In Cyber Commander's fanfic, "Yu-Gi-Oh Junior: Legacy of the Duelist," Yugi Jr. had to duel the Grim Reaper in order to rescue Anastasia Pegasus' soul from consumption.

Now, my own Grim Reaper character will be dueling my hero, the stakes might not be as high, but its still going to be intense.

Disclaimer: Honestly, if I owned Yu-Gi-Oh, I wouldn't be writing this, you wouldn't be reading it, I would be making the show, and you would be watching what you see here, right after I take over 4 Kids.


"Whether you think that you can,

or that you can't, you are usualy right."

-Henry Ford

When I was in the Duelist Dimension tournament, a lot of things stood out as weird or bizarre.

Next to the shadow game I had against Doppler, probably the weirdest was when I was brought to Hell by the legendary Grim Reaper, who turned out to be a woman named Jess.

Now she's come to me again, this time to test me to see if I'm ready to face the challenges before me.

And I hope that this duel will turn out well.







Katie blinks, she suddenly feels wide-awake as she looks around at her surroundings, a rock room with tapestries, and a throne at one end.

I've been here before, she thinks, and looks around nervously.

The last time she had been in a room like this, she had been visited by Jess, AKA the Grim Reaper, who brought her to Hell in order to learn more about her destiny and Doppler.

Right on cue, there is a galloping of horses, and the familiar figure of the Grim Reaper, wearing a hood and carrying a scythe, riding on a black horse comes through a vortex.

She lowers her hood, and lets her long braided hair fall down.

"Greetings, Katie, its been awhile," Jess says, and dismounts her horse.

"It sure has, Jess," Katie says with a polite bow. "So, what do you want from me this time?"

"Lets just say that the higher powers have decreed that I test you," Jess says, and raises her arm, her scythe dissapears, and a silver and black duel disk appears on her arm, and spreads out into a scythe-like card tray, that sort of reminds Katie of the Orichalcos Duel Disks, only not as sinister. "And now, Katie, we must duel!"

"Fine," Katie says, and her Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yami takes over, and then she activates her own duel disk.

"LETS DUEL!" the two say in unison.

"I'll go first," Jess says, and draws. "I'll start by setting one monster in defense mode, and end my turn."

Katie draws. "I'll summon my Breaker the Magical Warrior (1600/1000 + 300)!" she says, and a red armored warrior appears with a glowing circle on his shield. "I'll place one card face down, now Breaker attack her face down monster!"

The face down card is revealed to be a dragon with a mask.

"That was my Masked Dragon (1400/1100), and since you destroyed him, I can special summon another one from my deck," Jess says, and a second dragon appears in defense mode.

Okay, if these opening moves are any clue, she probably uses a Dragon deck, which is the last thing I would've expected, but oh well, Katie thinks. "I'll end my turn."

Jess draws. Hmm, my Dragon's Mirror spell card, I'll save this card for later, she thinks, and takes out another card. "Now, I'll activate my Pot of Greed Spell card," she says, and draws two cards. "Hey Katie, recognize this card?" She asks, and shows a card with an egg-like dragon.

"Yeah, that's a Ryu-Ran, not exactly the most useful card in the game," Katie says.

"True, but watch this, I activate Polymerization, and I'll fuse together my three Ryu-Ran's!" she says, and holds up 3 identical dragon. "To form this monster, a dragon that can only be formed through the fusion of three of the same dragons, other than Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the mighty, Ramoth, Queen of Dragons (??/??)!"

A huge silver dragon with a huge wingspan appears.

"What is that?" Katie says in shock. "Her attack points are non-existent!"

"I was just getting to that," Jess says with a smile, and then the Queen's attack goes up to 3300, and her defense to 3900. "Okay, I fused together three Ryu-Ran's, each have the stats of 2200/2600. Half of 2200 is 1100, times three is 3300. Half of 2600 is 1300, times three is 3900, giving Ramoth a total stats of 3300/3900, which makes her the most powerful monster on the field!"

