They passed the rest of the afternoon lazily. Lounging about reading, attempting a few games of chess. But despite the apparent calm there was an undercurrent of uncertainty and hostility running through their interactions. Sirius resolved to try to talk to Harry again, but this time he wanted to pick his moment more carefully. But the moment never did arrive.

Instead, Tonks rolled up at Harry's bedroom door and after a perfunctory knock she poked her head around the door and grinned at them as they huddled on opposite ends of the enormous velvet sofa, bare feet pressed together in the exact middle of the cushions.

"Are you two villains still coming tonight?"

Harry looked at Sirius out of the corner of his eye. "Is there a reason to suggest that we won't be?" He asked sharply.

Sirius winced. Great. Harry was still in a narky mood.

Tonks didn't seem to pick up on the ice in Harry's voice. "Cool. We're leaving at eight. Cars have been arranged; so don't be late coming down all right? You're unpopular enough as it is. Now, I don't suppose you've seen Remus lately have you?"

Sirius shook his head. "Not since breakfast."

"Busy festering in your little hidey-hole huh?" Tonks said knowingly. "Ron and Hermione are quite scarily pissed off with you two."

Sirius shrugged. "It isn't as if we just stuck them to some random person, if they had any sense at all they'd at least try to make the most of being attached to the person they fancy most. It's not like they even have to worry about their feelings being returned. Everyone knows Ron and Hermione are bloody mad about each other."

Tonks nodded. "Yeah, true. If it was me joined at the hip with the bloke I fancy and knowing for sure that he fancied me back… well, I reckon I'd be having a right good time with him about now. But it takes all sorts I suppose."

Sirius scented a hint of wistfulness. "Oh really? Who might this lucky bloke be?"

Tonks gave him a quelling look and started to close the door. "I'm not telling you who I'm interested in. You'd only make a pest of yourself trying to embarrass him."

"I'm a destroyer of budding romances everywhere." Sirius said gloomily as the door banged behind Tonks. "The big, halitosis-ridden slurping smooch of death to true love."

"Don't start that again." Harry warned, his big feet pushing against Sirius's for emphasis.

Sirius subsided behind his paper immediately and Harry immediately felt a bit guilty for being so bad-tempered with him. It wasn't Sirius's fault that he was a big clueless dope who had no idea that his godson had been pointlessly adoring him for years. It didn't make it less frustrating though.

Harry flipped his book to the floor with a careless thud that would make Hermione wince and scrubbed his fingers through his hair, considering the too-quiet Sirius hidden behind the newspaper. What can I do to shake him up? Harry wondered, because until he got some kind of definitive answer, with Sirius making his feelings - or lack of - clear one way or the other he wasn't going to just give up now.

Really, I should make the most of the whole stuck together thing while it lasts and try to get him into a situation where he'll have to betray any feelings he might have. Harry eyed the bathroom door, well they did have to shower and get ready to go out… and one of the good (or bad) things about being a bloke was that you couldn't exactly hide how sexually interested you were. And really, Sirius showing any kind of interest would be at least some indication that Harry stood a chance at getting the lover of his choice.

"No time like the present." Harry muttered.

"For what?" Sirius asked cautiously.

"To get naked." Harry replied bluntly, feeling very rewarded by the choking noises that promptly emanated from behind the Daily Prophet.

"We… ah, H-h-harry?"

And stammering incoherence too. Harry grinned, immediately feeling a lot more positive. Surely Sirius wouldn't be remotely bothered by the prospect of shared nudity unless he had some kind of secret feelings to hide?

"Well, I don't know about you," Harry drawled happily, "but I have a decent reputation to preserve and I intend to get clean and beautiful before we go out. And given our current situation that means you have to come too. So, shower time." He tweaked the newspaper from between Sirius's limp fingers, hauled him to his feet and started dragging him towards the bathroom.

For his part, Sirius was thinking of the most unpleasant things he could possibly envisage. Mundungus in a pink sequinned thong. Snape in a naughty medi-witch get-up. Molly Weasley with nipple tassels. Ugh. Sirius shuddered, wondering if he'd ever be able to enjoy sex again after those erection-killing thoughts.

Harry leaned into the shower cubicle and set the water flowing, letting the spray catch his toned forearms and glisten against his lightly tanned skin.

Sirius cringed and crossed his legs. Even Harry's arms were turning him on now - he really was so very screwed. Sex? So not a problem. Potential death-by-godson? Distinctly could be a problematic part of his near future.

Between the luxuriant gush of hot, steamy water that would soon be pouring over their naked bodies and the gleaming drops on Harry's skin there was more than enough going on in the bathroom to distract him from his desperate efforts to blot his passion out with unpleasant thoughts. There just wasn't a hope in hell that he was going to get through this shower with his dignity intact.

Hopefully Harry would be understanding enough to not kill him for it… after all, it wasn't as if he'd chosen to fall for Harry. It had just happened…

Harry watched Sirius out of the corner of his eye as he turned on the shower and pulled fresh towels from his bathroom closet. Sirius was standing on one leg and… squirming. The look on his face was dark and his mouth was pulled down at the corners. Harry frowned. Sirius definitely didn't look as if he was about to shower with the man of his dreams. Maybe Sirius just didn't want to be this close to anyone; he had said that he wasn't comfortable with the whole thing when they'd first stuck themselves together.

Harry angrily tossed the towels onto the edge of the basin and gave a small grunt of frustration.

