" The scene switches to the shot of the palace as Snoopy continued ranting. "Does anyone care about the hero's feelings?!"

"Aw, give it a rest!" Halo and Bandanna shouted as Halo could be heard bonking Snoopy on the head. The Stitch kids' laughter could be heard as Snoopy and Halo fought.

Down at the courtyard, Heinrich is still hanging on the branch, looking disappointed.

"Hello?" Heinrich called. "Will someone please GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!?"

Just then, the branch broke as the boy tumbled down. He mumbled as he got up, then kicked his foot on the tree. Hard.

"Ow!" Heinrich cried out in pain as he clutched his foot. He stormed off, mumbling all the way.

Later that night, fireworks exploded over the nightscape to celebrate Jack's defeat. Rai, Kim, and their pals were flying on Dojo as they sang their song from the last fic.

Rai and boys: A whole new world

Kimiko and girls: A whole new life

Everyone: For you and me!

Chorus: A whole new world!

The couples kissed as they flew off into the night sky.

The Genies, Pan, Winter, and Hal could be seen watching.

"Don't you just love happy endings?" the Genies, Winter, and Pan winked at the audience as Hal said, "Hey! Where are Bandanna, Halo, and the Trogs?"

At the Bazaar, a Yin-Yang bird with two quarters in his mouth flew to the ground. Just then, Eddy jumped the bird and a fight could be heard off screen. Eddy came into the screen, a little hurt, but holding his money.

"My money!" he cried triumphantly. "Take that, you crazy authoress!"

Suddenly, his money was swiped Salina, while she, her brothers, and Bandanna rode on Halo.

"And that, my dear children, is how you rob from a sucker!" Bandanna and the Stitch kids laughed as Halo rode off.

"MY MONEY!!" Eddy screamed angrily, chasing after the thieves. Kuzco watched as he said, "He will never win."

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