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Wyatt held his younger brother Chris as their adopted parents' caskets were lowered into the ground. Their parents had deserved a much better ending than the one that they had received. Four days before, they had been driving home from their twenty-second anniversary dinner at the most expensive restaurant in San Fransisco, Charmed, when their little car had been blind-sided by a delivery truck. The crash had caused a pile-up that had killed Jon and Mary Perry on impact; nine people in all had lost their lives.

Thinking back, Wyatt realized that the last time he had seen either of his parents alive had been two days before the crash. He had stopped by to check up on his brother and to see what was going on in his family's lives.


Wyatt picked his brother up and then dropped him onto the bed. Grabbing his younger sibling's arms in one hand, he used the other to tickle torture the eleven-year-old into submission.

"Fine! Fine, I give up!" Chris gasped, as he struggled not to laugh. "I won't make fun of your grades anymore!"

Giving in to the need to laugh, he writhed and wriggled, trying to find a way to get out from underneath his older brother's tickling fingers.

"I don't think that was the apology I was looking for!" Wyatt yelled as he unmercifully tickled Chris.

"Fine, I'm sorry! Just please stop!"

Grinning wildly, Wyatt released his brother's arms and dropped his hands to his side. "So how has school been?"

Chris lay there for a few more moments, trying to re-catch his breath, before he finally answered. "Everything has been okay."

At this, Wyatt frowned. When Chris said something was 'okay', it normally meant that everything had been going bad.

"It was that creep Ryan again, wasn't it?" Wyatt demanded, anger bubbling at the mere thought of someone hurting his younger brother.

Chris smiled sadly, "No Wy. It wasn't Ryan. Now stop worrying or you'll have wrinkles before you turn twenty."

Wyatt blinked in surprise. "Did you just make a joke?" he asked.

Chris looked at his elder brother as if he was stupid. "Yes."

"Since when have you been making jokes?" asked Wyatt, his shock growing with every word that Chris said.

"Since when have you been serious?" Chris asked sharply.

Wyatt laughed. "Touché. So what are the plans for your big birthday bash?"

Chris snorted. "You know I'm not going to invite anyone. The only people I would even want there are Mom, Dad, and you. You are going to come right?" he asked worriedly.

Smiling, Wyatt replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."


Just after that, he had realized that he was going to be late for class and had rushed out the door. He hadn't even told his mother goodbye. Suddenly flooded with shame, he realized that he couldn't even remember the last time he had hugged either of his parents, or told them how much he loved and appreciated them.

And now he had to take care of Chris, and he had no idea what he was going to do. Both of his parents were the only children in their families, and his grandparents were all dead. He had no family, no one to help him take care of his brother who needed and deserved so much more.

Even worse, what if someone tried to take Chris away from him? Their parents had never been rich, not by any stretch of the imagination, and he was nineteen, still in college. What if social services felt that he was an unfit guardian? If they tried to take Chris away from him, Chris wouldn't be able to handle it. He needed stability in his life as much as possible.

Not for the first time in his life, Wyatt cursed Chris's former foster parents. They made Chris's life a living hell when he was younger, and had made it a mission to completely ruining his self worth and self esteem.

Their mother, Mary Perry, had been a social worker who worked on the child-welfare cases that got lost in the torrent of abuse and neglect in the city of San Francisco. When she had found a child that hadn't been checked on since he had been placed with his foster parents, six years before, she immediately got into her car and drove to their listed address.

When she arrived, she knew that she wasn't going to get a good reception from Francis and Julia Tellworth. The apartment building that the Tellworths lived in was unclean and peeling paint. There was no greenery outside at all; everything that may have once been alive looked like it had been dead for years.

Weeds grew through the cracks in the sidewalk, and she could hear rap music and yelling pounding through the walls of the building.

She hurried into the stairwell, and proceeded up to the third floor, where apartment 3F was located. She knocked on the door, and waited a few seconds before a male voice resounded, "What do ya want?"

"My name is Mary Perry, and I'm from Social Services. I'm here to check up on Christopher Johnson. Is he here?"

