Ok guys, this is a test…this is my EmmetxBella story…please tell me what you think and review. I'm taking a mini break from the Eternal Dusk Sequel…I need some time to think about how things are going to go, and this story has been bugging me in the back of my mind for like ever, until I finally wrote it. So here goes…don't hesitate to tell me your opinions.

"Bella, I need to talk to you." Edward stared into my eyes intently, anguish hiding behind them. I was sitting on the coach in his room, reading a book that had been lying on his desk. I looked up.

"Sure, anything." Something was brewing and I was sure that something bad was about to happen.

"Do you love Emmet?"

I blinked, not understanding what he had said. "What?" creases etched in my forehead, uncomprehending.

"You heard me." He said quietly, looking down.

"Edward, what are you talking about? Emmet's like my older brother or good friend. Nothing more." There had been times where I thought of Emmet as a boyfriend, one that was carefree, but I still loved Edward.

"Oh sure that's why you have all those pictures with him." Edward replied bitterly, smirking at my expression.

"Pictures?' I stared at him skeptically. "Oh," I remembered the pictures. The couple of times the rest of the Cullens went camping, I had stayed with Emmet, he was the "safest thing for me" while Edward was away. There had been pictures of us hugging or me slapping him in the arm. All were carefree, the lights in our eyes were bright and joyous. While Edward was away Emmet had taught me how to have a real good time, how to have fun. "They were just pictures, we were joking around."

"Sure." He scoffed, anger burning in his eyes. "That's why every time he looks at you you laugh. You've never done that with me." He looked hurt as he grabbed my hand.

"Do you know why I laugh?" I asked angrily. He shook his head. "Because he's funny, he likes to have fun, he doesn't always think about me being "safe". I'm sick of being treated like your little breakable doll, I want to feel like an actual person, that's how Emmet treats me, not like I'm so different. Now you know why." I wrenched my hand away.

"That proves my point." His eyes full of frustration.

"It's not true!" I cried. "We're just friends, or brother and sister."

His lethal glare had me looking away. "I'm not an idiot Bella."

"Well you're sure acting like it." I muttered.

His eyes flashed, but he continued, "I can see the way he acts around you, the way he looks at you with wanting eyes, the way he tries to guard his thought about you from me, but is never able to in time. I'm not the only one." He snarled, "Rosalie agrees."

I started sobbing, I breaking down in tears, Edward came towards me trying to comfort me. "I hate you!" I shrieked. "Get away from me!"

In a flash Emmet was through the door, his arms were around me and was pulling me towards his chest. "Bella, honey what happened?" he asked anxiously, hugging me closer. Rosalie and Edward glowered at us from across the room. Two against two, that was what it was coming to.

I wiped the tears off my face, "I'm f-f-fine Emmet." I stuttered.

"Get away from her." Edward hissed.

"No, I will comfort her as long as she wants me to."