Oh, I get it, its more like, Dragon fusion than actual dragon, which worries me, some of the best monsters in the game come from fusions, Katie thinks.

"I'll end my turn with one face down card, since I can't attack on the turn that my fusion monster was summoned," she says.

Katie draws. "I'm going to switch breaker to defense mode, and use his effect to get rid of your face down card!" she says, and a face down Burst Breath breaks into little tiny pieces. "And I'll end my turn by setting another monster in defense."

Katie draws. "I'm activating the effect of Ramoth, by removing 400 of her defense points, I can summon a dragon from my deck to the field!" She says, and takes a card out of her deck as Ramoth's defense falls to 3500. "And I pick, my Divine Dragon Ragnarok!" she says, and a spectral dragon appears. "Now, I'm going to activate my Fusion Sage spell card, in order to add my second Polymerization to my hand, and then I'm going to activate a spell card known as Magical Recycle."

"What's that do?" Katie asks.

"Magical Recycle allows me to once per turn add a spell card from my graveyard to my hand at the price of 500 life points, which I will pay now, to get back Pot of Greed," she says, her life points fall to 7500, and she activates the spell card, and draws two cards. "And while I'm at it, I'll fuse together the two monsters here, first my Divine Dragon Ragnarok and my Lord of Dragons, to summon the mighty King Dragun (2400/1200)!"

The two monsters fuse to form a huge spectral dragon.

"Now Rammoth, destroy her Breaker, Silver Lightning Attack!" Jess commands, and the dragon sends a blast of lightning at the magical warrior, destroying him. "Now King Dragun, attack her directly!" She continues, and the spectral dragon blasts Katie with fire, lowering her life points to 5600 before drawing two cards. "And I'll place this card face down, and call it a turn."

Her dragons are a pain, but not even she can summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon by fusion, if she even has one, Katie thinks, shuddering at the thought, but she drew nonetheless. "I'll set one monster in defense mode, and place a card face down to call it a turn."

Jess draws a card. "I activate Magical Recycle again," she says, and takes a card back as her life points fall to 7000. "Now Rammoth, destroy her face down monster, Silver Lightning attack!" Jess commands, and the dragon blasts at the face down monster, but the attack is reversed, and all three dragons shatter. "What? How on Earth did you do that?"

"I activate my Radiant Mirror Force, which destroys all your monsters in attack mode," Katie explains.

"Fine, I'll set one monster in defense mode, and its your move," Jess says.

Katie draws. "I summon my Illusionary Gentleman (1500/1600)!" She says, and a robbed spellcaster appears. "Now, attack her face down monster!" She says, and the sorceror sends a burst of magic, which reveals a dragon with dark blue scales, which throws a bomb at the spellcaster, who shatters. "What?"

"That was my Exploder Dragon, when he is destroyed, he destroys the monster that destroyed him," Jess explains.

"Fine, I end my turn there," Katie says.

Jess draws. "I activate Spell Economics," she says, and a book appears in front of her. "And, I activate my Magical Recycle, which I don't have to pay for because of my Spell Economics," she says, and takes a spell card out of her graveyard. "And I activate this card, Ancient Rules, so I can special summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000)!"

A black dragon appears with a roar, snorting smoke from his snout as he looks at Katie hungrily.

"Now Red-Eyes, destroy her face down monster, Inferno Fire Blast!" Jess commands, and the dragon sends a burst of fire at the face down monster, which is incinerated, but not before being revealed as a young spellcaster carrying a staff.

"Thanks, that was my Apprentice Magician, so I can set another level 2 spellcaster onto the field," Katie says, and takes a card out of her deck and sets it face down.

"Fine, its your move," Jess says.

My face down monster will buy me some time, but I'll need a miracle to win this right now, Katie thinks to herself, and draws a card slowly.