"There is no Christopher Johnson here, go away!" the gruff voice shouted through the door, sounding slightly panicked.

"Are you sure, because the last known address for Francis and Julia Tellworth was apartment 3F in Building 5-"

"Go away!" the voice shouted, "You have no business here!"

"Okay. Thank you for your time." With that, Mary promptly turned and walked in place, making it seem like her footsteps were receding.

About a minute after the end of the conversation, she heard yelling coming from the apartment. Hearing enough, Mary briskly walked down the stairs, pulling her cell phone out of her purse.

Stepping outside, she opened the phone, and dialed the police station.

The police arrived fifteen minutes later, and went upstairs. They had searched the apartment, and had found Christopher curled up in a closet. He had signs of several recent beatings, and was extremely skinny.

During his foster parents arrest, Christopher didn't make a sound. He was quiet all the way to the emergency room, and answered the doctor's questions in a quiet whisper. On the car ride to the social-services office, Mary finally gave up trying to make him talk. He refused to say anything, unless he was addressed first, and then only spoke with monosyllabic answers..

At the office, Mary found out that there was nowhere for Christopher to stay, and volunteered to take him home with her.


Wyatt remembered that the three Perry's had taken trying to get Chris to talk willingly as a personal crusade. It was only two days later that they decided to adopt him.

When Wyatt felt something tugging at his sleeve, he reluctantly came out of his thoughts. Only then did he realize that the burial was over and everybody was leaving.

Looking down at his brother, Wyatt said, "Let's go home, okay?"

Chris nodded and the two brothers in everything but blood made their way to Wyatt's car.


Phoebe had just finished her advice column when a reporter and a photographer threw open the main door and burst into the office. They were talking excitedly between themselves, and the photographer was holding his camera close to him as if it was a small child.

Her interest peaked; Phoebe decided to find out what story the two had cobbled together. "Hey, Brian! What do you have there?"

Turning excitedly, the reporter replied, "Just one of the best follow up stories this paper has ever seen!"

That was the catalyst, now Phoebe had to know. "Oh. Are you going to tell me what it is?" she prompted.

"You know that big pile-up a few days back?" Brian asked.


"Well, we just came from the funeral of that one couple, you know, the Perry's. The ones that just turned into the wrong lane at the wrong time."

"I remember."

"They left behind two adopted sons, and the funeral had literally TONS of people at the burial. Apparently the couple volunteered and donated to several charities, and were considered saints by the masses."

"Uh huh." Phoebe replied. She didn't see how this was the best story that the paper had ever seen yet.

"Well, the oldest son is nineteen, and is going to a local college, and he was abandoned on an orphanage doorstep when he was about a year old. The youngest is turning twelve in two weeks, and his parents were killed in a car crash when he was only a few months old. He was rescued from his foster parents because they were extremely abusive six years ago, by Mary Perry."

"So, these saint like people were killed, their nineteen year old son is going to be left to take care of his almost twelve year old brother, and they were both adopted by the Perrys who, according to you, were almost saints. How does this add up into the greatest story the paper has ever seen? I mean, it's sad, and it's a really good story, but the best?" Phoebe asked.

"Just look at this picture." Brian said, as the photographer shoved a newly printed picture into her face.

The picture was of a burial, with about twenty people surrounding the lowering caskets. The two youngest people there were a grief stricken teenager, who was holding a sobbing child. Phoebe noted with mild interest that the teenager looked slightly like her brother-in-law, when she was thrust into a premonition.


Wyatt and Chris finally made it home, after being stuck in traffic for an hour. The house that both of them had grown up in seemed cold and dreary, almost as if it knew that Mary and Jon weren't coming back.

Both Chris and Wyatt kicked off their dress shoes, before heading to their respective rooms. Wyatt slowly opened the door that guarded the room he had held since his early childhood.

He loosened his tie, and then stared at it for a moment before throwing it across the room. Wyatt went into a frenzy, ripping off all of his funeral wear.

