Disclaimer: The Cullens, Bella Swan, and all others in the Twilight series aren't mine, they're Stephenie Meyers. (Wish they were mine, though...)

This story begins immediately after Eclipse as Bella and Edward drive to Charlie's to break the news to him.

Chapter One: Good Moods

It was raining, not uncharacteristically for Forks. I was sitting in the front seat of Edward's Volvo—he'd deemed my shaken state unfit for driving. The rain pounding on the windows sounded like the quick little beats of a deathly drum, and I gripped Edward's hand in my lap even more tightly.

"Drive slower, please," I whispered as I saw the familiar buildings of Forks. "I don't want to get there too fast."

He turned and flashed me a quick smile. "Why are you so apprehensive? If I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't want to marry me!"

"Exactly," I verified. "I don't. Please take me back to your house and we'll put that great bed to use."

"As I recall, this was completely your decision. I had nothing to do with it. Although I can't say I'm not pleased, and I have no intention of letting you go back on your word. Charlie's in a good mood. We'll be fine."

I groaned. If Edward knew Charlie's mood, that meant we were within miles of home. "Look, Edward… I think it might be better if I told him by myself."

Although his gaze did not waver, Edward's sudden clenching of my hand and the tightening of his jaw showed his surprise.

"I want a chance to explain everything"—Edward gave me a stark look—"Well, as much as everything as I can without you being there. Dazzling me, and all."

"If that's what you want."

I paused. "Yes, it is. When you hear Charlie thinking that he agrees, come on inside and do your stupid 'permission' thing." On the way from the meadow Edward had informed me that he was dead set on asking Charlie's permission to marry me.

"Alright." I could tell Edward wasn't thrilled, but after me agreeing to marry him he was very eager to please.

"Thanks," I said quietly. After a moment of silence, I added, "I love you."

He grinned wryly. "And despite the fact I'm allowing you to face your father's wrath alone, I love you too."

The car pulled to a smooth halt. In less than a breath Edward was at my door, holding it open for me like the gentleman he was.

I stumbled out of the car. He caught my arm with a hand. "Ow. Thanks," I said with a wince.

"I leave you to your doom," Edward said gallantly. "I'll be out here, listening."

I walked with false confidence to, as my vampire had charmingly put it, my doom.