Back in reality, Ariel is still awake, and is soaking herself in a relaxing bubble bath. As she ducks her head under to wash the shampoo from her hair, she pauses suddenly, getting a strange feeling she gets up, and pulls on a robe.

Something's going on, I can't tell what, it doesn't seem sinister, it seems almost like someone is helping us, she thinks to herself, and enters the bedroom, and looks out the window at the dome above them. Whoever you are, please, get through.


Katie draws, glancing at the card, she grins. "Hey Jess a question, just how does Ancient Rules work?"

"It lets the user summon a level 5 or higher normal monster without a tribute," Jess says, a little worried now.

"All right, I activate Double Spell, so I'll discard a spell card from my hand like my Magical Blast," she says, discarding a card from her hand. "And I can duplicate your card's effect to summon my Dark Magician (2500/2100)!"

The purple robed sorceror appears, twirling his staff.

"And then, I activate my Card of Sanctity!" She continues, and draws 6 cards while Jess draws 3. "And I flip summon my face down monster, the Old Vindictive Magician, which destroys your dragon!"

A wizzened old sorceror appears, then blasts the dragon, who shatters.

No, that was my only defense, Jess thinks.

"And I sacrifice my Old Vindictive Magician, to bring out my favorite monster, the Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700)!" Katie says, and the buxom blonde sorceress appears in a fury of hearts, and gives Jess a wink, causing her to blush a little.

"Its been awhile hasn't it, Mana?" Jess asks, getting a nod from the DMG. "Sorry we couldn't meet again under better circimstances."

"Okay, now I'm lost, whats going on?" Katie asks.

"Oh, its a long story, but I've met with the Dark Magician Girl a couple of times in the Duel Monsters world," Jess says, getting a nod from Dark Magician Girl.

"Okay, now Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, attack her directly!" Katie commands, and the two spellcasters blast Jess, lowering her life points to 2500. "Your move, Jess."

Jess draws, and grins. "Well, enough playing around, its time to take you down," she says.

She's been stringing me along this whole time, whatever she has in her hand must be good, Katie thinks.

"First, I'll place one card face down, then I activate Dragon's Mirror, so I can remove from the game my three Ryu Rans, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Divine Dragon Ragnarok from the game, to summon this monster, my MYTHIC DRAGON (5000/5000)!" She says, and the 5 dragons are sucked into a portal from which emerges a large five headed dragon with a huge roar.

Holy crap, that thing? I don't know if I can beat it now, its too strong, Katie thinks.

"Katie, don't give up hope, we've beaten it before, and we can do it again," Yami says to her.

"Now Mythic Dragon, destroy her Dark Magician Girl, Pentacle Holocaust!" Jess commands, and the dragon's five heads blast the female spellcaster who screams as she shatters, and Katie's life points fall to 2600. "Your move, Katie."

Katie nervously draws. "I activate Polymerization, and I fuse together my Dark Magician and my Buster Blader to summon my Dark Paladin (2900/2400 - 6400/2400)!" She says, and a tall spellcaster carrying a large weapon that appears to be a sword mixed with a staff. "And I equip him with Scroll of Bewitchment, which turns him into a Light monster, now I'll attack your dragon with my Dark Blade, Dragon Slaying Spell!"

The Dark Paladin charges at Mythic Dragon, but suddenly dark electricity surrounds the dragon, who falls down onto the ground, his attack lowering back to 2900 as chains attach to him.

"What just happened?" Katie demands.

"I activated my trap card, Altar of the Bound Dragon, since I have a level 10 or higher fusion dragon monster, I can stop your monster from attacking, and negate any bonuses it gets," Jess explains. "And in addition, on your turn, you lose life points equal to half of your monster's attack points."

"Grr, fine, your move," Katie says.

Jess draws. "I'll just pass this turn," she says.

Katie glances at her deck. Its hopeless, there isn't a card in my deck that can stand up to that thing now, but I have to try, she thinks, and starts to draw, only to be eveloped in a burst of light.