Wyatt had just finished pulling on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt when his door opened again. Chris stood outside, dressed in shorts and a long sleeved shirt.

"Can I come in?" he asked quietly, sniffling.

"Sure," Wyatt replied, patting the bed next to him as he sat down on it.

Chris sat down on the bed, and then asked the question that Wyatt dreaded answering. "What happens to us now?"

"I don't know Chris. I just don't know."

Chris buried his face in Wyatt's chest and started sobbing. Wyatt wrapped his arms around his younger brother, and started to rub his back, closing his eyes as he did so.

Neither of them noticed the golden glow emanating from Wyatt's palm.


Phoebe came out of the premonition with a gasp. Brian and the photographer were surrounding her, both asking her if she was okay. Waving them off, she hurriedly asked if she could keep the picture, then rushed over to her assistants desk.

"Lisa! I need to go home, it's another family emergency-"

Lisa held up a hand. "Say no more, just go. I'll tell Elise."

"Thanks Lisa, you're a life saver." Phoebe said before running out the door.

Shaking her head in amusement, Lisa muttered, "That's what you keep on telling me.


Piper sat crying in the attic, holding a small stuffed bear when her sister Paige orbed in. "Piper! I think I have a new demon- Piper, what's wrong?"

"Paige!" Piper stuttered, "I didn't see you there. Nothings wrong. So what's this about a demon?"

"Piper, don't change the subject. Is that Wuvey?" Paige asked as understanding swept through her. "Oh honey."

"I know I'm being stupid," Piper sniffled, "but it's so hard not having him here! We missed his whole childhood and, and-", she broke down into sobs.

Without a word, Paige wrapped her sister in her arms and hugged her while she cried.

They stayed in that position for ten minutes before they heard the front door slam open and Phoebe yell, "Is anybody here?"

"Up here Phoebe!" Paige yelled back.

They heard high heels clattering on the stairs before Phoebe burst into the room. "You will never guess what I just had a premonition about!"

Piper pulled away from Paige and wiped her eyes, before asking, "What did you see?"

"I saw Wyatt!" was the reply.

"What?" Piper asked.

"I saw Wyatt and his little brother." Phoebe said.

"That's impossible. Wyatt was an only child." Piper barked, upset that her sister would lie about something that hurt her so much.

Phoebe sighed impatiently, "We know that Wyatt was adopted, right?"

"Yes, that's why the Elders said we couldn't get Wyatt back after we managed to vanquish Zankou." Piper said slowly.

"So who's to say that Wyatt's adopted parents didn't adopt another child?" Paige asked, starting to catch on.

"Exactly!" Phoebe said, glad that they were on the same page. Or not.

"It doesn't matter if you had a premonition anyways," Piper argued, "The Elders won't let us try to find Wyatt because of his adoptive parents."

"But that's just it! Do you remember that bad pile-up a week ago?" Phoebe asked. When both of her sisters nodded, she continued, "The Perry's are the follow up story for that. I saw Brian and a photographer coming into the office, and I asked what they were so excited about.

"They told me that the Perry's had two adopted sons, Wyatt and Chris, and they printed a picture out for me. The older brother looks like Leo Piper! And his name was Wyatt. We made sure to leave a blanket with him that had his name on it, so that he kept his first name, if not his last."

"Just because his name is Wyatt and he looks like Leo doesn't make him our nephew Phoebe!" Paige said.

"But that's where the premonition comes in! I saw Wyatt holding Chris, and his hands were glowing gold when he was rubbing his back! I mean, white lighters can't heal emotional pain, but they can help a little. And besides, Wyatt is Twice-Blessed!"

"And you say that his parents just died?" Paige asked.

Phoebe nodded. "Yeah, their funeral was a few hours ago."

"So the Elders can't stop us from trying to get to him! And since when have we listened to the Elders anyway?" Piper said loudly.

Phoebe nodded, and was about to yell, 'Let's go!' when Paige said quietly, "But who says he wants to meet us? He just lost the people he's called 'Mom' and 'Dad' all his life. He would feel like he were betraying his parents if he got close to us. Not to mention the fact that we abandoned him, which would bring emotional problems even if he had loving parents."