It caught Sirius's attention and he couldn't help reaching for Harry, cursing himself as his hand came to rest on a strong shoulder. His palm itched and his fingertips began some tentative explorations before trying to roam off of their own volition, he glared at them, willing them to stay still. Apparently his body couldn't tell the difference between seductive and supportive.

He cleared his throat and firmly stilled his wandering hand. "What can I do to help Harry? Do you want to go and talk to the twins and actually explain the whole situation? You're their friend. They wouldn't like to be responsible for actually ruining your life or anything." Sirius pressed on doggedly. He'd make Harry happy if it killed him. "I'm sure they'll help us make sure that the only guy you have to share a shower cubicle with is Oliver."

Harry spun around and stared at Sirius disbelievingly. "Just stop!" He shouted and leaned over and kissed Sirius.

The kiss was over almost before Sirius had time to realise what was happening.

"There!" Harry shouted recklessly. "I did it! I kissed you! If you opened your eyes then you might see how long I've been wanting to do that!"

"You've been wanting to do that?" Sirius groaned.

"Yes." Harry said defiantly. "And even if you hate me now I'm glad I did it! I had to know what it would feel like!"

"And you say that I can't see what's under my nose?" Sirius remarked gleefully as he pulled Harry closer until their noses touched, desire burning through his veins.

"Huh?" Harry stumbled up against Sirius and had to steady himself by clutching his arms. Mmm, good arms. His fingers absently kneaded warm flesh.

"Harry." Sirius said patiently.


"Kiss me again."

"You mean… you wanted this too?" Harry gasped as he sagged back against the cool tile of his bathroom wall and Sirius followed, his body crowding and crushing Harry. His lips catching Harry's in a passionate kiss.

Sirius finally stopped kissing him only long enough to catch his breath.

"More." Harry demanded, his hands roaming freely all over Sirius now that he knew he Sirius welcomed and returned his interest.

"You've got more arms than the giant squid." Sirius chuckled as he swatted teasingly at Harry's hands as they groped his arse and thighs in speedy succession for the tenth time.

Harry blushed, "Eh, sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Sirius enthused. "Put them all to good use by taking your clothes off extremely quickly."

Harry snorted. "So romantic Sirius."

"I can do romance." Sirius protested as he eagerly assisted Harry by yanking inelegantly at his shirt buttons until they either came undone or broke.

"Mmm-Hmm." Harry politely responded, fond disbelief quite clear in his voice.

"I can." Sirius protested weakly as Harry twined his fingers into Sirius's hair and kissed him again, his tongue tangling hotly with Sirius's.

"Shower." Harry finally gasped as he stopped sucking on Sirius's lower lip; his hands already busy shoving down Sirius's jeans and slowly backing him towards the steaming cubicle. "I've had bad ideas about getting you into this shower all day."

Sirius stumbled his way out of his jeans and almost fell into the shower with Harry right behind him, still trying to kick off his own jeans.

"Do you think we're being a bit desperate?" Sirius asked as he grabbed Harry and pressed himself shamelessly against him. "Moving too fast?"

Harry ground himself against Sirius and licked his way down the side of his throat. "Probably. But as I've been wanking over you in this shower for years, I'm not stopping now I've finally got you in here too!"

Sirius gulped as Harry wrapped a determined hand around him and squeezed.

"Uhh, Harry. So good." Sirius whined before he could stop himself.

Harry grinned. "You're easily pleased. What if I get some lube out of my cupboard and we did this properly?" He asked invitingly.

Sirius snorted and trailed a hand down until he could grip Harry in a way that made him hiss between his teeth and cant his hips forward. "In here? With all this wet tile? One good thrust and someone would go flying across the room!"

Harry smiled and nipped at Sirius's lower lip. "Point taken."

"Later." Sirius promised him between kisses.

"Definitely." Harry moaned in response as Sirius stroked him.

As worked up as they were, they were gasping and coming in minutes.

Harry slumped against Sirius and let the warm water pound down, washing away any trace of their passion. "I think I could get addicted to this." He muttered and stepped back just far enough to look into Sirius's eyes.

Sirius tried to say something, but only a whimper made it, no words forming, just the thought of a name. He clutched Harry tighter and rained kisses down on his neck and jaw.

"Sirius?" Harry asked in amusement.

"Mmm." Sirius smiled dopily and put both hands up to scrape his wet, dishevelled hair away from his face.

Harry grabbed the shower gel, supposing that he should actually get clean as well as getting off and then he realised that Sirius was no longer touching him.

"Uhh?" He began.

But Sirius already had his hands on him again, before removing and reapplying them to Harry's abs with endearing enthusiasm. "We're unstuck." Sirius announced.

"Yeah." Harry agreed a little regretfully. "Just when I'd got to enjoy having you around."

Sirius squeezed the bottle of shower gel and assisted Harry in lathering up the handful of foam. "Well, the timing isn't bad. At least I've already had my wicked way with you and you aren't planning to run off with Oliver now you've had first hand knowledge of what being with me is like." He paused. "You're not going to run off with him are you?"

Harry rolled his eyes, better able to tolerate Sirius's blind spots when the man was naked and busy scrubbing his back.

"I told you before. Yeah, I like Oliver. But if I can have you… then I don't want anyone else. I was only planning on dating him because I thought I wouldn't be lucky enough to actually have a chance with the man of my dreams."

"Oh." Sirius seemed to digest that. "You do mean me, right?"

"Yes Sirius." Harry sighed happily as Sirius wrapped his arms around him and held him tight. "Definitely you. Only you."




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