When the light fades away, Katie finds herself in what appears to be a gigantic cave with bones littering the floor.

"What is this place?" She wonders out loud.

"This is sacred ground," a voice from behind her says, and she turns to see Dark Magician Girl waiting for her. "I was asked to bring you to somone who is going to help."

"Okay," Katie says, and the DMG leads her through the cave and into a room. Standing in the middle of the room is a tall figure of a man wearing light blue armor.

"Lord Timeaus, I have brought her like you requested," Dark Magician Girl says.

"Thank you," the man says, and turns to Katie. "I am Timeaus, one of the three legendary knights that opposes the Orichalcos. Jessica asked that we take this oppertunity to allow me to come to you even though she doesn't work for the Orichalcos."

"Okay," Katie says.

"If you accept my help, you will have a wealthy ally against the Orichalcos," Timeaus says. "But its all up to you."

"Okay, I'll accept," Katie says.

"Then kneel before me, Katie Motou," Timeaus says, and Katie kneels down before the knight, who draws his sword, and touches her shoulder with the blade of his sword. "And I now bestow upon you the power and responsibility that comes with being the chosen of Timeaus."

The light envelops Katie again.


Back in the pocket dimension, Katie draws her card, and grins as her life points fall to 1250. "I activate this card, THE EYE OF TIMEAUS!" She says, and a huge blue scaled dragon appears behind her.

Perfect, I knew she could do it, Jess thinks.

"And now, I fuse Timeaus together with my Dark Paladin to summon the mighty Life Magic Dragon (3400/2700)!" Katie says, and the two monsters get sucked into a vortex. Then from the vortex emerges a huge golden dragon with light blue streaks running down its body, and roars at the Mythic Dragon. "And when he is summoned, he gains the attack of one dragon thats on the field for one turn, like your Mythic Dragon!"

Jess gasps as the dragon's attack rises to 8400.

"Now Life Magic Dragon, destroy her Mythic Dragon!" Katie commands, and the dragon sends a burst of lightning at the Mythic Dragon, who roars as it shatters and Jess' life points fall to 0.

"Not bad, not bad at all," Jess says. "It was a pleasure dueling you, Katie."

"Likewise," Katie says, and her eyes close as she falls asleep.


The next morning, Katie wakes up with a yawn, and takes a look at her cards, drawing the first card she sees that it is the Eye of Timeaus. I guess it wasn't a dream, now with this, I will be able to fight against the Orichalcos even better, she thinks.

High above the dome, the sun still shines.


Rammoth, Queen of Dragons





This mighty dragon was once a queen among dragons. This monster can only be summoned by fusing together any three dragons. This monster's attack and defense is equal to half of the attack and defense of the fused dragons added together. You can subtract 400 defense points from this monster to summon a level 4 or lower dragon from your deck.

Magic Recycle

Continuous Spell

Image of a card being drawn out of the graveyard. Once per turn, pay 500 life points to activate a spell card in your graveyard.

Altar of the Bound Dragon

Continuous Trap

Image of a woman bound to an altar as a huge dragon looms over her. You can only play this card when you have a level 10 or higher dragon type monster on the field. Select a monster on your opponent's field, that monster cannot attack, and its attack returns to its original attack as long as this card is on the field. Your opponent loses life points equal to half of the attack of the selected monster on each of their standby phases. If you do not have a level 10 or higher dragon on the field, this card is destroyed.

The Eye of Timaeus


This card can fuse with any monster card to form a monster of incredible power.

Life Magic Dragon





This monster can only be summoned by playing "The Eye of Timaeus" in combination with "Dark Paladin." When this monster is summoned, pick a dragon on your opponent's side of the field, this monster gains the original attack of that selected dragon for one turn.


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Next chapter, Wendy is up again, this time against a duelist who is also a Chess player. Can she win before Checkmate? Find out in, "Cross Capture."