Piper opened her mouth to protest, but Phoebe cut her off. "You're right. I was so excited about finding him that I didn't think about him. What if he doesn't want anything to do with us?"

"Wait a minute," Piper said, "Didn't you say that he was healing this kid's pain?"

"Yeah..." Phoebe said slowly, not understanding.

"Well then that means that his powers are unbound! Whether he wants anything to do with us or not, we have to help him. He won't have any control over any of his powers." Piper exclaimed worriedly.

"Well then that settles it!" Paige said, "We need to find out where Wyatt is and tell him what's going on. Just after we vanquish that demon I went after this morning."

"What demon?" Phoebe and Piper asked at the same time when a demon flamed into the attic.

"I've got you now, witches!"


Wyatt slowly ran his hand through Chris's hair as he slept on Wyatt's bed. Chris needed so much. What if Wyatt couldn't provide for his younger brother?

Chris had so many issues to deal with. He suffered from depression, and didn't think that his life was worth anything as long as other people were still hurting. Both were a lasting mark from Chris's time with the Tellworths.

Wyatt growled again; if he ever got his hands on those people…

Whether he could provide for Chris or not though, he didn't think Chris would care as long as Wyatt was with him.

Slowly, Chris stirred. "Wy?" he asked sleepily.

Smiling, Wyatt said, "Yeah."

"Why did they leave us?" he asked, emerald green eyes swimming with tears as they met Wyatt's blue.

"I don't know," Wyatt said, now fighting back tears as well. "I know that they didn't want to."

"Yeah," Chris said, "I know."


"Phoebe watch out!" Piper yelled as the demon threw an athame at her sister.

Phoebe turned and saw the danger she was in, but it was too late for her to dodge the knife heading towards her.

Just before the athame would have entered her chest, her younger sister called out, "Athame!", and it orbed into her hand. With another call of "Demon!", she sent it into the demon's heart, and flames began to lick at it's feet.

"Quick, read the spell!" Piper shouted.

They scrambled together while Phoebe pulled a folded piece of paper out of her pocket. "Cursed demon from the Underworld, Your evil will cause no more hurt; All pain to mortals you have caused, Let it vanquish you to the pits of hell."

The flames flicking at the demon suddenly burst into an inferno with such heat that it forced the sisters to avert their faces. A minute later, the demon exploded with one last shriek of agony, and the Charmed Ones sighed in relief.

"Paige," Phoebe said, "that spell sucks."

Paige looked down at the floor and Piper snorted, "At least it wasn't a haiku again."

Paige looked up angrily, "Hey! It worked, didn't it?"

"Forget that!" Piper said as her eyes lit up and walked to the door. "We need to go find Wyatt!"

"Um, aren't you forgetting something?" Phoebe asked as she watched her sister head down the steps.

"What do you mean? Oh, right! We need to tell Leo! He's going to ecstatic!"

Piper opened her mouth to call her husband's name, when Paige cut her off. "No sweetie, she means it's one in the morning, and no one answers their door this early."

"But we should still tell Leo," Phoebe added thoughtfully.

Piper glanced at her watch and sighed in defeat. They would have to wait for tomorrow to find Wyatt, but she could tell Leo now...

After they had had to bind Wyatt's powers and give him up for adoption because of the demon Zankou, their relationship had been strained. They still loved each other and they were still married, but they had been 'separated' for over fifteen years.

Piper bid both of her sisters good night as they left to go to their own families, before gathering up her courage and calling for her husband. "Leo!"

A few seconds passed before a flurry of orbs surrounded by a holy blue light came down through the ceiling and coalesced into her husband. He stepped forward and embraced her. "Hey."

"Hey," Piper smiled back. "We found him."

Leo blinked back tears and smiled. "I know, the Elders told me when they made Paige and I their white lighters"

"God Leo, we finally found him!" Piper exclaimed as she kissed him.

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